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    Sometime ago, I was asked to write up a brief paper on the social psychology of EU and what might help in the way of getting more players engaged and interested in a greater level of participation, investment and ultimately retention. As I see it right now, the movement has been more away from the social dynamic that would embrace such ideas, and more towards creating content that basically requires a clicking mentality, rather than drawing upon a mindset that has a greater potential for incorporating the ideas proposed.

    I've taken into consideration the sand box perspective where players can create their own social environment, but as developers, there is a much greater potential for engaging participants in a way that (IMO) inspires a desire to be more involved. It would benefit Entropia Universe to be more immersive from a social perspective, and really engage the senses of its participants that creates far more interest in being a part of the whole and working towards a goal (group dynamics), but in a way that also blends the bottom-line for developers ... more players, more investment, more retention, more revenue. Also (IMO) it would lend itself to more effective marketing.

    The following is what I wrote based only on fundamentals, but could be expanded to address far more detail than what was required for this particular writing. Perhaps I will consider writing a more expanded version of what I have presented here at my new website (when there is time) which is currently all real life writing as opposed to virtual, but I have included a category called "Virtual World News" since I still engage in at least exploration and time with friends inside a couple of virtual environments.

    I also keep up with EU development, what the community is talking about, and what the issues seem to be. I sometimes engage in critical thinking about our universe, and as such, I still have opinions where often I can add "fact" into the mix based on my experiences behind the scenes.



    When it comes to virtual environments, and especially Entropia Universe with its unique real cash economy, there is a very specific and entrenched social psychology present that inspires a plethora of considerations when it comes not only to development, but marketing strategies as well. The level of social dynamics available give way to the potential for feeding into some very basic human needs.

    MMO's have become very popular role-playing environments, and present key opportunities for developers to tap into possibilities that not only inspire, but drive game-play to a more cohesive level of social interaction. In turn, certain elements of game-play invite synergistic behaviors that relate very much to group dynamics, and allows for the potential of drawing in the most casual gamer.

    Virtual communities all encourage interaction, but the success of that interaction is far more achieving if given a clear direction with a progressive and ongoing sense of belongingness and personal contribution that says one is part of the whole in creating something important, as opposed to just a clicking mentality with results that seem to be more fragmented and disjointed from the greater picture as it relates to a player perspective. Developers on the other hand are in the business of generating revenue, but there's a strategic game-play for them as well if they choose to give it more attention.

    Entropia Universe, to a great degree, parallels real life, and if you can appeal to a person's sense of obligation and responsibility with regard to their game-play that embraces group dynamics, and in the process, give incremental rewards along the way that are required to continue building a personal environment that matters, then the potential is there for stimulating and even elevating the level of activity and dedication, not to mention investment and retention.

    Here are some key thoughts to consider about interactive virtual environments:
    • people are living an alternate lifestyle via their avatars
    • the opportunity is present to enhance that lifestyle to a level they may not have available in real life
    • meaning: there may be a lack of familial connectedness, and …
    • group dynamics within the virtual environment may feed a very deep need, and/or …
    • it becomes a means for releasing pent-up energy, and an escape to something more meaningful
    • therefore, having an objective, or many objectives may keep a person active and involved
    • a sense of belonging and contributing to the greater good fosters dedication
    • people need to feel their contributions are not only needed, but important and appreciated
    • the cost of contributions works best if progressively and incrementally within reason
    • despite the sandbox environment, sometimes people need to be told what to do
    • being generic in a globally-diverse environment may present a challenge, but …
    • group dynamics opens up possibilities toward generating a consistent flow of revenue
    Revenue is a beloved word, and without doubt, is the bottom-line for any company providing a product or service. Entropia Universe with its real cash economy presents an exciting opportunity to appeal to someone's wallet from a social psychological perspective. There are considerations that have the potential to promote such if approached in an honest and reasonable manner where the participant can realize a benefit conducive to continued involvement and investment.

