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Entropia News: FEN Event Phase Two

Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by EP-Newsbot, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. [​IMG]
    FEN Event Phase Two

    Phase Two of the FEN Event begins after the implementation of Version Update 15.19, currently scheduled for Tuesday, December 11, 2018.

    Remember that the FEN Event runs until January 31, 2019, after which FEN Edition items will never be available again.

    FEN Token Trader

    FEN Edition items which sold all of their initial stock have been removed from the FEN Token Trader.

    Several new items have been added to the FEN Token Trader, detailed below.

    Genesis Power Claw Mk.6 FEN Edition

    • Cost: 1250 FEN Token Platinum + 700 PED
    • Quantity Available: 5
    • Max Value: 700 PED
    • Efficiency: 85.40
    • Uses per minute: 87.15
    • Damage per PEC: 4.793
    • Damage per second: 89.32

    Melee Trauma Amplifier II FEN Edition

    • Cost: 250 FEN Token Platinum + 108 PED
    • Quantity Available: 25
    • Max Value: 108 PED
    • Efficiency: 85
    • Damage Electric: 12
    • Damage per PEC: 4.4994

    Melee Trauma Amplifier X FEN Edition

    • Cost: 1000 FEN Token Platinum + 432 PED
    • Quantity Available: 15
    • Max Value: 432 PED
    • Efficiency: 85
    • Damage Electric: 48
    • Damage per PEC: 4.4994

    NeoPsion Kinetic Amplifier VII FEN Edition

    • Cost: 1250 FEN Token Platinum + 94 PED
    • Quantity Available: 15
    • Max Value: 94 PED
    • Efficiency: 85
    • Damage Impact: 40
    • Damage per PEC: 4.3636

    FENtropia Gold Jacket (F)

    • Cost: 100 FEN Token Gold + 15 PED
    • Quantity Available: 5000
    • Max Value: 15 PED

    FENtropia Gold Jacket (M)

    • Cost: 100 FEN Token Gold + 15 PED
    • Quantity Available: 5000
    • Max Value: 15 PED

    FENtropia Platinum Jacket (F)

    • Cost: 15 FEN Token Platinum + 15 PED
    • Quantity Available: 50
    • Max Value: 15 PED

    FENtropia Platinum Jacket (M)

    • Cost: 15 FEN Token Platinum + 15 PED
    • Quantity Available: 50
    • Max Value: 15 PED

    Looted FEN Edition Items

    Over 30 completely new FEN Edition items have been added, waiting to be looted from creatures anywhere in Entropia Universe!

    Below is a selected list of some of the new items along with the minimum creature Danger Level for item loots.

    • FENtropia Gold T-Shirt (F) - Danger Level 1
    • FENtropia Gold T-Shirt (M) - Danger Level 1
    • FENtropia Platinum T-Shirt (F) - Danger Level 15
    • FENtropia Platinum T-Shirt (M) - Danger Level 15
    • Malachai Ash FEN Edition (M) - Danger Level 30
    • Malachai Ash FEN Edition (F) - Danger Level 30
    • Urban Nomad Black Boots FEN Edition (F) - Danger Level 30
    • Urban Nomad Black Boots FEN Edition (M) - Danger Level 30
    • Urban Nomad Black Slacks FEN Edition (F) - Danger Level 30
    • Urban Nomad Black Slacks FEN Edition (M) - Danger Level 30
    • Urban Nomad Black Jumper FEN Edition (F) - Danger Level 30
    • Urban Nomad Black Jumper FEN Edition (M) - Danger Level 30
    • Sollomate Opalo FEN Edition - Danger Level 15
    • Weak Argonaut Claw FEN Edition - Danger Level 10 (Argonaut-only)
    • Strong Argonaut Claw FEN Edition - Danger Level 25 (Argonaut-only)
    • Great Argonaut Claw FEN Edition - Danger Level 45 (Argonaut-only)
    • Castorian Combat Mace Mk.VI FEN Edition - Danger Level 50
    • Thorifoid Berserker Mace FEN Edition - Danger Level 25 (Thorifoid-only)
    • Electric Attack Nanochip XIII FEN Edition - Danger Level 50
    • Lacerating Attack Nanochip XIII FEN Edition - Danger Level 50
    • Corrosive Attack Nanochip XIII FEN Edition - Danger Level 50
    • Kinetic Attack Nanochip XV FEN Edition - Danger Level 60
    • Improved Omegaton Fast Aid Pack FEN Edition - Danger Level 70

