Entropia Fresh Install not working W7/W8/W8.1

Discussion in 'Technical, security and bug reports' started by Viperstrike, Dec 25, 2013.

  1. Hey guys, got the new puter built and running, its a dream machine, 8.7 Microsoft performance score.

    Anyway since the last patch the fresh install for Entropia is no longer working on Win7, 8 & 8.1.
    Yes I tried it on 3 different machines so far with exactly the same result.

    It does the initial install and patch and then when it comes to downloading dynamic content it exits out.
    Run as administrator ofc and all that good jazz.

    Hopefully next patch fixes it.

    Merry xmas,
  2. All sorted, MA released a new fresh client installer which does work.
    Only point to make is on Win 8.1,
    You need to run in Windows 8 compatibility mode otherwise the screen is black in fullscreen.
  3. Similar thing happened to me only with Win 7, glad you got it sorted out.
  4. NotAdmin

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    I abandoned games for less than that.
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  5. FFS, it is happens again, I did a reinstall and used the same installer that worked last time and now same error, this is freaking stupid. Bloody hopeless programmers lol.
  6. If you had it all sorted, why did you have to do a reinstall? Unless you were experiencing in-game issues...
  7. Hi Nexus,

    I started playing around with MSSQL, MySQL, PHP5 integration and other stuff on my host machine running 8.1 Windows rather than in a sandboxed environment and eventually after several installs of other forum software screwed up my hosts performance lol. All good I found a few good forum packages and now run them in a VMWare background service VM. I reinstalled the host just the way I like it and have managed to resolve the issue.

    When the client loader loads, it automatically loads with admin privs, as soon as it goes to do the dynamic updates, it tries to devaluate itself to a lesser level of privs of which Win does not like and exits out.

    The trick to resolving it was to ensure that it could not without lower privs than admin.
    Putting an exception for MA's software in the UAC settings can help it from occurring too..
  8. Wistrel

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    I've got a new laptop now... it has windows 8. My initial reaction is a bit like when you put your hand in something slimy by accident.

    I feel I should probably persevere as I expect in the long run there will be no way of avoiding windows 8 but I have to be in control when it comes to computers and I don't feel in control at all.

    I suspect the laptop may have to back for the time being anyhow. There is something rattling inside the screen which I'm not happy about especially since its a Thinkpad. I could dismantle myself as found the service manual and it doesn't look too hard (17 screws) but yeh, slightly concerned incase something goes wrong especially since its so new I've only logged in once...
  9. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    Yeah I feel the same way about w8. Have only tried it on my dad's laptop, but it will need some getting used to.
  10. That explains it, glad you got it sorted. Reminds me of when I setup a virtual server to run AMP.
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