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  1. Live with some slashing of the larger Otorugi maturity soon
  2. Some Kiana hunting now
  3. lets try this again now
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    Looking for Ambulimax Creature Control Capsules, live now.
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    Looks like they forgot (?) to add capsules to loot. :cry1:
  6. Tass

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    Servers are up again, so another try.
  7. Tass

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    And servers go down again, still not a single capsule looted in all the universe.
  8. Personally I can find better ways to spend $ 15 (150 PED) to get to control a dinosaur mob and nom on other mobs and players when ever my heart desires to and for as long as it desires to with no further future costs attached.

    Sorry to hear about the situation and good luck with it anyway. Thanks for the twitch feed.

    This may interest you further, its more like they give you $ 5 USD (Before Aug 24th) >

    We are so thankful for all of the support from our long-term fans across the years. If you purchased the game between May 4, 2012 and August 24, 2014 you will become a Founder. This means you will receive 20,000 Coins (in game currency) that you can spend on anything in the Game Store. So make sure to grab your favorite Hats, Capes, Armor Colors, Weapon Colors, Dinosaur Skins, Taunts and Sabre colors.

    We are adding brand new items for the launch of ORION: Prelude including some of the best content yet ... read on. (link above)

    Thankyou and grats once again Jan & Co. for making us all feel stupid again about the involvement value of being a part of the present day MindArk dynamic-RCE-MMO concept.
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