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Entropia Tour Agency - Amethera Spiderweb Update

Discussion in 'Guides and help' started by Stave, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. Stave

    Stave Guest

    Amethera's Spiderweb has been updated to Version 1.3.

    Update Content list:

    This update contains vairous route adjustments as well as one Major adjustment.

    The 2 hubs, Silver Ridge and Memorial island have been moved to Neas Place


    A interactive map can be found on our Tour Page.

    The spiderweb list now looks like this:

    HUB 1: New Oxford

    - Emerald Lakes, Shinhook Jungle, Solfais Crater, Oshiri Hearts, New Switzerland
    Ref: pcano1

    -Genesis HQ, Wolverine Hope, Miwak, Timbesha, Silver Ridge, Neas Place

    Ref: pcano2

    - TI City, TI Central, TI North

    Ref: pcano3

    HUB 2: Neas Place

    - Nate Valley, Rei's Defense, Sakura City

    Ref: pcan1

    - Omegaton West, Oyster Isle, Cayuze, Segna Forest

    Ref: pcan2

    - Memorial Island, Myrene Island, Akmull Island

    Ref: pcan3

    In light of this update beginning from January 2010 we will begin offering TP runs from neas place running the following routes, pcan1, pcan2 and pcan3.

    Best Regards,


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