EntropiaPlanets 2024 Updates

Discussion in 'About EntropiaPlanets' started by Tass, Apr 28, 2024.

  1. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Currently fixing the news feed, will take a while, it's all old stuff, don't look at it :)
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  2. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Hey, at least our bot works :)
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  3. GeorgeSkywalker

    GeorgeSkywalker Explorer

    Nice to see it back up.

    Is it likely to go down again? or is it back up for good now?
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  4. GeorgeSkywalker

    GeorgeSkywalker Explorer

    Hasn't gone down, so I guess it's safe to use again...
  5. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    There will be at least one longer downtime and several shorter.

    But at this point these will all be signs of improvements being worked on :)
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  6. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Well done on getting it back Tass. Great work!
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