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Find Eco gear for Jamira's new game

Discussion in 'Life, the Universe and Everything' started by narfi, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. narfi

    narfi Lost

    What about something like this?


    About the size you drew up. Cheap.
    You can find big and old pretty cheap if you hunt around but I don't have the experience to know the hidden costs to take cheap and old to modern and livable.
  2. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    ROFL! Yeah, you don't know the full story yet. But thanks for your engagement ;-) I appreciate it so much.

    The game has another background. I have no money for it. Neither to build such a ship nor to maintenance it over the years. Not one Euro left for this. The basic budget is 0,00 €, the budget for the following years after purchase is 0,00 € so far. The goal - at the other hand - is a very comfortable river boat. Not only for a few weeks of vacation but probably for live at it with nearly same comfort as at home in our flat on land for several months. Even if it's cold and wet. We have an extraordinary net of water routes in Germany. With the right boat you'll be able to start at Mecklenburgische Seenplatte (NE of Germany) and end at Bodensee (deep S) riding the river Rhein upward or Chech Republic (SE) riding the river Elbe upward. Or riding down these rivers and reach Rotterdam or Hamburg. Not to speek about reaching Berlin. Using the river Spree and several canals like the Mittellandkanal offers tons of possibilities. I don't know yet what about reaching polish inland lakes as well - or France?

    So to say the goal is to get a comfortable boat to spent a lot of time there for a couple above 60 years for several months per year, occasionally visits from children and friends, without costs. And btw. I won't build this ship by myself. I think professionals should do the job.

    That's the game:

    Budget: 0,00 €, effect: 500.000 € for purchase plus 50.000 € per year for maintanence. Sounds crazy. I know. But it's just a game. Tricky part is to find investors and build and sell at least enough of such boats to earn enough money for my own boat. I don't have much time left. At the age of 63 I estimate 10 years maximum. Better less than 10 years.
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  3. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Such things are possible......
    With $0 it has to become a viable (sellable, hypable) buisness plan......
    For some hype is a way to gain funds but I don't work that way, I believe if I were to sell or hype something I should truly believe myself that it is viable.

    However a decent sized yacht rented out 9 weeks a year should bring in $50-100k
    If you can manage this, if you can take the responsibilities of hospitality upon you and your wife then you can live On, and run the ship year around while financing your new lifestyle from tourism.

    In this case bigger is better. And if you work the details enough you don't need investors because you could convince the bank to give you the money.

    You need very specific details, you need to be able to be "eco" in the entire process and you will own it 100% before your 10yr period is up all from a starting budget of $0
  4. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Well, tourism is one side. Sell ships plus earn money from several services is another side. The basic idea is: We'll have more and more wealthy and still fit retirees during the next years in Germany. What I need is to thrill 100 or 1000 (?) of them and engage them to buy or rent one of my boats. No fucking bank will give any credit to a jobless, 63 years old man without securities and zero own capital. I will not get any single Euro from a bank in Germany. That's the challenge.

    You are right. I'm in need to offer a serious concept - technical, procedural and monetary. That's what I'm working at. Regarding "hype": I just started to think about an electric engine. That's hardcore for a boat. Alas, it's a hype in Germany because of all the diesel affairs at the automobile sector.

    Two sayings became my mottos:
    • Think big! (Robert Muldoon, NZL)
    • Everyone said: "That's not possible." Than one came who didn't know that and just made it.
    Besides of all this I am still a mechanical engineer and know a lot. Meanwhile I have time to play a game and no fear if it doesn't work. Nothing to lose even. But it offers a lot of fun. I will meet some interesting folks and will learn a bit about building ships and monetary issues. If it doesn't work - no worries, was just a try :beerchug:
    I'm not in need to do meaningful things. Vice versa you are. With your little son. My children are 37 and 40 and earn way more money then I ever did. I can carefree play crazy games meanwhile. You should fire your son. As my wife and I did with our children when they were young - like Landon now.

    For me it is really a game. A challenge. With real cash economy btw. :cool: Probably Jamira's Life After EU?

