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EntropiaPlanets presents: Integrated tracker

Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by Lykke TheNun, Mar 5, 2010.

  1. i live in a GMT+1 country, and my chat.log has timestamps according to UTC = GMT = MA time

    so, i would have expected the chat.log to be based on MA time for everyone, but from what you say, it seems it is not like that. it seems really strange, but i'm sure you must have tested this plenty of times already, so i trust what you say.

    hehehe, no offense intended. i guess "the other tracker" is they way to refer to your tracker in this thread, in the same way as people will refer to this tracker as "the other tracker" when commenting on your thread in EF.
  2. I must admit this was just when they changed to VU 10 and the chat log.. they did do "something" to the chat log in a later update as it moved location on your computer.. could be that they have fixed that stupid stupid stupid bug now..

    Test it if you want.. change your timezone to australia.. move the clock so the time is correct for you.. then look in the chat log if its messed up..

    Yeah.. "the other tracker" is context dependant.. if its here... its "my tracker".. if its on EF.. its this tracker...

    This will cause some confusion.. lol
  3. i guess that the easiest way would be if people from different timezones reading this thread could post if their chat.log contains MA-based timestamps, or local timestamps relative to their own timezone.
  4. LOL.. something is still messed up.. I just changed my time settings while ingame... it went ballistic and logged me off..

    Can you see when I "messed up my date settings" on my system?


    2010-03-05 22:37:10 [Local] Oh thats such a shame
    2010-03-05 22:37:11 [Local] Wastelander Sitka Satarian manufactured an item (GeoTrek LP485 Apis (L)) worth 100 PED!
    2010-03-05 22:37:13 [Local] Oh well
    2010-03-05 22:37:13 [Local] Trisha Lady Trisha Epona killed a creature (Aurli Soldier) with a value of 88 PED!
    2010-03-06 18:37:25 [Trade] anyone need tier components and surface component?.. lat call
    2010-03-06 18:37:26 [Local] why use armor?
    2010-03-06 18:37:29 [Trade] Vic's styling paradise: 12 posible haircuts!! 20 ped!! Get big, small, thin or muscular for only 10 ped!! chat me at balcony!! (Buying bodyfat!)
    2010-03-06 18:37:29 [Trade] anyone need tier components and surface component?.. last call
    2010-03-06 18:37:31
  5. it could be simply that the time offset from your PC local time and the MA reference time is calculated only at EU startup. so, changing it on the middle of a EU session messes things up, but under "normal" conditions it may be that the intention is to actually write the MA-based absolute timestamp on the chat.log file.
  6. Well, MA should send their own timestamp instead of loggin the local time, that'd make things a lot easier for the trackers - i.e. if you minimize the client (alt-tab out in fullscreen), the game freezes completely and all the globals reported when you maximize it again carry the timestamp of when it unfreezed again... and let's not start talking about oreamp globals, which often come shortly after another with indentical PED values - a nightmare to sort out how many are (legitimate) doubles and how many are (illegitimate) duplicates due to late reports...

    I should get you on board to help with the tracker :D
  7. Nice job ;)
  8. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    it looks like my chat.log shows the MA time in it. I am on MA time + 1 here and it shows MA time in the log

  9. That is because you have the right location / time on your system
    IE. you have NL location.. and NL time..

    If you set it to Australian location.. and NL time.. it will fuck up the timestamp in the chat.log. :)
  10. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    ok will give that a try tomorrow
  11. - La -

    - La - Via Dolorosa

    great feature :)
  12. GeorgeSkywalker

    GeorgeSkywalker Explorer

    it's not picking up all my globals. I think it picked all of todays hunting one's but crafting one's are missing i had a few globals and a hof. It picked the bigger hof but the smaller globals are not shown.

    Also yesterdays globals and all the way back to last month i think are missing.

    it occurs to me the problem may be due to me running both the other tracker and this new one. The other one deletes the chat log file. I'd prefer to use both as that one also takes print screens...can i use both or do i need to choose one?
  13. Thanks for reporting :)

    EPTracker read the globals as soon as they are written to disc (thats usually up to a second before it is even visible on your ingame chat panel), it doesn't alter the log files in any way. I'm not sure if the latest ET client still does it, but truncation of the log files shouldnt be a problem, the EPTracker will adapt automatically to the new file size.

    I'll contact starfinder and see if we can find out (and resolve) whats causing this, it apparently is caused by running both at once.

    It is possible, too, that you didn't report any globals at all, because the EPTracker client couldn't read the log files at all and the few globals that were reported were reported by someone else, and in between there was a gap with no reporting clients at all - we'll check the database for that tomorrow.

    Yesterdays globals are very likely missing, we just published it and tracked only when one of us was online, it might as well take a bit until we have full 24/7 coverage with enough clients to verify all data.

    However, the screenshot function is already implemented in EPtracker (altho we are working on a different method that should fix broken screenshots and problems with the windows aero theme), along with many other cool features - we just didn't find the time to do finish all of the server side coding and the setup and well, there is another module to be released soon that will enhance the functionality beyond simple screenshots.
  14. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    I guess that back then you did not register your AvatarName here yet. I can add a scheduled job that updates all old globals with the forum ids once a day :)

    Thanks for everyone's comments so far :) The response has been awesome, and we will definitly work hard on adding the new features wizzszz already mentioned.
  15. Mine dosent delete the chat log anymore.. you can run EPG - or what its called (Akoz's tracker) and mine at the same time now...
  16. kalanen

    kalanen roadkill


    well done!

    Might I suggest something: In ET, for example, the provider of the service has decided what's important and/or interesting data. "Patterns" are existent, sure, but the way they're displayed and available is bullshit. Graphs as they're now are useless.

    Why not just make dowloadable csv with some filtering options (if this forum runs on deal with unlimited used bandwith, that is)?
  17. You can do that on Entropia Tracker as it is now tho...
    Just not CSV but XML...

  18. GeorgeSkywalker

    GeorgeSkywalker Explorer

    Probably my fault I had not updated to the new client. So now I removed the old tracker and downloaded the new client. Installed it. Told it where the chat log file is. Funny thing is I couldn't see a chat logfile in that folder so i ran EU. Which created a chat log file and I could then select it for the tracker.

    So once it's all set up I minimized it abd tried to start EPTracker which gave me a message cannot find chat log file or words to that effect and showed the correct address where it's supposed to be located.

    Anyway so i go back to eu and see the latest globals and go back to starfinders tracker and sure enough it's recording the globals but I don't see the chat log file in the folder. So how does it record without a chat log file? very strange. I checked folder options and it's got show hidden files selected so I see no reason why chat log file should have disappeared...
  19. great, another new tracker spy tool now even here

    how can i set myself to hidden so neither my name is found when it is searched for, nor any of my globals shown? (the latter i can do by not filling in my ingame name, what i didnt therefore, but i can still be searched for)
  20. is there any way to test if my EPT client is feeding data correctly?

    i have the client active atm but i can see that some globals are not shown on the main tracker web page...

    just an idea: use the ETP tooltip in the tray to show some more data, for instance number of globals uploaded since it was started, something like "EPTracker (globals uploaded: 758)"

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