EU website down?

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by TotalTwist, Jan 22, 2010.

  1. TotalTwist

    TotalTwist News Reporter

    Ack! I got kicked off the game in the middle of sweating and tried to log back on. No love:lam:

    I then tried to go the the main website and again, no love:lam::viking:

    Anybody got any ideas what this might be about?
  2. TotalTwist

    TotalTwist News Reporter

    Ahh! I missed this. Bad me. Bad bad bad me.

    Thanks for that though. However i was hoping for something like aliens had come down and abducted all the staff by midget robot gunpoint.:umn:
  3. Now THAT would be something worth talking about. :biggrin:
  4. TotalTwist

    TotalTwist News Reporter

    Wouldn't it just! I mean imagine the if the was on the front page... and me coving the story :: poses, looks off to the side doing her own soliloquies:: It would be magical!:kos:

    I would be assuming that these aliens would have become tired of MA's habitual demonising of their indigenous lifeforms. And the midget robots are just pissed because, much like the teen supermodel dilema, they cannot meet up to standards and so feel the need to just.. Kill... Or atleast maim:nutkick:

    There ofcourse will be others looking to buy the staff for space monies. But they will really only want to get ahold of the people who can put the Uber weapons into their accounts, because they happen to be customers.
  5. Wren

    Wren Avid Gamer

    And then you find out the midget robot really contained the brains of Marco and his crew, and time travel back in time to this moment to stop the server from going down, but then actually caused it to happen therefore disappearing in a space-time ripping paradox?

  6. TotalTwist

    TotalTwist News Reporter

    Only in one timeline, because you see that space-time ripping paradox is what led to the parallel universe's big bang.
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