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Entropia Universe Partnership - Active & friendly society required for 'The MMO Gaming Network'

Discussion in 'Entropia Societies' started by Viperstrike, Jul 9, 2013.

  1. 10/07 - UPDATE posted from PCF:

    Original OP:

    Introducing The MMO Gaming Network
    Forum Link > www.mmogamingnetwork.com

    Hi All,

    Allow me to introduce to you The MMO Gaming Network, a starting effort between three online gaming guild leaders who have a very similar mindset when it comes to running online gaming guilds/societies.

    The philosophy is quite simple - Play when you want and how you want, be mindful and respectful of your fellow guild/society members and most of all, Have FUN!

    Launching on the 1st of July this year, we come from a very large online gaming base of several hundred active members whom for the most part play multiple online games.

    We are looking to extend our reach and Entropia Universe has been selected as one of the lateral games that members of 'The MMO Gaming Network' wish to try out.

    In saying lateral, we mean that which is vastly different from most MMO games in offering a real cash economy element.

    Introducing myself

    My Entropia Universe gaming name prior to my current, which is 'Shadowsniper Viper Viperstrike' was 'Firesparkz Sparkz Lavawalker'.

    I first initially joined Entropia Universe as part of a work project back in 2007, then due to unfortunate circumstances at the time which ended up seeing myself retired, I shut down my account in 2010 post VU10 the major cry2 update.

    About a year later, I created 'Shadowsniper Viper Viperstrike' as I still do enjoy the game very much when it is affordable for me to play.

    What 'The MMO Gaming Network' is looking for

    We are looking to partner with an active and friendly society in Entropia Universe that is able to take on members of 'The MMO Gaming Network' and help them through the basics of starting out.

    It shall not be a lot of work that needs to be invested into each individual to help them get started as we will be writing some basic guides on our forums of what is needed to get started.

    I will also dedicate some of my own time to help people start out. In saying that I also will become a member of the society chosen to represent Entropia Universe.

    What you will receive when partnering with 'The MMO Gaming Network'

    We have already created a dedicated forums area with sub-forums for the Entropia Universe on our forums which are temporarily hidden until a suitable partner can be found.

    One representative from the society, most likely the leader, will become a designated partner of the network with all the forum partnership permissions to successfully setup your area of the forums how you like.

    You will also have access to our dedicated TeamSpeak 3 server with a separate dedicated area to Entropia Universe, of which we currently have 75 dedicated ports and looking to increase capacity as the need grows.

    Your society members will be welcomed into 'The MMO Gaming Network' to play in any of the other partnered MMO games and visa versa, our current members will be welcomed into your society.

    Future considerations

    We are in planning stages at this point in time, however that being said, we are looking to sponsor a split between current members of 'The MMO Gaming Network' and new participants to Entropia Universe with fiscal aid in the form of a starter kit valued up to 100 PED to help them get underway.

    We are also looking to sponsor the society leader (potentially) to cover any unseen costs to ensure the new members joining the society get off on the right foot with their mentorship program.

    If the above interests you, please drop me a PM on this forum, or feel free to post any questions in this thread.

    Thanks for listening,
    Shadowsniper Viper Viperstrike
    The MMO Gaming Network - www.mmogamingnetwork.com
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2013
  2. Hi,

    As a quick update, even though you may post your interest in this thread or via PM; it will be handy for seriously interested parties to have a headset (mic) to speak live with us (the other partners of The MMO Gaming Network and myself) on our Teamspeak server.

    In the meantime, please don't hesitate to post any questions you may have.

    Thanks in Advance,
  3. BUMP.

    Some responses on PCF here > http://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/f...Network-members-to-join&p=3135427#post3135427

    I have not posted this offering on Arkadia or Cryene forums at this point in time, however we would be interested in hearing from both societies active on these planets and from the Planet Partners in terms of sponsorship, we are open to suggestions.

    Last edited: Jul 10, 2013
  4. EwoK

    EwoK Southern Fortress Engineering

    I'll point this thread out to the A-Team Viper.
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  5. Thanks mate,

    Much appreciated.

    I also tried to get in contact with Dave tonight but had just missed his online status by a few hours.

    I look forward to hearing from the A-Team :)
  6. Hi Ewok,

    I am talking to all three planet partners to see who can offer sponsorship or the better arrangement, the A-Team, the C-Team and Mindark.

    I have no intention of playing one planet off against another so I will openly mention this to all who read this message, sponsors wise:

    Sponsorship will involve:

    • 1,000 PED per month from myself to cover 10 x 100 PED starter kits for The MMO Gaming Network current player base.
    • 1000 PED per month from the planet partner to cover 10 x 100 PED starter kits for new participants to that planet partner's planet - either Calypso, Arkadia or Cryene
    The reason for splitting the sponsorship between current and new is to not create a rush and also allow for a nice balance between old and new faces to the network as specified here:

    100 PED starter kit to consist of:

    Now the starter kit is something the planet partner could design specifically for this task. Otherwise we will primarily use TT based items to suit. However this is generally what we are trying to achieve (With some design ideas included)

    • Starter armor (A set to get underway with the mentor ship program, pre-reward)
    • Starter Firearm - Rifle with ammunition (1ped TT rifle that decays slowly)
    • Starter melee weapon - Sword and Knife (1ped TT Sword and Knife that decays slowly using ammunition to power it)
    • Basic Healing devices - Both a heal FAP kit + Mindforce I chip + S.M.E
    • Basic "Flying" vehicle to get around in (Not a hovercraft)
    • Starter Mindforce weapon - probably a kinetic/electro chip I + SME
    Posted from PCF:

    We are struggling with acquiring a partner society to go ahead with, so it will most likely be a dedicated society headed up by myslef and the other established partners of 'The MMO Gaming Network' in a support role.

    I have already created 'The MMO Gaming Network' in the society terminal for this purpose.

    We will also provide detailed reports to the planet partner selected each month with an overview of who received the sponsorship and their progress.

    A task I had already done for MA previously when running the Viperstrike challenge.

    Link > http://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/f...tiative-FEB-to-DEC-2013&p=3064382#post3064382
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2013
  7. Small update to the opening post, I have requested the thread to be closed on Planet Calypso Forums as this is now a multi-planet discussion.

    Please continue any questions you wish to ask as a society and in general in this thread.


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