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    A lot of players struggle with periods of time when they have no goals or directions because unfortunately the mid-level grind can become boring without challenges and human interaction.

    Last night we had a good old fashioned TT weapon only soc hunt and re-kindled some of that fun, so I thought maybe I could share the idea that may motivate or encourage some people to take up a fun challenge.

    • The idea is simple, but it will take time and planning to complete.
    • The prize isn't worth the challenge, so you will need to do it for the sake of the challenge itself.
    • The prize is just there as an extra bonus for the accomplishment when you are done.

    The Challenge:
    • Kill one mob from each letter of the alphabet using only tt weapons.
    • Kill one mob from each of the existing planets using only tt weapons.

    The Rules:

    • Any Society may take the challenge.
    • Any Individual may take the challenge.
    • If a Society take the challenge there must be members from that society in the team for each hunt, but they do not have to be the same people every time. (non soc members can also be in the team, but there must be at least 1 soc member every hunt)
    • If an individual takes the challenge they must be in the team for every hunt.
    • To compete a society member (or individual) needs to start a thread on their favorite forum (I am posting this on multiple forums) Titled "**SOC NAME** EntropiaTransport.com TT Challenge"
    • The first post is to be used to track each mob and planet as they are checked off the list, as well as to list team member names that were there for each mob killed and the type of weapons used.
    • Each Mob Completed needs to have its own post with a screenshot of the team and the mob at less than 1/4hp. The post can contain any info from that hunt such as highlights, difficulties, suggestions to others wanting to do it, etc....
    • The mobs do not need to be done in alphabetical order you can kill them in any order you want.
    • Only weapons available from the TT (any planet's TT) maybe be used.
    • No amplifiers may be used unless the mob has over 10k hp.

    A sample first post:

    The Prize:
    The first person or soc to complete this challenge will receive their choice of either;

    • A quad wing fighter w/ thruster and 10ped of oil
    • 100ped of ammo and a VIP hunting trip with EntropiaTransport.com which includes full access to one of our ships, an experienced Hunting Guide, and 1 free warp. You may bring as many friends for this experience as you want.

    *If anyone wishes to sweeten the pot, let me know and I will add your name as a sponsor and whatever you want to the prize list.
    *There are 2 letters with no mobs, I will figure out what to do about that before anyone finishes the other 24 :D

    Good Luck, and remember it is for Fun :)

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