    Eco gear for me would mean a tough shipyard, a good marketing partner and a trustworthy financier. I am just two meters off the starting line of a 5000 meters run.
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2017
  5. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    The main goal is to play a game. The boat itself has prio 2 only. But the boat is a thing I can set as a goal I'm really interested in. The game becomes serious because of it. I bought two better jackets already to look more serious :wink:
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2017
  6. narfi

    narfi Lost

    The game is to achieve the goal.
    The goal is to have a retirement houseboat.

    Extra points:
    Have a new houseboat.
    Have the boat built to personal specs.
    Have a design worth selling as a design or as finished boats.

    Could I break it down even further?
    A 'win' could technically be as simple as you and your wife 'working' as caretakers on a houseboat a few weeks a year while the owners are away traveling.

    To call life or an aspect of life a game, is to compare it to a complex game (computer game), it is not a simple game of checkers or monopoly or cards.
    To compare it to a complex computer game, we determine that there are stages, levels, and progression as we advance towards the final goal.

    You see the goal, you see the Mod Shadow armor, the Mod Merc(or your badass sword of choice), you see the top healing tools and all of the newest buff accessories.
    You need to see that the opalo is no longer an eco starting weapon, and figure out how to progress to Level 5 from just your starter equipment.

    In all honesty, money is the game. But for this game should we restrict it to a nautical theme? Most games are based around themes and limit you within that range of imagination. (no laser cannons in a Caribbean pirates game)

    As you can see in the game I am playing, there are many steps and levels to reach the final goals (and I haven't even layed out my hopes for higher levels yet)

    So.... What will be your path at Level 1?
    What can be achieved with $0 in this nautical game.....
    There is more to your inventory than a zero balance $ card.....
    What else do you have to work with?
    You have skills, you have a computer, you have a 3d printer, you have experience, you have contacts......

    What can be achieved at Level 1?
    What are the waterways like where you live? you said a river system?
    What is the smallest cheapest ugliest most worthless boat on that river?
    You should work towards owning that boat!

    Once you have passed Level 1, then work towards the following levels, all the while researching each level ahead of you, not just the final levels which you can not obtain now anyways. (but still always dreaming of those levels)
  7. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Hehe! Nice advice. But the goal is basicly to play a game in real life. The boat is the target the game aims at. (I should use more accurate words when I post in a foreign language.)

    No levels, restrictions, rules and all that shit in a computer game or in chess and such type of games. Regarding skills and knowledge I am at level 60 from 100 already. But I don't see it this way. The challenge for me is to throw a crazy idea onto the table and see how far I come with it. The monetary aspect is secondary for me. My main interest is fun. To have something to kill time. I am lazy, poor, old and bored. I'm not the type of man who would play a lottery, hoping to win the jackpot one day or at least a decent number of millions of Euro. I want to play in real life without stress but fun. I hope to find others who find my ideas interesting and decide to participate. And play together with me. To start with the smallest solution to become better and better over time is a no go for me. I want to start with the top solution. Everything else would be senseless for me.
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  8. San


    Oh, I can so much relate to that. I am also playing that game, or so I see it in the meantime. The prize however is life itself. It is redeem yourself or perish. I've taken the first step by re-planting myself to a place very similar to Alaska ;) And with totally insufficient funds to boot, and zero ducks aligned in a row (e.g. in form of job offers or whatever). Mining for strands of nourishment that new roots could attach to is the current challenge. The rest doesn't belong here -- again it's someone else's thread. Just wanted to say that yes, I do find the thought interesting. Everybody searches for solutions to their predicaments, but ever so often you find them only superficially dissimilar.

    But this VR we like(d) to play, it is treacherous. It teaches you that losing a life doesn't matter. You just spend yourself over and over again. Ever read 'Riverworld' by Philip José Farmer? Not the movie, the actual books which go so much deeper. What if "Real Life"™ actually worked like that? We just haven't found the key to harnessing it at will. Then you could reset yourself as often as needed to achieve your own riverboat...
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  9. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

  10. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Yep, that's much closer to my dream. Holy crap: Twin Detroit 8V92TA's 735 HP each. LOL, okay. But what I want is a slow river boat with complete different apportionment of space and aesthetics regarding furnishment way beyond you american folks have. The 65" TV alone would claim half of the living room, we would need two seperated working places, one sleeping room and shower cabin only, a serious kitchen and a small guest room. But a wide sun deck!
  11. narfi

    narfi Lost

  12. narfi

    narfi Lost

  13. San


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