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  1. I got a bit lazy with having to adjust my VTOL’s direction the entire time while doing long TP runs like Nea’s. :kos:
    So ‘n picked up a book on C++ and created an application to calculate the direction in degrees between the two teleporters so that I can aim my VTOL spot on and not have to sit there for 25 min and adjust, TY MA for adding the compass with degrees into the VTOL hud..

    I was so exited to create my first application and not just script but soon ran into a wall when I got to the part where I wanted to create a GUI for the application. The next day ‘n picked up a book on C# and started to recode the application. This time working on the GUI and coding at the same time. Man how much simpler GUI is with C# :headbang:

    At first the application was aimed around making a simple calculator that determines the distance between 2 points and the direction in Degrees but soon evolved into calculating ETA and estimated fuel usage. This is about as accurate as it will get without working in acceleration and elevation (note elevation will include how high you have to go up from start point to clear all mountains before going down again and even that changes your fly speed). I have included the stats of all vehicles including land based vehicles just for interest sake.:p I haven’t seen the Helicopters HUD so I don’t know if it has a compass that displays in Degrees.

    I also included lists with all the teleporter names and locations for every continent and planet (foma and CP not included as its not needed there). It may be a bit out of date and have a few teleporters missing as I haven’t checked for new teleporters sins its creation a few weeks back

    Below is the application that came out of this. :cool:
    View attachment 484

    Note this app is basically still in its Beta phase though it says version 2. You will require Dot Net 4.0 in order to run the application at this moment as at the time of creation I did not know I have to select what Dot net framework to compile for and my copy of Visual C Sharp has expired. At the moment I’m flooded with work and will be for the next 2 weeks before I can resume work on this application and add new features and fix bugs and spelling errors.
    There is some know bugs in the application for example I haven’t implemented the Help screen yet even though a menu for it exists and sometimes when just randomly messing around with the application it crashes. It also does not have error handling in for when the location entry has been put in incorrectly (not entered as xxxx yyyy) and may crash.

    The file current version can be downloaded from HERE 44KB MD5 : C19E014B25CFE07A5AC36D67DC94E119
    Any constructive feedback, questions or recommendations for this application is welcome.

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  2. Lerp

    Lerp blind combantant

    Awsome work.
    Great idea.
    Thank you for your thread and work.
  3. Thank you :)

    I will fix the bugs when im finished with all the server changes next weekend.
    Then I will start work on some more addons.
    I have a big addon planned for this app :)
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