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Planet Calypso News: Eomon Migration 2014

Discussion in 'Planet Calypso' started by EP-Newsbot, Jul 3, 2014.

  1. Meet Calypso's Giants
    The Eomon migration period is here. Take part in a spectacular piece of Calypso history and watch the majestic Eomon migrate over the plains of the Eudoria continent.

    Known for its annual migration pattern and special loot, the Eomon migration has been a popular seasonal hunting event for many years on Calypso. In the wake of the mighty Eomon herd, predator creatures such as Atrox and Mul mutants also follow, making the migration of these majestic beasts a must-see for colonists of all professional standings.

    Since the introduction of vehicles on Calypso, most colonists have the ability to get a glimpse of the migrating creatures from a distance, photo safari style, without putting their lives at too much risk. If you happen to catch a nice screenshot of the migration, be sure to share it with other colonists on Planet Calypso’s Facebook page.

    Expected migration paths
    Based on information gathered from previous migrations, RDI Xenobiologists have released the predicted migration paths for both the Eomon and the Longtooth species.

    In the attached map, the predicted path of the Eomon is drawn in red with the migration starting in the eastern parts of the Eudorian continent, passing near Ashi before terminating in the south.
    For the Longtooth, migrating during the same period, the estimated migration path is drawn in yellow. The Longtooth migration normally starts in the northwest in the Cape Corinth area, and ends near Fort Ithaca.

    Creature Information

    Creature - Danger Lvl - Health - Max Damage

    • Longtooth Young - 12 - 1600 - 29
    • Longtooth Mature - 14 - 1800 - 33
    • Longtooth Old - 15 - 1900 - 36
    • Longtooth Provider - 16 - 2000 - 39
    • Longtooth Guardian - 17 - 2200 - 41
    • Longtooth Dominant - 30 - 3980 - 70
    • Longtooth Alpha - 32 - 4160 - 74
    • Longtooth Old Alpha - 34 - 4280 - 80
    • Longtooth Prowler - 36 - 4400 - 86
    • Longtooth Stalker - 42 - 5000 - 98

    Creature - Danger Lvl - Health - Max Damage

    • Eomon Young - 52 - 5020 - 139
    • Eomon Mature - 59 - 5240 - 152
    • Eomon Old - 68 - 8450 - 159
    • Eomon Provider - 72 - 9200 - 169
    • Eomon Guardian - 75 - 9660 - 174
    • Eomon Dominant - 78 - 9730 - 184
    • Eomon Alpha - 81 - 9880 - 195
    • Eomon Old Alpha - 89 - 11230 - 213
    • Eomon Prowler - 98 - 13450 - 230
    • Eomon Stalker - 124- 18720 289

    Longtooth locations
    South of Livas - Low to mid level
    South of Minopolis - Low level
    SE of Cape Corinth - Mid to high level

    Eomon Locations
    North of Nymphtown - Low to high
    South of Minopolis - Low to high

    Optional Event Mission
    Hunting the magnificent Eomon is of course exciting by itself. However, your efforts can also assist scientists to better understand Eomon biology and migration patterns through the collection of biological samples.

    Scientists in the RDI Xenobiologist department now believe that a number of questions can be answered by looking at Eomon DNA with new technology. To do this, they need help in collecting Eomon Blood Samples.

    If you are up for the challenge of collecting these samples, please visit the RDI Xenobiologist in the science tent at Minopolis, located right next to the Minopolis teleporter.

    Happy hunting!
    The Planet Calypso Dev Team

    Eomon Migration Event Page

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  2. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    So why directing people to scammer Zuckerberg and continue to not give a fuck about the daily efforts of community sites? Zuckerberg doing more for you? Did he agree do delete discussions about other games from Facebook and ban users it they don't comply?

    Others continue to go exactly the opposite direction: http://community.eveonline.com/news/dev-blogs/eve-online-sso-and-what-you-need-to-know/

    If you have a heart and/or a brain please add your images/videos to the Migration 2014 wiki page and/or add them to this thread, tyvm!
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2014
  3. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Scammer Zucherberg? How is facebook a scam? it is free...

    Anyhow meh don't care simple reason is that social media is big and all companies want hits on facebook and twitter. End of story.

    What I was going to say is that I'm sad to see Eomon migration again. For me it marks the end of another year of little to no visible progress for MA. Why do I say this? Last year we had rumour of a new chat system in the early part of the year. This was meant to come out pre summer vacation, When MA announce it is Eomon time it is MA speak for "OK chap's we won't be doing anything for a couple of months now so here are some big mobs to keep you company while we are off on hols". With chat, September came, October came, November came... nothing showed until 2014. I can easily see the same thing happening with mob inhabiting, pets, or whatever else MA have claimed they are working on.

    So yeh, the announcement of Eomon 2014 brings with it a very real chance of zero to little more updates now until 2015... ho hum

  4. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Zuckerberg was supposed to finish a facebook-like website as commissional work for fellow students but he lied to them, delayed the project and instead built Facebook with ideas stolen from them. Scammer, liar, ... billionaire...

    Nothing is for free. Companies pay Facebook, add the costs to the prizes of their products, so in the end basically everyone has to pay for other people's free use of Facebook plus the profit of shareholders plus the management's collection of sports cars. It's impossible to buy a Facebook-free product, there's no freedom of choice but there should be.

    Right, social media is big. In a nutshell, social media consists of content producers such as blogs, forums, news websites, youtube channels, etc on the one side and content rapists such as Facebook, twitter, reddit & Co on the other side. More support for content producers would be nice.
    Right, all companies want hits on Facebook but only in hope for "hits" on the product they are actually selling. Social media marketing incl. Facebook is inevitable for most occasions but done wrong it can do more harm than good, and professionals would attest that MindArk are doing it the wrong way.

    (And to be constructive: hey MA, want a proper social media strategy that would usual cost 5k -10k bucks completely for free? just send a pm)

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