Entropia News: Entropia Universe supporting Oculus Rift and SteamVR

Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by EntropiaPlanets, May 5, 2015.

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    "you have nothing to hide" will always be a deal breaker to me. I have plenty of shit that is nobody's business, and will vehemently oppose anyone trying to tell me otherwise. Especially if said person works for the government.
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    I'm pretty sure, Eric Schmidt will vote for Donald Trump.
  3. May 2015
    MA announced today that it is optimizing the Entropia Universe platform to fully Support Oculus Rift Development Kit 2 (DK2).

    May 2016
    Yes yes, we are still opti..wait, no, that was Taming...those pet octagons...fuck no, we are optimizing the Land Plot Syst....no ? Ahhh okay, got it,
    we are optimizing Compets 1st then Space...or...wait...what was the original announcement about again ?

    fuck off
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    Nailed it... I think MA use blindfolds and a dart to decide what they are working on these days
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    I should do an update on VR WRT Entropia I guess at some point. Perception are still working on their uber driver though so there isn't really a lot to report. I don't actually have the Rift set up even at the moment.

    More recently I got the rift onto the beta release drivers (the real release banned me from using because my CPU is too old) this meant that I couldn't use the old version of perception I was using with entropia any more. There is a driver switching program I think I have somewhere to finish setting up and try but yeh not done that yet. I found no success at all with the later versions of perception so I think the best thing is to wait for the super duper new driver that should support everything and allow people to be supported in trying to configure support for their own games.

    Another change was with the removal of that cache shader button in entropia. I was using that to make VR work. It was a bit of a mess without it. I think there may be a way round that but didn't put time into experimenting. Probably the work I did on fixing the moon and stars shaders likely out of date now too. I never got as far as fixing shadows. I think the solution will be to turn off lateral movement. This may only be needed in the Y axis though.

    In short it is kinda shelved until perception gets the new release and that will depend on if it works with the oculus beta release drivers. The beta release drivers were much better performance wise incidentally for other stuff. I think it is due to them adding the time warp stuff - essentially a clever way of inserting frames by render guesswork to keep the fps up. Worked really well I found.

    I've been playing with Leap motion in VR recently too. That is really rather fun. I also tried my friend's Vive out recently. The bow and arrow game was really fun.
  7. SEE, this was 2 years ago, without any further announcements...what could that mean, in terms of MA ?

    Right, another community bumped thread that will lead nowhere... ;D
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    I haven't studied how this device is being developed, not because I don't find it interesting. I may want to shift priorities... This particular remark made me stop immediately and think of the, er, possibilities:
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  10. Hello ?
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  12. I was indeed preapared for this, as I wanted to type it as well.
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    ... BatSim! Yaay!
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    I was having a look at processes doing stuff online the other day and spotted the oculus one merrilly spying away. Might need to have a word with the firewall... no need for that kind of behaviour. It isn't even plugged in!
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    I use a program called "Auto Kill Any Process" for this purpose and it runs first thing after the machine boots. Things like "GWX" (the nagging Windows 10 upgrader), "Wire" (a sidekick with Skype) or auto updaters I can't disable in the settings (e.g. Opera) get on the kill list.
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    I started to have resource issues the other day so took out the Rift and Leap Services then put together a small script to restart them from a desktop icon when needed.

    @EchO off

    REM Prog to quickly enable the Oculus Rift and Leap Motion

    REM start RIFT Service
    sc start OVRService

    REM start LEAP Service
    sc start LeapService

    REM start LEAP Control Panel
    start "Starting Leap Control Panel" "C:\Program Files (x86)\Leap Motion\Core Services\LeapControlPanel.exe"

    REM service status can be queried with "sc query <service_name>"
  17. 3 years later...we never heard of it again.
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    No, someone did mention it... I think it was in the run up to christmas one year. Something about performance changes to get rid of winXP support to move forward to newer DX that would allow rift I think. Was it 2016 they mentioned that? 2017 seems too recent.. but then again time is flying right now
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    15 employees, last time I looked. A core product full of bugs waiting to be fixed, some of which hinder heavily invested participants. Their own in-house planet partner. Virtual meeting software for businesses. Android games. Endeavour to create a proper financial institution. Blockchain. All these things may fit together somehow in the grand scheme, but they don't make themselves. I think 15 people can't be so blinded as not to feel this is biting off more than they can chew, but also compelled to rush forward since competition isn't sleeping. I heard a rallye driver, believe it was Ari Vatanen, once say in an interview after a crash: If you're driving within the limit, you're too slow.
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