  2. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Addiction is strong, and even after all these years announcements like this peak my interest.
  3. Are you swedish ?
    If you don't belong to Mind Dark favourite list of selected players, you'll get nothing like it has always been.

    Btw, where are Linzey and Tryx gone ? (probably too close to mr Rimmer and its legendary sillyness)
    Oh I swear Daddy I did nothing - Don't worry son, you can continue, that's the best way for us to become even more rich.

    In the swedish tradition to ruin people's game and investment.
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2018
  4. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Ahhhrg, c'mon! The items will be bugged as usual. I assume they put some new textures on them or - simplier - just changed the name. Keep hands off this new method to empty your wallet for a bunch of pixels. If you can't resist ... enjoy it and loot a "Malachai Ash FEN Edition (F)" for Jamira ;-)
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2018
  5. Oww who let.mr grumpy out of the box. Oww wait this is entropiawhinets.com . I forgot.
  6. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Again Spawn: Who whines here at EP? I loved to play Entropia Universe:
    To reach "Arch Master" required some activities. Do me a favor and show us your best rank ... and/or stop insulting forum members.
  7. narfi

    narfi Lost

    hehe, if i find them, they are yours. (if F of course)
    I have about 2-3hrs of hunting remaining till my last real goal I can remember. 1 was finishing prison and I finished it a couple weeks ago after a long break, and the next is lvl 70 knifefighter which is only a few decimal places away. Then I will reacess plans but probably buy a few L guns and hunt some dragons again. I always loved dragon hunting in early rocktropia, but with skilling knives wasnt really able to do that for a few years. It is fun re exploring and seeing the changes after a long break so Ill probably be taking samples from lots of different mobs to see what I can do for entertainment with no known goals.
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  8. Gratz Narfi on getting commando !
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  9. Spawn is probably exhausted and bored, from his hard work to mock us with his wise words aka. troll attempts.
    All these years of us whining and beeing soOooOooO wrong...

    He doesnt care for YOUR achievements. He doesnt care for what YOU are doing now, if you dont play/support Entropia.
    The only important thing to him is, leave my Entropia alone ! Go away, if you dont play !

    According to Spawn (and OZTwo), you must play this game, in order to be allowed to comment on it.
    Jesus, if I would always have been treated as a whiner, while commenting on other game forums...about games, that I dont play anymore...but that is not the case. If a company fucks with their customers, the community usually stays together...but this is Entropia.

    Spawn doesnt care for all the oldtimers getting banned, one after the other, on the other forum...but it is happening.
    Ya, screw all those grumpy old bastards, they are all doing it wrong. Right ?! x'D

    Spawn just SEEs you and me (and many others) saying the truth, about an incompentent swedish "gaming" company,
    that scams the sh!t out of their loyal patrons, by lying straight into their faces, again and again and again.
    How he can not SEE that, you might ask ? Because it is not disastrous enough for him yet...his investments are still safe...its as simple as that.

    As "The HULK" would say:
    Spawn no like you ! Spawn make shiny life in Entropia ! Y U NO PLAY ?!

    And then, when you indeed explain, why you dont play anymore...you are a whiner and doing it all wrong.

    Dont underestimate him though, hes probably upset as well, every time the fucked up truth gets revealed.
    Just like us. (If not, it would explain a fucking LOT !)
    But he doesnt show it like us, because Entropia is sOooOooOOo good...and his investments are still safe.
    Deep in his heart, there is fear, should the negativity reach new horizons one day, because with MindArk,
    you never know. What a show ! :D

    Negativity ? No thank you ! Everything is just fine, with little hickups here and there.
    But it is not enough to stop depositing/playing/feed the addiciton, yet.

