Elysian Power Sphere

Discussion in 'Items' started by SylverDragon, Dec 6, 2011.

  1. The Elysian Power Sphere BP is a reward from the Armor of Heroes quest given by DiNapoli at Crystal Bay

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  2. its nice to see a native bp, with materials that are not uselessly crazy....

    grats on the first in a long time.... <the second VU of the time travel crystal is a good bp, for skilling and res> <even thought it destroyed the econ from the first>

    hopefully more low lvl bp's with more low lvl components to come....

    maybe a re-do on the paint?
  3. red


    what does an elysian power sphere do?
  4. They're used in the manufacture of Elysian equipment, so I presume they'll be components in upcoming Elysian BP's.
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