    Following are suggestions for inspiring or motivating someone to invest time and money:
    • create a cohesive storyline and keep the momentum going
    • people need a sense of purpose, and a reason to buy into what they're being fed
    • connect the dots, and have relevance with activities that build on a theme
    • people love helping others and coming to the aid of those in need, but …
    • doing so needs to be cost-effective, or opportunities may be lost
    • single events that run their course absolutely serve a means to an end, and …
    • instance systems and the like also serve a purpose, but …
    • people need to feel a sense that there's more
    • meaning: cohesiveness in game-play, rather than a disjointedness and wondering what's next; or
    • ending up with an "is that all there is" sense of game-play
    Engaging people and inspiring them to come together for a common goal feeds into the basics of human nature, and gives players an opportunity to be creative in building and managing an alternate lifestyle in the virtual realm.

    Entropia Universe is an amazing environment, with the potential for taking its inhabitants to places in their minds and their emotions that they never dreamed possible, and not only fulfilling personal needs, but adding to the "bottom-line" more than perhaps expected if developers are more engaging themselves when it comes to designing game-play.

    The possibilities are endless, and the approach is not only key, but also determining what the important aspects of game-play are that will not only draw in an individual to participate and invest time and money toward developing their own personal environment, is also key. However, that personal environment needs to relate to the dynamics that facilitate retention, and motivates an individual to continue building and living an alternate lifestyle.


    As I mentioned above, there is so much more that could be said about this, but I'm also interested in what the community thinks that would inspire them to participate more, aside from fixing the bugs, glitches, bringing back or implementing needed systems and making the environment more stable.

    Since there are those who think that veterans who appreciated the game more "back in the day" are nothing but whiners and complainers, I think it's important to (once again) speak out and let them know that we are critical thinkers as a result of our longevity in this universe, as well as players who have witnessed first-hand the progression of development that has brought us to where we are today. Project Entropia was a far more socially-engaging and immersive environment than it is today, and it not only had more charm, it had spirit that kept us coming back for more, because the benefits as such far outweighed what many thought about their level of investment ... it was worth it.

    It's not to say that it's "all bad" ... I've never said that, and have made an enormous amount of positive contributions in the past 9+ years (April 2, 2005) in an effort to support and promote Entropia Universe. However, I find it rather disconcerting that some seem to forget those who have really been pro-EU for so many years in spite of our critical thinking of where development has taken us.

    If I was just a complainer or whiner as some state, without also adding suggestions, or supporting different directions that would be of more benefit overall to developers and players alike, then I would say the label would fit ... but it doesn't, and I would appreciate those who have nothing to contribute except to call us whiners not to reply.

    I have also contributed factual information based on my experiences and connections on the inside, and I would think that this information has a bit of value in understanding some things that have only been speculated upon. I would open the vault if I could, because I am very much in support of the community knowing certain things that they should know, rather than continuing to be led down the path blindly and surprised as Wistrel alluded to in a post, which also happens to the PPs, but that's another thread.

    I would be interested in knowing what others think that would work better from a social perspective that incorporated all the elements that would make engaging in this universe more interesting, exciting, worth investing in, and also worth your time and effort.

    Thank you! :bowdown:
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    Sorry for my bad English ... I'll give my best ... hopefully it will work.
    First of all: Thank you for this thread, MS9. It hits the point. Many colonists are thinking about stay or leave atm (me included).
    I had serious reasons to join PE 8+ years ago (November 2005). And I enjoyed it. I am a loner ... several attempts to socialize failed (Hunters Unlimited, D.A.C.H.S,). I am still (again) a freelancer. I have some friends, that's all and it's enough. The main reason for me was - and is - the freedom to do what I want, whenever I want, the ability to switch to each other profession everytime I want (or do them parallel) and the freedom to set the amount of PED to invest in it.

    I put some effort into the game. WoF judging for seven years, skilling longblade in a crazy way and helping Akoz with apartments for his moon Monria and some additional things like 3D-printing issues, cloth suggestions, a diary and so on. I guess this is a bit more than average Joe did.

    Atm all this good old memories, all this freedom becomes worthless to me. I've lost trust to MA. They act in a stupid senseless way, don't care for faithful midlevel colonists. Suddenly I got the feeling of insecurity. I pray they will read and consider your list of suggestions. But I doubt they will. Me and my sister grabbed all our stuff from all other planets and brought it to Calypso and Monria. We sell most of our stuff.

    The important part is: MA will lose two dedicated (and depositing) colonists. Kristin (my wife) is selling out already. I will stay awhile ... but not much more than half a year. Probably MA don't care ... well, so it may be that way.
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    Let's set a date. Approximately half a year from now. This time frame should be okay to judge if MA will change it's policy. They got plentiful hints and suggestions already. So let's set it to August 31. I will sit and wait what will happen.

