EVE CEO: "The Human Brain is the Platform"

Discussion in 'EVE Online' started by NotAdmin, Feb 14, 2014.

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    At the 2014 DICE (Developments in Implicit Computational Complexity) Summit, the CEO of CCP (the company running EVE Online), Hilmar Petursson gave an inspiring presentation. Among some of the cool things mentioned is that CCP is working on a multi-platform "universe", where a player on a PC can fire a laser beam at a planet, where it ends up affecting a different game played by another player on a PlayStation.

    All in all, it's an inspiring presentation showing the vision of CCP for their platform.

    Enjoy :)

    My favorite bit is when he borrowed a ship from a friend and got it destroyed. For a short while he pondered creating a new ship to compensate, but realizing it would be cheating to create something out of nothing, he instead settled on grinding to get a new ship and compensate his society for lost time.
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  2. I wonder if creating something out of nothing can somehow be detected by the EO system and if it would also adversely effect the EO economy in some way. If not, then cheating would have saved a lot of time.
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    Isn't this multi-platform "universe" already there with DUST and EVE.
    And there are few documented cases where EVE devs created stuff out of nothing and give them to friendly corporation. But we can admire the dude from the video for being so honest .
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    But the thing that stopped the guy from doing so was NOT the fact he could be caught cheating. It was his moral code telling him that doing so was wrong.

    That could be what I heard, yeah.

    As for the creating stuff out of nothing, I haven't read up on EVE as much, but it's basically how MA creates event prizes. The fact it (apparently) happens a lot less in EVE, while EVE does not claim to have a real-cash-economy is actually scary in a way.
  5. Yer, he was very honest which is a good thing seeing as EO players will now know that the CEO has some integrity
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  6. I realized that, but it seemed to me that he was in a very tricky situation in terms of time considering he's obviously got all sorts to deal with. I wasn't questioning his honesty... What I meant was, if he had cheated for the right reasons - because he wanted to give them their spaceship back; and it was only by accident that the problem happened anyway, then this wouldn't be so bad imho.
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    That's where we disagree, I think. In my opinion, him (ab)using his power as a CTO to create that spaceship would not have been the right reason at all. It'd mean that he'd have clearly taken the decision to make his own interests take precedence over the game's best interests. Once you go down that road, there's just no way to undo that damage, and it'd be easier for him to convince himself to do it again and again.

    The fact he chose the harder route shows true character.

    I'm actually going to give EVE a go based on that alone. The CCP CEO has more integrity in his little pinky more integrity than most of the people running MA combined.
  8. I don't see where the disagreement is, but still... As to signing-up to play EO, I think it's a great game/mmo with huge scope. I looked at loads of video clips on youtube and looked all over the site and am thinking of having a go myself as well. My one slight criticism of it is that it seems spacecraft centric as if the spaceship itself is the character - I couldn't find any video clips of actual in-game footage showing one's AV doing whatever
  9. Hi,

    It's April 2015, you read your trusty FakeGameTicker™, and as we just got knowledge of, CCP ("Eve online" -> EO) has started a hostile takeover of MA ("Entropia Universe" -> EU). Plan is to use the advanced game mechanics of EU to kick in as soon as an EO player leaves its ship on a planet or meteor.
    This would save CCP a lot of development time, nevertheless trusty sources are mentioning it would take quite long to clean up the notoriously bug-ridden code of EU to meet the CCP standards. Even a change from the outdated CE2 that EU uses would be unavoidable.
    As far as we can trust the statements of some well-known analysts it seems that the takeover is going well, most EU stakeholders sold already, only the MA HQ (holding quite some shares) is still resisting. But they seem to be under very hard pressure from their game community, and are expected to surrender soon.
    This is an interesting constellation - because EU uses an RCE model where you can change real money to game money AND vice verse. EO is already quite close to it, but it's not yet officially allowed. Will they fully adopt this scheme?

    Do we see the rising of "the new star in the RCE scene", now, in real time? Exciting times!

    Your FakeGameTicker™ team


    How I'd love to see this! EVE's epic space, and EU's awesome planetside mechanics, combined into one game, and handled with knowledge and professionalism, finally!
    A big cut, yes! No more silver-spoon-feeding of high-stake gamblers, and no more mucking around by the Tinkrams.
    This would still be a niche game, but the niche would be a lot larger, and the tolls required to pay by the individual would be a lot smaller.

    Me wantz.

    Have a good time!

    PS: "Nexus7", you show an avatar "PlayerOfGames" - I know such one, is it you?
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  10. I really agree with your 'dream mode' analysis here - makes a lot of sense. By using one server or shard, EVO enables thousands of ships or 'characters' to interact with each other at the same time, plus it's version of 'space' is more realistic in terms of size and the concept of instructing your ship to do whatever is credible if you take the view that you are controlling a 'robot ship' or unmanned ship. But there is no AV to AV interaction, either planet-side or anywhere else, as I understand it.
    So if EU's planet-side realism was combined with something like EVO's space-side realism, then that would be the game I thought that EU was going to become.
    About my in-game AV name - yep, that is me. Are you still in TBE? I've always used 'nexus7' as my forum name, which is a take-on of Nexus 6 in blade runner. I'm not playing atm though due to the last VU fiasco...
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