Event: Atrox Valley Sunday, 30 January 21:00 - Free entry, 600 PED prizes

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  1. Rag


    Entropian Events and Manuel present

    An Atrox hunting event on OLA-40

    Sunday 30 January, 21:00 to 22:30

    OLA-40, Atrox Valley, is located northwest of Akmuul Island TP:


    The mobs here are Atrox Provider-Old Alpha.

    Entry to this event is free! We’re using the Most Loot rule, so points are scored for each PEC of loot gained, and the Top 3 hunters win 200 PED each.

    To take part, register via the in-game Event List (Right Click -> Settings -> Event) or at the land marker (23300, 27950) any time before the event begins.

    The tax rate on this land is only 4%.

    Atrox at Entropedia: Entropedia: Creature: Atrox

    Atrox at EP Wiki: Creature:Atrox - EntropiaPlanets Wiki - Information about Entropia Universe


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