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  1. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    You are not allowed to post anything out of PM's on this forum as well, would have thought you knew that Viper, as you mentioned a lot of time you were not breaking any forum rules. To freshen up you mind here you can read them:


    You hereby agree not to:
    Reveal or publish any information that was given to you in a private way (like a private message), unless all parties involved do not object to this information being shared with the community.

    I thought you intelligent enough to realise I answered you in the other thread Razer;

    This is why I keep saying to myself and others, Peter WTF where you thinking in relation to EP!
    I understand your close relationship with Peter too, though you have little forum experience. Tolerance also is lacking. I am trying to be patient with you Razzer. Again you have the 711/Jason Peterson power, use it as you wish.


    It is about stables in Entropia being sold (Under the NEWS SECTION).... Notice "about Stables in Entropia" being the topic "being sold" being the secondary relating to the primary, under Entropia News, being a topic of discussion for everyone and not owned by the newsbot in this case ... Razer.

    I did my best to address you in the other thread (Which you went and did EXACTLY THE SAME THING) to show you where you lack the comprehension skills for content that is not aimed for you in any way whatsoever but is 100% related to the upcoming stables of which this thread is not your personal thread .... IT IS ENTROPIA NEWS (As per its section) hence which defines the discussion on a forum (Look up the wold forum FFS as to what a forum is if your still stuck on this point big forum owning man)



    So giving people inspiration in a thread I created myself is going oifftopic,
    Especially when the content posted is TES related, grats Razor lol

    Maybe spend some time on the top 5 global gaming forums for a bit of experience in such matters before looking like a ... :whistling: Thanks for the bump anyway.

    Other than a RP to get people into the spirit, maybe you over-looked this part of the request ...

    Again looking like a :whistling: maybe re-read what I wrote above then watch them yourself to understand the deeper meaning of each video where words are sung, I did after all quote it for you.

    I am not going to argue with your raising attempts to getting into some personal dispute your trying to raise over some form of inadequacy and/or forum inexperience you have. Thanks for the input on your thoughts and feelings Razer, noted. It is partly your forum to do as your please, feel free to be like Jason Petersen/711 in relation to the such, your call really, you have the power to shut off what you dislike.

    Relating to the rest, more than you realise see more than just purple too if that helps.
    *Oh look! I found another straw, here you go, don't grasp too tightly now*

    ie. If you can't connect the dots with content posted or see the intended correlations and how they connect/relate to the subject at hand, then ask, it is much easier than wasting time and energy in shooting first and asking questions later to learn something.

    I am tip-toeing around as it is as the mouse with bigfoot's feet, aware that you and narfi are already looking for avenues to dispute on semantics, fear not. I am also aware what access you have with the backend of XenoForo, I did purchase the product for MGN remember.

    Maybe time for another virtual hug, once I finishing my cuppa. Even the cuppa is topic related.


    I SEE beyong this attempt at creating an arguement and will take those points into consideration too.

    Reply from me to you after some reflection to find a way to resolve the mis-comprehension:

    Admittedly there is an attitude that needs to change my side Razer; As I said a few times, I am far from perfect and do tend to get carried away when a meeting of the minds occur in losing focus of the level of comprehension of others in the audience, especially with this being in the public arena and only a tiny "mixed-gaming + Entropia" fan site; therefore how can one inspire another who does not understand.

    In relation to this thread's purpose (And not so much other threads where content is directed at a specific audience and people within that audience on purpose) ....

    I should be more considerate of this point. So I will provide some that are more catered for the fourth (the masses) and lower octaves and not so much for the sixth and higher (The minority, link provided as a "best fit for now" of what can be understood by most without going into great detail).

    Pointing out: "What is not commonly realized is that people think in different frequencies and octaves as well."

    Which may lead to further understanding of this post:

    So here is something (a sample genre) in that respect. Enjoy!

    And another from the same "sample genre".... Enjoy!

    Now I think I have covered more walks of life (Not all) than I had previously in the thread.

    Hope this pleases you more Razer and you too can comprehend....... now you may wonder where people's tastes are seeded from in context to their own abilities and that which externally impacts them in their daily lives "Their situation". Never the less, a topic of discussion not suited for content genre (gaming) of this board as a specific opening topic to discuss.

    I will be more considerate in relation to the such in the future. Peace.
    Feel free to add your TES/TESO bio .... :tongue4:

    PS. I am not sorry if this sounds a little stuck up, it is simply the facts, like it or not, no matter how it makes you think/feel about me or others or yourself for that matter; It is what it is; And by no means does it not mean that those who can comprehend the higher octaves do not appreciate the talent and/or enjoy what is produced by the lower, that is personal choice to which you align your thoughts and energy with, in doing so.