    Elder Scrolls Online Beta participant, Skyrim bought already. EU isn't sexy as Skyrim ... let's see what ESO will offer. (Preordered alrady).
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    Well, probably it doesn't matter what MS9 and McKormick and Jamira and many others say. It was once a wonderful world. Don't forget that!
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  5. Jamira

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    Your text is too long for most of the colonists ;)
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    Thank you for your comments Jamira, they are appreciated. I came to terms with what some in the community think of my long posts a long time ago. There are several colonists who have something to say that just can't be said in a short paragraph or two, at least not if the message carries any value.

    I wrote extensively about EU for 8-1/2 years, and many of my articles have been lengthy, but more often than not, I was able to share exclusive information directly from MA and the PPs to keep the community informed. Details are what give a greater in-depth story about what's happening in our universe. From the feedback I've received over the years, I would say the majority of the community embraced the content and appreciated my efforts. There were only a few who had something to say about length.

    People are going to either choose to read what someone has offered, or they're not, it's always a choice. If someone cares or has any interest in the subject matter, they'll take the time, and perhaps even offer a comment or two such as you have.

    With regard to what you shared, everyone approaches EU from a subjective and personal perspective, as well as what will work for them. I think many of us speak openly about the level of social immersion that existed in the past, and especially with Project Entropia that also had a lot of charm and a great spirit.

    There seemed to be more of an enthusiasm with a higher level of creative activities, events, and partying that kept the community more engaged in the social aspect of game play. There was also a time when there were those who contributed through a consistent stream of reporting news and articles that brought everything to life and highlighted fun and possibilities.

    Today it seems that many of the activities that are advertised or marketed for the game revolve around hunting events either on a massive scale like Merry Mayhem, or land area events brought to our attention via event promoters. Public storyline events seem to be a thing of the past, and we now find bits and pieces of storyline fragmented in quest lines and item descriptions, or a small part of advertised activities that are basically the same premise as most other hunting events.

    I remember when there was storyline and mysteries that the community came together to work out, and storyline that fed into the evolution of our pioneering efforts. I see consistent advertising about hunting events on all planets, but don't remember the last time there was anything related to mining, or the crafting events that John Capital used to design which were so much fun.

    Arkadia began with a great storyline with consistent episodes that were written and presented prior to launch, but those stopped a long time ago. Cyrene has (IMO) the best storyline of any planet, and I am hoping that Ed follows through on the projects he has in mind that will absolutely not only engage the community, but physically take Cyrene through different eras. I love that the community on Cyrene has a hand in the evolution and changes that are part of a storyline.

    The point I made in my OP is that EU has become more of a clicking mentality than anything else, and I've seen the enthusiasm continue to wither because it's too clinical and predictable, and not as exciting and fun as in the past. I really enjoyed being a part of highlighting our universe in as many ways as I had the opportunity to, but even my lack of continued involvement with writing that supports and promotes our universe stems from very specific and valid reasons.

    I was also told by a PP that right now, marketing is more important than storyline. I can appreciate that we certainly need more players in our universe, but my question to this or any other PP would be ... Are you doing everything you can to ensure that those you draw in will enjoy their experience to the point that they will ultimately want to stay and evolve their avatars, as well as become a part of a potentially larger community? However, in all fairness, the PP can market till they're blue in the face, but in the end, they still have to depend on a platform developer to have everything in place and structurally sound to complement their efforts.

    Even if what someone said about ... maybe MA wants the old players out and new players in so they don't know any better ... is true, I still don't think that the current situation will be conducive to drawing in and keeping players for any major length of time, but I guess we'll just have to see how it all unfolds.
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  7. The more you move in to psychology issues, I think the more people you'll actually see drop out of MMOs in general for a variety of reasons. I can't find the links right off hand now, but there's several discussions out there in articles and forums in several places on the internet about how 'virtual identities' exist to help people 'take control' of a virtual life mentally/psychologically when real life is really not all that great for a variety of reasons. I can't find it right off hand but there was some really good story about why Marshall Mathers took on the persona of Eminem that gets to the heart of this type of thing... and it all has impact in relationship to virtual worlds as more and more folks get MMO Addiction and live out their avatar's lives and struggles and overcome them instead of really dealing with their own real world struggles etc. The folks that spend the most time in game usually have the most problems in this type of area even though most won't admit it. Just something to think about.
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  8. dalewj

