Entropia Universe takes Virtual World Citizenship to a whole new level!

Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by Tass, Nov 8, 2011.

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    Yes you will get about 27% back per your on your investment IF (and thats a big IF) Calypso made enough money the year before. So if Calypso lost money that your, next year you will not get anything and the price of your share drops (like in real life) and if Calypso makes a little money that your you might just get 10% back on your investment. The problem for me is that Calypso can decide in December to do a big investment and because of that they do not make as much money and there goes your share for the next year.
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    I do to Spawn, but what if the return turns out to be just 5 or 10% because Calypso did not make as much money as they thought, because a lot of players left to play on Cyrene or Toulan or Theryon in the future and your shared drop in MU value?
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    I would actually assume, that due to the fact they pay out weekly, the dividend is based on weekly result. Perhaps not real-time, but I'd assume not as infrequent as once-per-year either.

    And good thinking, ViperStrike. Never ever ever borrow money to gamble (I do consider "investing" in shares to be gambling. I worked in the world of Finance long enough to know the only security you have is that there is no security).
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    Nope they look back at the last 12 months

  5. please tell us what the income is :) my equipment is worth around 2 k lol :))
  6. LOL glad you re-thought the situation before any body parts were liquified :)
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    Well at least you are smart about it Spawn and not like many that rushed into it (which is not very smart I believe). This could work out of course, but it could go very wrong as well and there is nothing that will make MA pay you anything, because they are allowed to change anything in game without any notice upfront and there is nothing we can do about it, that's my main concern.

    It will, for sure, be very interesting to see where this is going and let me be the first one to call this the CEX (Calypso Exchange) to keep track of the value of the shares.
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    I merged the two threads on the Citizenship topic :)
  9. Well guys the thing to think about I guess is, IF the payback is about 30% you get paid back in about 3 years. And that about 300 ped you get back in one year. Divided by the number of weeks in a year (52), thats about 5 ped per week. That's only $0.50 each week.

    So even IF Calypso (NOT Entropia... just Calypso) continued to make that much in the future... after the initial ~3 years making in all back, you would profit about 5-6 ped per month. And that's hoping Calypso would continue to profit.

    Obviously, there are better ways to make more than 5 ped a month so after all this you'll probably need to invest in buildings and services.... which will probably be triple or more than the amount of the deed itself.

    Just because NEVERDIE did some crazy stuff, it's because he's smart and had it planned out. You DONT know what spot you could get with those deeds and you don't know if you'll get a reasonable spot to maybe tax on or provide services... or maybe you will be tossed into some unreachable corner someplace?

    My point is, NEVERDIE knew that his club was a very popular place and if he could tax it, he would do very well over time. I think this is shooting a bit too much into the dark. It would really help in MA released some charts or numbers for us to play on for serious investments in this.

    However, in MA's defense I believe this is their way to get a bit of money which giving people a chance to own the "vitual land". And since the low buyout price of 100 usd, almost anyone can buy one for that stake in a popular world. Oh and remember, once you have one you are a citizen and can vote in the upcoming political system. But then again you are 1 out of 60,000 shareholders.
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    That's a good analysis.

    People just gone of on a negative tangent on what really is a good deal. Consider this people pay thousands of dollars to buy an LA, one of the most sought after investments in EU. Many will not be making anything.

    With this new type of deed you can buy small amount i.e. one lot or higher and get better benefits than an LA. There is no maintenance you always get a return of whatever the planet partner makes. All this crap about you will get nothing if calypso makes nothing would apply same to any other investment on calypso. People don't seem to be worried about these other investments yet are about these. It's the old saying change and something new people fear...
  11. Checked Auction again today and deeds are there as single deeds or in stacks.

    Have to admit to being tempted by this but it's quite a commitment. Anyone got any views or advice?
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    really, this is the sort of negative view i expect from some on the other place, i thought peeps here understood better. MA do have to something, they have to share their revenue. its not a share of profit, its revenue. so they can go and buy a castle, they still have to pay out what revenue was generated on the planet. im not naive to say they cant tickle the figures, but they certainly can make revenue disappear. as for the security, if you are that worried, i trust you have no value ingame and dont deposit. as far as payment compared to shares, this is way better than any tech company i've ever seen, lucky to get 3% divi out of them and that would be after many years.
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    Well, there's really not much to understand or not to understand about it.

    The mere facts are: MA are asking for 6 Million USD and they do not commit to any obligations in return.

    We know that MA tried to sell Calypso for quite some time and they believed to have found a buyer in SEE but not only that deal failed, their whole effort to sell Calypso did fail too.

    Now they hope to get the 6 Million USD they planned to sell Calypso for from their current customer base.

    This cannot be regarded as an 'investment' in the common sense. But MA do make it look like a regular investment using terms like "return on investment". No disclaimer or anything attached, no link to the EULA, nothing.

    It's an offer not including any obligations on the side of MA and not even making perfectly clear what the offer is about in detail.

    And since MA do not have a great record of kept promises or really caring about the value of investments participants made so far I think it is perfectly justifiable to be sceptical.
  14. Seems like a good idea by MA, although the start-bid and buyout price being the same (1000 ped) probably means that there won't be much actual bidding... Exisiting LA owners will probably buy them up in batches.
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    whats this then:

    sounds like an obligation. its very clear too, i've not fathomed why so many have struggled with this (its one of the clearest announcments ive seen from MA, though its a low bar to hit :wink: ). i understand people are jaded, but if one cant even take somthing such as this at face value, then one shouldnt be involved in EU. as an offer goes, its better than any share ive ever seen, which takes your money with no promise of any return ever, just the implied expectation that the equity value will increase.

    and then theres the "citizen" voting, land grab element and structure development. people would pay 1k peds just for that (albeit probably not 60k worth of interest there).
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  16. Yes re-thought but still being dragged into it,
    TBH it is an opportunity I really don't want to miss at this time.
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  18. Still don't get the "The Land Grab mentioned in the initial announcement simply describes a forthcoming system whereby Land Lot deedholders will have the ability to claim a 10m x 10m plot of land for each deed held."

    Do you know where i can look to see those MA messages?

    Where is the plots of land located? That means you can't do anything to it, but just.... claim it?
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    You can see it in the first post of this thread.

    At the moment they are not located anywhere.

    For the time being you don't need to do anything except keep them in storage.

    What they are saying is in the future they will develop the system where they will have lots which are open and can be claimed by any deed holder. Once claimed that lot will become yours.
  20. No, they are you saying that "base on the last year" they have estimated the return to be 27-30 %. They are not saying the payout will be based on this. I think it's a weekly calculation.
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