    Maybe you will get my point in an earlier post, being one of the main moderators and game content writeup reviewers (ie. Checking material before it is published to the site) of a global gaming site that has daily active individual member visits from more than 10 times the size of Entropia's entire active userbase (20,000 in EU or there abouts) on its slowest days. Yes, it has an active Entropia Universe section too.

    If I could hide that part of the forum, I would only because it is a long-standing (since early 2k) fugly stain imho on the rest of the content of the forum, even on the "low budget titles" that occassional get smashed. In saying that, I feel a personal level of embarassment & shame to involve myself to any extent in any Entropia related discussions there other than to read them and notify the team if moderation is required.

    Never the less, a forum is a forum and must by nature be free to reflect all POVs, thoughts, experiences, etc both positive and negative.


    Ah yes, welcome to the thread OZtwo, I was anticipating your visit. Thankyou for your valuable input.
    I appreciate that I was addressing your favourite chum Razer. Never the less I too enjoy your show.

    And the several other links of recent past four week examples I can provide if you wish.

    Welcome to the TESO thread where you too are free to post your Bio :thumbsup:

    And before you (pot) go start calling the keetle black, think for a moment about your own recent thread on PCF.
    OP > http://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/forums/showthread.php?264295-New-items-on-Arkadia-to-be-user-bound
    Really > http://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/f...e-user-bound&p=3279637&viewfull=1#post3279637

    PS. Got your PM now OZtwo, you should have thought of that and used the PM function as I have advised both Razer and yourself to do in the past on multiple occassions before posting it in a thread. Welcome to causality when it comes to your attempts to bully or rubbish someone else, may you take responsibility for your actions next time in understanding what the reprecussions may be.

    I understand your Razer's little sideshow act to give him or one of the other owners of the forum an excuse to move these posts into the offtopic discussions thread. Well I will put in a request here and now that they don't so I can demonstrate the challenges I deal with daily from people like you OZtwo;

    Either that or I have misjudged yet again and you really are thicker than a brick, having had the same thing explained more than three times to you in different ways.

    IE. CLICK EACH LINK AND UNDERSTAND WHAT IS POSTED - In "probably NOT" comprehending what we are saying and how it IS connected and relevant to STABLES in Entropia being sold.

    Now going back to your original stupidity in trying to rubbish what MindStar 9 and I spent a lot of energy putting into print, think now:

    and congradulations, you to now may understand the reason for the replies to your inadequacy/inability to comprehend:

    May you have learnt something this day about FORUMS

    I have sent this to Peter via email too, knowing all too well how easy it is to read members PMs from the administrative backend of XenoForo.

    Now that is wrapped up, carry on and realise reply this you brought on to yourself. We tried the respectful method after your rubbish us both without takign it to PM. This thread NEEDS to stay here as a reminder for the next time.

    Yes, I am also a little frustrated, though that will pass soon enough. Peace and no hard feelings our side.
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  3. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    ...and that was the drop, Viper consider yourself banned

    Viper was told many time to keep things on topic and start posting according to the forum etiquette (both in PM and in public) and even after that he kept on posting off topic stuff and post stuff in dead thread just to keep it going. Even though there might not be any rule he has broken, not responding to the request of one of the owners of the place is to me enough to silence him.
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  4. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Ugghhh..... I just tried to follow that little er... conversation?.... I have to admit I lost my grip on it fairly quickly.

    While I appreciate some "on topic" REALLY would be good for this thread (REALLY REALLY cause yeh, the long rambling posts between ms9 and Viperstrike really were too much/random for me to follow, maybe if they'd been about stables - but not otherwise) and probably one or two others that seem to have been overtaken by a torrent of videos or "wouldn't it be nice" 's about other games,.... I think it would be a shame if ViperStrike were banned permanently.

    I have to admit I've found some of his posts a bit er... trying?/"eye brow raising" verging on mild WTFery or just plain too long but I've been thinking to myself "are his overall contributions negative or positive for the forum". It is easy to focus on the bad but there is also a lot of good stuff he posts. I was of the opinion that mostly his contributions were a good thing (overall) even though in "ideal Wistrel Land" I'd like them to be much more concise, contain maybe a max 1 or 2 vids per post (cause I have more time than most and I still don't have the time) and generally be much more on topic. I was even debating PM'ing him on that actually but my "stay out of it" voice was telling me not to.

    So yeh I guess what I'm saying is I hope it isn't permanent and that "the beast can be tamed" so to speak cause I kinda liked there being more forum activity here. I was getting used to just mentally blocking out the OT posts anyhow and only concentrating on the good ones because there WERE good ones too.

    Anyhow feel free to move this to a thread on "should Viperstrike have been banned" or something and tidy this one up or shut it down and start a new one cause it WOULD be good to talk about stables to be honest...

  5. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

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