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Entropia Tactician Union

Discussion in 'Entropia Societies' started by David Paiva, Dec 19, 2013.

About the ECU...

  1. I will join! =D

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  2. i will not join...

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  3. i will not join, because i have a soc already.

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  4. i will not join, but it is a good idea.

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  5. i will not join, don't liked the idea.

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  6. i will not join now, but maybe in the future

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  1. Hello, my ingame name is David "Akruz" Aquino and i created i new society, called Entropia Tactician Union, or just ECU.

    The idea behind this soc is to make the members work in a more tactical way, i will try to explain the concept here, but i am still developing it and will grow with the members ideas (and even suggestions made here).

    So, to illustrate the idea of the society, i will give a hunt example, and then i will explain better.

    Supposing that there is a group hunting with 7 members, one of then is a tactician, he talk to the rest of the group and choose the jobs of each member in the hunting mission ( the jobs in the soc will be explained later), the mob is a close range hard hitter, so he put the group in this way:
    2 members would be "human decoys" or "tankers", their job is mainly to take damage and focus the mob on then. generally speaking, this members have high defensive skills, and could or could not use a close ranged weapon (but is the better option),
    1 member would be the ranged damager, This member have high damage skills with some ranged attack.
    1 member would be the healer, and of course he have some source of healing skill (MF or FAP)
    1 member would be the sweater, the player would dry the mobs and do the "swant", could be the less experienced player or the best in sweating.
    1 member would be the researcher, his job would be keep scanning the mobs, the members and keep tracking of all the data, inside and outside the game (in fact he have two jobs, data gatherer and researcher, the first use the game skills to scan mobs and players, the second take data and use it outside the game, like in a sheet or database, and use it to analyse)
    Of course, in this case none of the members are good enough with the decoy.

    So, proceeding with the explanation of the soc... The soc will cover all 3 main activities (main,hunt,mine) and try to cover all other sub-activities like exploring and searching for fruits.
    There will be 3 types of jobs: main jobs, side jobs and inside jobs.
    The main jobs are related with the 3 main activities, like the example that i give before. When a member enter, he can choose one or more main activities, for each one, he receives one primary, one secondary, and one tertiary job (he choose with the society, in conjunction).
    The side jobs are "minor" activities and could or could not involve real in-game skills, for example, a pilot is a side jobe that involves skills, also sweating (that at the moment is in the grey zone as a side job or a hunting related job), but also could be things like selling and buying stuff or search for fruit and dung.
    The inside jobs are soc related and never use skills, researcher, recruiter, tactician, explorer are inside jobs that work in the game world, but are inside jobs that could work in real world, like going to forums, etc.
    To explain the mentioned jobs... Recruiter is the one that, well, recruit new members. The tactician is someone that organizes a group in a "mission" (not a real game mission"), see the example that i give before, the explorer is someone that keep running and searching new stuff, he map areas (mainly new planets) and could also search items, like fruits.

    I think that for the moment is just it, more things will come with the time.
    If you are interested in joining, you could search the soc name, my name, speak here... it's your choice!
    if you want, you can also give me a feedback (even if you don't want to join, i would appreciate some help :) even because i still don't have any member and don't know how to bring at least the minimal amount)
    Also, i have added a pool :) if your option is not here, just pm me (or post here, whatever)

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