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    to expand mastermesh's thoughts a bit. Your ava moves with you from game to game also. In Afterworld I would say greater then 50% of the PE players use the same naming and therefore bring with them what they had on the PE planet to their new planet. We already know each other, we feel safer in our new environment and we are quickly feeling 'at home' even though the place is brand new.

    and to the question of social ingame it is everything. Having a reason for playing and the people to come see every week is why I stayed in the game in 2006. The dev has to produce a game where people will come, meet, talk, work together, fight each, and stay. simple. In afterworld im helping to build that storyline with reasons for people to work together and stay in game. the loss of the storyline (marco) in EU was the end of that feeling and why a vast majority of people started leaving.
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  9. MindStar9

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    First, thank you for your comments. I really appreciate the diversity of perspectives, and not only what people know and understand about the psychology of gaming, but what their own experiences have been. There are many variables to consider as to why someone engages in a virtual world, but no matter the reasons, they are personal and there is generally a psychological or social payoff associated with choices.

    One may not always be aware of such because we're more focused on activities, and the psychological component of game-play isn't something that is in the forefront of general conversation or discussion but rather an unspoken dynamic that is ever-present. There are definitely social and psychological elements to game-play, and there are game developers who are very well aware of such and consider how this dynamic not only affects the design of game-play, but how it fits into the equation of the overall success of the game.

    There is some truth to what you say about "virtual identities exist to help people 'take control' of a virtual life mentally/psychologically when real life is really not all that great" and "it all has impact in relationship to virtual worlds as more and more folks get MMO Addiction and live out their avatar's lives and struggles and overcome them instead of really dealing with their own real world struggles." There is always potential for this to occur, but not something that can be applied generally across the board to all who play MMO's.

    Many psychologists and behavioral specialists actually utilize virtual worlds as a medium to help clients develop better social skills that can be applied in real life. For example: someone who is an extreme introvert and quite shy in real life might be more relaxed and social in a virtual environment, and thus, would learn a greater degree of social interaction through guidance and counseling while actually enjoying themselves.

    When I first joined Project Entropia nearly 9 years ago (Apr 2nd) at the invitation of my brother, it was my first ever virtual world and I instantly became incredibly fascinated not only with the concept of such, but the social and psychological elements of game-play. I guess you could say that I have done my own (unofficial) research through personal experience and a high level of social interaction with the community. Writing articles and player profiles, as well as conducting developer interviews was quite enlightening, and it was a PP that not that long ago approached me about writing a brief social-psychological perspective as it relates to EU. Since EU is unique with its real cash economy, it stands to reason that there would be additional variables to consider, but the OP is only a fraction of what could be expanded upon.

    This interaction confirmed to me that developers do indeed consider the social and psychological aspects of gaming, as well as how giving more attention to such might improve the elements of game-play that relate to increasing participation, dedication, a sense of social obligation defined by community, further investing in personal development, retention, and of course revenue. Intrigued by my own personal experiences, I took a look at what research was being conducted, and what the empirical data revealed. I found a research paper published on the social dynamics of game-play that was the result of a longitudinal study done with World of Warcraft. This is in PDF format, and I found it quite interesting.

    For now, I'm going to accept your statement that "The folks that spend the most time in game usually have the most problems in this type of area even though most won't admit it" as an opinion, because I haven't come across any empirical evidence that produced this type of data, but then, I haven't read every peer reviewed research paper published either. If you have any documentation that suggests this, I would appreciate reading it, because that would be an indication that the longer one plays consistently in a gaming environment, the more likely the dysfunction in their real lives. Thank you.

    I tend to agree with your assessment of avatar naming, because I have done it myself in other games, even though I've created other names as well. I also agree with your comment about the social aspect of the game, and when reading comments across many EU-related game sites, the number one reason why people have said they continue to engage in the game despite any frustrations is because of the community.

