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    Saturday March 5th, 19:00 MA time
    15:00 Eastern Time
    14:00 Centeral Time
    13:00 Mountian Time
    12:00 Noon Pacific Time
    11:00 Alaska Time

    Highest Single Loot Rules
    100ped per ticket
    200ped minimum prize for 1st-3rd

    PRINT SCREEN 2014-04-02 13-54-36.jpg

    Every ticket over over the first 8 sold will be rolled into more Prizes!
    For each 100ped ticket, 50 goes to 1st place, 10 to second, 10 to third, 15 to most globals, and 15 to smallest global
    That means you have 5 chances to win and the more people join, the bigger the prizes!
    15entrants = 680ped potential for 1st+most+smallest
    20entrants = 1160ped potential for 1st+most+smallest


    I messed up on the math in the text when creating the event, so will add a 75ped bonus to anyone who wins 1st, 2nd or 3rd AND ALSO wins both most globals and smallest global prizes.
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  2. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Just under 24hrs till the fun begins :)

    My buddy did some number crunching and if 100people joined......
    The potential prize for First Place + Most Globals + Lowest Global would be.....
    and it only cost you 100ped to join :)

    gl and see you all there,

  3. narfi

    narfi Lost

    starts in 30 minutes,
    make sure you register before it starts.

    see you all there :)
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