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Entropia Universe 11.7.0 Release Notes

Discussion in 'Next Island' started by Manny, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. New Feature


    MindArk introduces NETELLER, a new payment service provider for Entropia Universe. Participants are offered the opportunity to deposit and withdraw money using their NETELLER eWallet. Withdrawing money from your NETELLER account is possible after you have made a deposit through it.

    The smallest deposit amount is 10 SEK, 1 USD, 1 EUR or 1 GBP respectively, when using your NETELLER account. The withdrawal is instant up to 1000 PED over a 30-day period while higher amounts can take up to 30 days.

    Rates and Fees

    * The regular exchange rate is 3,4%.
    * Each withdrawal through Neteller will be charged with 100 PED or 1% (whichever is the larger amount).

    Improvements and Fixed Issues

    Achievement System

    Implemented the Achievement System:

    * Added the option "Share achievements" in the Privacy section in the Options UI. If you choose to share your achievements everyone can view all the achievements you have received on the planetary system you are located on at the moment. Also, when you unlock a new achievement, other avatars in the near area will be able to see this through a target text above your head. By default, this option is enabled.
    * On the My Account pages (Interconnect Services) you can select to post social media feeds when you unlock an achievement.


    * Added four sub categories under Vehicles to facilitate for you to find the type of vehicle you are looking for. The new sub categories are Air, Amphibious, Land and Water.
    * Added a warning if you bid more than 95% of your PED balance.


    * Adjusted slots in the blueprint book Weapons (Vol II) to be 58.
    * Fixed issue with the level not displayed on armor blueprints' icons.


    * Fixed issue with giving a Waypoint to yourself (writing /pos in the Main Chat) when used from a vehicle.
    * Fixed issue where you could not attach amps to certain weapons .
    * Bank Tellers can only be dropped inside a bank.
    * An Estate Deed now displays complete address to the estate no matter which language you have chosen (English, German, Spanish or French).
    * Fixed issue where some foot wear caused the cross hair to be misaligned with the actual weapon aim.
    * The Equip action is disabled when in a vehicle.
    * You can now drag clothes back to the Inventory from the Coloring UI.
    * The Quest/Mission Log now only displays active and completed quests belonging to the planetary system you are currently located on.


    Improved the feeling and response when you move around:

    * You now strafe as fast as you run straight.
    * You now run faster backwards.
    * It is smoother and quicker to move from side to side (strafe left and then right).
    * Your speed is maintained when running straight and strafing at the same time.
  2. * Adjusted slots in the blueprint book Weapons (Vol II) to be 58.

    to fit in.... what? NI blueprints? :)
  3. I hope so, but i wouldn't hold my breath...
  4. do you know how many slots the book had before this VU? 58 doesn't sound like they added alot
  5. Don't know if they actually added or removed slots to tell you the truth...

    On the other hand, the current trend is for all new blueprints to be (L), and if i'm not mistaken those go into a different book?
  6. yeah, they do.. and if im not misstaken you can place L blueprints anywhere you want in the book, and not just in specific slots.. (could be wrong though)
    but i guess... that could mean that we could get new blueprints without new books :)

    maybe they added slots to weapons 2, and they now sell it at the technician papoo (the blueprints that is), and all non-weapon blueprints we get are limited and go to the L book...

    .... ok im gonna stop now before i get myself excited just to be disapointed when the VU is up and running.. but it would be aweesome if that actually was the case :)
  7. Meg

    Meg Next Island : Game Content Designer

    Did you guys catch the part about the warning if you're about to bid over 95% of your Ped balance? What do you think? Good reminder system or Windows-style unnecessary warning?
  8. narfi

    narfi Lost


    Unfortunately it is a serious problem and people have lost a lot of ped by accidentally bidding their entire card, but this warning will soon be a mindless click and likely will not save anyone that wasn't already being cautious.

  9. Calin

    Calin Due for an Ultra-Uber Loot.

    From seeing posts over the years about people making mistakes and spending their whole ped balance on some small item... It's a good thing. I doubt it will fix the problem entirely since people will always goof up, but it will probably save a number of people some trouble.

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