    I think a very key aspect of gaming, especially in an MMORPG, is the development of community interaction either through storyline, or some type of group dynamic that helps to build upon a theme where each individual is contributing toward a common goal. I also have to agree that Marco was very instrumental in storyline activities, and that it gave a different spirit to the game and our social involvement. I'll never forget the private message I received from Marco in 2006 at the original Entropia Forum where he said that he admired my psychological approach in the way I responded to certain posts in discussions and to keep it up. So, he too was very well aware of the psychological and social factor that has an effect on all of us in one way or another. It's a shame that he isn't still with us, because perhaps things might be a bit different.

    Thank you also for your comments, they are appreciated.
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  10. I try my best in my small way to keep the party spirit alive:
    Free pogo skilling at Beer Kegs!
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    Jamira Samurai Girl

    The spirit has gone. I started sellout last night. I am pretty sure MA want me and my sister to leave the game. At the monetary aspect it's the best decision I made during the last years. I paid a lot for a unique and interesting virtual world. And I don't regret this. But I am not willing to pay a lot for a poor grinding game wich it became meanwhile. So I agree to skeezer: Cheers!
  12. Derid

    Derid Lost Newbie

    Very interesting and well written I must say. Having one of my degrees in Social Psychology (tho with focus on organisation and leadership) I think you are bringing up a lot of great points. Had the discussion with some friends about the motivation of people in the game and we brought in the effects of your graphical location, your political views / influences and of course your economical situation IRL.

    Interesting part is that I know quite a few in game that with their economic strength outside the game could have easily bought their way into the "brass or überstatus" that many in game strive for. (Not all of course). But they still do not do it, perhaps due to not enjoying to "skip ahead" and I would personally say it is like entering that cheat code on your Nintendo 8 bit to skip ahead and make the game easier.

    Just a few quick thoughts, great thread!

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  13. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    First of all, hello my friend, it's been a long time since we have connected, and I have very fond memories of interacting in the game, as well as your support of my efforts, especially with the radio shows, so thank you again for that, it was a great period of time for sure.

    I fully understand your comment about those who had/have the means to invest much more than they have in order to advance, but didn't or don't. I am purely natural with my skills (never chipped in anything whatsoever) and wanted it to be that way right from the beginning, because it wasn't important to me to have the best of everything, or to join the ranks of the ubers, but rather focus more on the social aspect of the game.

    I had a great run in the beginning with hunting, then mining, then crafting where I eventually got my ATH, but after that, and as the game mechanics started changing more and more, which I felt were more detrimental to my style of game-play than not, I made the decision to go strictly media with the occasional hunt, but that was very infrequent.

    Social psychology is a fascinating discipline, as we both know, and it's cool that you chose organization and leadership (I've known the industrial and organizational aspect of it). There are many corporations and organizations who actually hire or contract with psychologists and behavioral analysts to conduct their interviewing process and ultimately recommend individuals that would fit specific positions (especially management roles) based on requirements.

    I don't think people realize how much of an important role psychology plays in so many aspects of our lives, including activities within a virtual environment that has influence and impact. It's such a fascinating prospect that I continue to stay tuned in to the continued advancement of studies.

    Good to run into you again my dear friend, and hope all is well with you. I wish you the best with your involvements as well.
  14. With my views on this subject being heavily tainted (negative) with reference to Entropia;

    In short:

    • The LURE to something that not is, but a variant of, being the MA Dynamic version of the RCE Concept.
    • The CON in making money easily when the truth is, it has the same math programmed into it as a poker machine at the end of the day > http://www.abc.net.au/catalyst/stories/3608469.htm
    • The HYPE of next big thing that rarely ever arrives, resulting in distain, distaste and starvation of and longing for entertainment which you paying big amounts of money out for > http://content-of-oblivion.blogspot.de/
    • And the HOOK, again bringing us back to the start of the vicious and psychotic circle, the LURE;

    Not to mention the public arena media hype/BS that John Bates & Neverdie has done for MA over the years too, sucking many into the RCE concept without revealing MindArk's dynamic version of it.

    All this ultimately having a suffocating trapping and holding effect in a negative sense, resembling the same yet opposite effect that a mantra has in positively clearing the mind and holding that clarity or a thought for a period of time.

    So I will refrain to post about the psychological aspects of Entropia, being involved with and the rest of it.

