Planet Calypso: Entropia/Calypso from a different perspective

Discussion in 'Planet Calypso' started by Wistrel, Jun 5, 2014.

  1. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Don't worry only the first 5 mins is Entropia. This particular perspective is from that of a bunch of people who want to jump right in and have everything handed to them on a plate. If they have to read something? Booooring! Typical Millenials, if it isn't easy it's too hard ;)

    OK ok I'm being a little mean. Also I can see they do this with pretty much any game. i.e. talk a lot of comedy shit and run around having a piss taking laugh then edit the best bits into a youtube video while forcing the viewer to watch an advert in full so they get maximum cash out of the endeavour.

    Fair doos really and actually there were bits of it that genuinely amused me. I particularly liked the comment "Wow you know a game is good when it asks you to install Visual C++ 2005 redistributable". I guess they have a point there... it was almost a decade ago.

    Still I wanted to share cause, piss take aside, it does have that thing where it shows you how odd things can seem to a total newbie. Having been around for 10 years I guess there is a lot I take for granted now that actually may not "make that much sense"/"be very obvious" when I stop and think about it.

    That all said though, I concur with Oz from Arkadia. Entropia does appear to be growing and is certainly ticking over. Ultimately it is a game that is not for the majority of people, but the minority who try it have that "how did I not know a game like this existed years ago!" sentiment. Met somone the other day who was 7 months in the game and loving it. Also I could tell they were someone who knew their stuff and also seemed to be enjoying the social aspect not just the RCE concept.

    At this point in time I feel as long as MA and PP's keep pushing the advertising and keep expansion at a slow and steady pace and concentrate a lot on the new user experience (with a major focus on feedback, bugs and newcomer difficulties) they will keep finding those few percent of people who will love the game.

  2. Neuromancer

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    My first reaction was thank the gods I left planet North America for something more reasonable on the other side of the Pacific Ocean. I've been a resident of Mario Brothers/Hello Kitty land for over 25 years.
    However, after watching this video twice it got me to thinking. These are the people - like it or not - that EU has to get in game to move on to the next level.
  3. dalewj

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    ya and they were trying it as a group. one would think that a group playing together could figure it out. but alas the 5 hour download after u install the game..... the talking to way to many people for no reason... they wanted to shot shit it seems. there should always be a way for people who want to shot shit .. to well shot shit within the first few hours.
  4. Cool Vid looks like they were having fun and well said about Entropia :bigsmile::cheer:
  5. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    I'd say that is a reasonable first reaction but actually not 100% correct. OK actually I suppose you need to attract those type just as a side effect of casting the net wide. Ultimately though MA will never recruit morons into this game. You have to "get" Entropia to stay and it will only appeal to a certain group of people. OK maybe more than one group but there is no point in trying to get everyone in.

    The important thing is getting the "right" people in and having those people at least have a nicer entrance way that is more forgiving is a good start.

    So in other news Japan aye? 25 years, what brought you there and why did you stay? I assume you know the lingo well by now?

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