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Entropia Pathfinders Academy

Discussion in 'Entropia Societies' started by DragonEy, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. Visit our website at www.dragoneygaming.info. It is a little out of date since the new Version Update, but rest assured we are working on it. The Pathfinders are looking fro good people interested in working together to learn how to thrive on Planet calypso. If you are interested in working together in a group and helping other new players as you progress, than we might be the society for you. We do not Give items to new players. Instead we spend o our time teaching you how to earn your way on PC. We focus on team hunts, using tactics to maximize damage and minimize casualties. We spend time researching the best mining Techniques and share our crafting knowledge. If you are a team player and willing to listen and learn then share your knowledge the pathfinders may be for you. WE are also seeking experienced players interested in finding an active society where they can help other players. We especially need someone good at web design willing to help us modernize the web site as we a re simply not educated in this arena. Send us an email at dragoney@dragoneygaming.info or apply at the soc terminal game. We mainly play 6-10pm PST, but if you are in another time zone we could use a representative willing to take charge in the off hours.

    Society Rules:
    1. NO Deadbeat mentors. If you take on a student then we expect you to take your commitment seriously or hand them off to another more active player.
    2. Scamming will NOT be tolerated. PC is a real cash economy. IT is OK to make a profit off others including your students, but you must be honest in your dealing at all times. Never LIE Cheat or Steal to turn a profit or you will be Insta-Kicked.
    3. This game is for FUN. If your not having fun then let's get together and figure out a way to make it fun.
    4. Real Life comes first. When you have real life commitments that get in the way of your gaming commitments, simply let the others know you won't be there so we can adjust our plans accordingly.
    5. The Pathfinder's is a very structured society with many rules and regulations designed to enhance game role play. Adherence to any Academy rules, regulations, or requirements is STRICTLY VOLUNTARY. IF you don't wish to role play the Academy, then DON"T. You will still be welcomed as a full member and friend.
  2. New Members: Welcome

    I would like all new members of the society to poat a quick hello here so otheres can see what we are doing. I will start by saying hello to...

    OO BossBobby OO is our official society trader, so all you newbies looking for a place to get a bit of markup on your loot, make sure you add Bobby to your Freinds List in the Society terminal. He is currently seeking new buyers and I am helping him with advice so hopefully he can become a big succes and keep us all in the peds with his contacts.:yay:

    Jessica Prazz Mind: So far a non depositor Jessica is spending her time gathering as much sweat as posiible. I hoope we get a chance to go out hand have some fun soon.:woohoo:

    Tazz Gigidago Mania: Tazz joined this week and already has many tps on Eudoria and Amthera. It looks like he has the making of a real pathfinder. Welcome Tazz.

    Nebulus Noodles Byrcron: Nebs started last week and is our first Official Adoptee. Thank you Lykes for introducing us. Nebulus is already showing himself to be a great addition to our team seeking out new hunting grounds and techniques..:thumbup:

    Phil Fry Envit has just joined us and been on few tp runs to get to Aloode where we are gathering our forces. Welcome Phil can't wait to go on some so hunts with you...:nana:
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