    IE. The journey starting from an outsiders initial interest in the RCE concept, feelings about wanting to get involved with the development of the RCE concept and project entropia pioneering it ... < involvement with project entropia/EU and others like http://afterworld.ru etc > ... and then the exit after being involved/trapped/etc for so many years with/in Entropia;

    So in essense a journey of freedom away from the "dynamic" version of the rce concept aka gambling version and now the reestablishment and rekindling of my love for gaming since youth ...

    Finding my feet again and refilling that empty glass and plate of food or better put ...
    Gaming experiences in terms of nourishment, enjoyment and fulfilment.

    However with that being said, it is not that I do not wish to input information into this thread, just that the time is not right for me to do so to any great degree.

    If you look at the Entropia community and their history, there are lots of specimens (examples) you can find and see how they have too over time ... well I will leave it there.

    Present day examples of where people are upto (History not included):

    Some older players and some newer players - Recent activity!

    George Ace Skywalker - Currently struggling on many fronts with EU, even to the point of desperation in feeding the community as to its lust for and attachment to wanting money ... See his competition thread 10K PED just for prioritizing what you think MindArk should fix in order from highest to lowest being only one small example > http://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/f...e-10k-ped-competition-The-responsibility-test

    True Jaun > http://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/f...260749-Ufo-l&p=3245469&viewfull=1#post3245469 on his way out after many years of support in a positive way for and in Entropia on many fronts.

    Some of the not so old players ... Less resilient due to MindArk's increased ... well ...

    XIng Nu - One of your favourites MS9 - http://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/f...-For-Release&p=3245896&viewfull=1#post3245896 however when she started she was a a great supporter of Entropia and fought tooth and nail to protect the game and MA. ie. Her blight/taint was not there initially, you must know her history before judging her correctly and keep in mind that she struggles greatly with English too > http://www.entropiaplanets.com/threads/pcf-thread-too-funny-not-to-share.11233/

    There are many I have been watching over the years ...

    Some new additions ofc, Stormdancer being one ... http://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/forums/member.php?57916-Stormdancer ... Just past the honeymoon period of being involved, past the lure, con, hype, and is now at what I see as the hook stage of her journey in Entropia, a rising advocate ... Trying her best to keep positive, even though she is transforming ... For good or bad, who knows. I think dealing with and experiencing MA over time will take its toll though ...

    Yet that is deduced from what happens to the majority of people I have watched over the years ... Even those who are closer to us that we have known a long time

    And more that are at their starting point of rising community advocacy for Entropia :) I will have to be patient and see what happens over time with these new rising community advocates. It is too early to comment and place judgement down.

    Anyway, point being is that there are a lot of people whom you can experience Entropia's psychological & spiritual aspects through over the time of their involvement in and with Entropia Universe;

    Even through some of the community's posting history alone on several of the forums PCF, here, Arkadia, Cyrene, NI and for balance on those who still remain true to Entropia in their blogs (eg. Fans like Axemurder/Narfi/others > http://entropia-universe-mmorpg.blogspot.com.au/ and a second for variety > https://www.facebook.com/senatormagyar) for that matter when trying to put yourself in their shoes from the perspective of the story they tell over the time of their journey throughout Entropia.

    Hope that made sense.
    I may post some more later, I may not due to how vocal I am in Just Be!'ing the person I am.

    I love Tiesto's musical (magical) compositions so could not resist in posting this ;)

    The negativity can easily have a knock on effect on others, which is not what i want. Ultimately people must make up their own minds after they experience, learn and grow from that experience themselves on their own terms and evolve when they are ready in their own way.

    On a final note, and doesn't need to be said really. Like always, great writeup MindStar. :thumbsup:
    A lot of thought and attention to detail, even if there is a lot more that you can add.

    It is not all bad, yet ... as you yourself said as well
    "there is not enough good to have balance"

    All things in life should be given the chance to learn, grow and evolve and then experienced again.
    In saying that, see > Post 31, http://www.entropiaplanets.com/threads/what-are-we-waiting-for.11475/page-2#post-69009

    On a side note, I have not been in the mood to play ESO due to my feelings on Entropia Universe at present,
    So I am watching re-runs of old Dr Who and AH! The Egg TV series from way back when lol

    This relates to the short video in Post 31

    Ultimately learning these lessons on wisdom, etc:
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  15. So much more to say, but I will stop ... *bites tongue*

    Your right as we all are considered to some degree ... Entropia Trolls! due to our negativity ;)
    Hey! At least we can dance and have a big dagger to use when we need to, The Dagger of Truth!