    Let him enjoy his version of Entropia...while he would hate, to SEE us enjoying our version of Entropia.

    Because we are all doing it wrong...we are old grumpy whiners...nothing else. ;D

    Oh wait :
    spawn hope MA.
    There is still hope...events !!!!111³³³ x'D

    Coming up Next :
    The big Xmas PR-gag this year ! I can already SEE the crowds cheering and...nvmd... x'D
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2018
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  10. rm0712.
    • Funny Funny x 1
  11. You are the best player Entropia ever lost.
    Just weirds me out that whenever Mindark actually does something right for a change, people in here still keep the whining strong.
    I have 335k skills ingame btw.
  12. Clutch at any straw...sad, isnt it ?
    But if thats the way you do enjoy online gaming...go on...just ignore the overall picture then...your choice.

    But just because we have another point of view, doesnt make you right, everytime you come along shouting "naheeh naheeh
    naheeh, whiners !" Ever put that into consideration ?
  13. Good arguments make me right.


    Find the negative comments in that thread
    71 fanboys?

    No, this time Mindark listened to the players, different items in the reader and items in loot, from level 1 mobs. Something for all. ( Except miners)
  14. Ignoring the whole picture again ? Well done !

    71 ?
    All I can SEE is the 18 (rich) standard addicts, cheering and/or asking questions about...just another event...
    (they cheer, because MA gave them just another reason to deposit and continue their daily grinding...because thats what MA needs these guys for. End of story.)

    18 addicts, that would never loose a bad word about Entropia. Most of them always teach you a lesson,
    should you dare to "whine" on the other forum. Only them are doing it right !
    Ya, that says everything. Thanks for enlighten me. x'D

    Im aware, that events and new items is everything in todays Entropia...its also these 18 standard rich addicts,
    that do NOT even care for "small little details" and fixing stuff. They forget/ignore fast, just like you.
    Its important to make em deposit and thats what MA does. Good job on that one. *lol*

    Good arguments make you right ? Maybe in your (online) world...
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  15. All I am saying is that Mindark listened to the players for once . If you check the last 5 events there is always a lot of complaining. Especially the first announcement for the Fen event. It was supposed to be a 15 year celebration and all it was was a grindfest for the ubers. Mindark took that criticism and changed it in phase 2. you got FEN clothes, low level fen weaponry, hell even an opalo FEN edition.
    The only whining about phase 2 was... Here.

    About the arguments.. You've thrown a lot of dirt in this thread towards me.. you pretend that you are my shrink in one post. Stuff about investments and whatnot. A lot of words based on nothing.

    I have only a few : You are whining about FEN Phase 2 , you only have to compare the two threads on pcf and here to SEE it.
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2018
  16. Fan_boy99

    Fan_boy99 Idiot

    Well said. Don't waste your breath on addicts in an UNREGULATED UNLICENCED (for now big wink fan boys/girl) UN official casino.....

    Spawn and the other guy are doing GOOD though. ALWAYS do free good PR to 'keeping our investments safe''.

    Come on admit it many here have hmmm quite a lot of $$$ in invested there. Death is on this forum regular hes major investor and are others.

    I agree with Spawn. Lets all be MA lovers come on GOOOOOO :)

    New song maybe.....

    Fan ''Idiot'' Boy
  17. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Oh, there's an Opalo!? That could convince me :)
  18. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    I also kind of like that MA used feedback from users, and changed the event. What's sad, though, is that with all their 20 years of experience in running the biggest RCE and the Swedish tradition of excellence they didn't get it right the first time. But hey, MindArk gonna MindArk.

    Except they aren't, as MA can ruin Spawn's LandArea by changing the terrain overnight. See Akoz.
  19. I don't have a landarea... in fact I don't have any investments apart from a small shop at genesis HQ.
    I do have a nice car and 2x study funds for my kids when they want to go Study at A Higher vocational education (HBO), thanks to this game.
  20. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    My info might be outdated then. Didn't you use to have one?

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