    It still can be, if MindArk evolves on various levels :)

    I think McCormick presents it best without taking this out of context;
    Short and sweet, straight to the point on anything that is a negative or disturbing fact about Entropia.
    Including and not limited to ...the social, the psychological, the spiritual, the financial, etc aspects of EU.

    Warning to all: Very powerful and disturbing footage used.
    All in all, if you don't like what you see, please JUST LOOK AWAY! Even though it is there anyway.

    However others may benefit from it.
    Learning, growing and evolving from the mistakes of the past. Something MindArk has not achieved to date.
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  16. Hi MindStar,

    You may be interested in keeping an eye on this site - http://jvwresearch.org/
    I believe the site producers would like to hear from you at some point too;
    That is if you are keen to write material for them ... ie. on related studies on virtual worlds ;)
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2014
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  17. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    Sorry, just saw this post ... I'm not around that much anymore, but thanks for the link, will keep that in mind my friend, and I hope you are well.
  18. Heya MindStar,

    Quick catchup, sorry for OT to OP ...

    Good to see you about, I caught up with Mac & Callie recently in Landmark, something you and Obie should check in on later down the track, those keys I passed on should be good till gold release and we can make you all the required goodies now ;)

    This is where it is upto, adding mobs, adventuring classes, weapons, armor & enhancements to the such >

    Here is something for a laugh in the new caves system testing out my new grappling hook.
    First, hanging out, second, super Viper defying gravity lol

    CavesHasngingOut.jpg superViper.jpg

    Image wall for Landmark, not a lot there yet, but will take more shots later >

    Neverwinter Online,

    Mac informs me you have captured him lol, I am glad you got him into it. I hope your enjoying all the new content in Neverwinter :) You should be more experience than I in NWO now of which I really should dust off and oil Viper's gear there and come check things out again with you guys at some point.

    Regarding the prior post, no rush, it is a long term project involing a few hundred contributors;
    So whenever you feel the time is right and you have that extra time and energy on your hands.

    Other than that, all is well my side, I ended up hiring people to help with the health situation, everything from full time dietician come cook/chef through to personal trainer, 4 really awesome people in total, so needs are now well catered for and I now have time to do other things available again.

    Take Care and catchup soon.
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2014
  19. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    Hey Viper ... good to hear back from you, and no problem from me about the OT in this thread, I started it I think ... LOL ... so it's all good.

    Yes, we hog-tied Mac and got him into NW. He went all the way to Level 60 with his Guardian Fighter on his own, except when I went along with my Level 60 Devoted Cleric as his personal healer ... it was fun. He's doing really well in NW and looking into creating quests in The Foundry, so looking forward to that when he gets around to it ... he's a good storyteller.

    Obie and I just got our 5th character to Level 60, so we have matched characters (Control Wizards, Great Weapon Fighters, Hunter Rangers (Archers), Trickster Rogues, and then I have the Devoted Cleric and Obie has the Guardian Fighter. We are at varying levels of all the campaigns in Sharandar, Dread Ring and Icewind Dale, so having lots of fun. And yes, when (if) you come back into NW, you'll find us pretty tricked out and rather deadly, both individually and as a dual force. :tongueout:

    Not sure about the other stuff you mentioned, but I'll direct Obie to your post. We're involved in a few things that keep us busy as well (including working our own projects IRL), so not sure we'll have time for other things, but we'll see.

    You take care too, and always nice to catch up to you my dear. :biggrin:
  20. Just an update, it is old news, but even some of the larger supporters/fans of Entropia are ...

    "July 28, 2014:
    Folks, I am retiring from EU indefinitely. There's no extenuating reason except that I am bored logging in and cant really find any motivation for doing so lately. Laudanum will become an inactive society by the end of August. I may remake it at some point, or I might not.

    I am entertaining offers on items such as the castle and whatnot, though I dont expect to receive anything reasonable at this time, so the chances of me selling it are minimal. I am not entertaining offers on my CLD or skills at this time.

    Good luck everyone.

    - Magyar"

    Source: https://www.facebook.com/senatormagyar

    All in all another lost contributor to advancing the state-of-affairs in Entropia Universe.

    Ref links:

    A little history:
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