Economy or Fail?!

Discussion in 'Next Island' started by Stave Petty, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. lol oh yeah, sorry I was being sarcastic :)

    ok, back on topic
  2. The video is from CRD planet. The Chinese government thing that kind of stopped after the main guy died.

    Enzo, if you need help or advice getting rid of vBulletin, shoot me a pm on Skype. Will see what I can do to help you out. vB stinks, the end. I'd be more than happy assisting you dump that crap.
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    Any chance of a response meg/david?
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  6. I think that MindArk screwed Next Island and any future planets partners when they released space travel. No one wants to bet their possessions that they can get to another planet without being attacked. I think they need to install a teleporter system to let players move freely between planets. Have an event and let people from all the planets participate. Forty PED to use it was way too much, ten ped should be the maximum cost, free would benefit everyone. I would suggest a teleporter system that would only transport the player and a minimum of other items, no vehicles, no living items (remember the movie The Fly).

    MindArk has been working on this game for over ten years, I think they have lost interest and are looking for other things to do.
  7. gravel, you couldnt be more wrong, planets are unable to develop their own self sufficent sustainable economy without it, the issue is before space, other planets were just living off of calypso, and that is exactly what they dont want.

    The issue is, the Devloper needs to provide an economy for that to be possible, Arkadia managed fine :)

    And for whatever reason that is something the NI team failed to provide and refuses to comment on.
  8. As David outlined on his blog, he has different priorities.
  9. Someone throw me a raft, the ship in sinking!
  10. Curd, anyone knows a business without income wont survive, untill david makes getting a full economy his #1 priority, next island will never have any form of income because its not sustainable to play on this planet.

    Sorry softhart, theres not enough rafts to go around, cant afford it since theres no economy :P
  11. Stave Petty, make no mistake about it, I am in complete agreement with you.
  12. Hey!! What happened to woman and children first! :P
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  14. Havent you guys learnt anything from mindarks mistakes?

    Ignoring the communitys concerns for serious issues and refusing to comment only creates a very bitter and bad relationship with your userbase.

    From what i can see here, your doing what mindark used to to before ask mindark, and that is the last thing you want right now....
  15. "These Elysian Tech Chips, in varying quantities, will be used in blueprints for Elysian tools (in progress). This will prompt new players to sell their stacks of Elysian Tech Chips to crafters, encouraging them to engage the Auction Hall or player-to-player trading, or it’ll prompt them to engage the crafting profession track. This also corresponds with our longer range plans for Next Island’s crafting economy."

    This looks like Meg (and her secret dev team) are blocked by Mindark in some way. That would also explain why there has been silence on this issue, as far as I know, planet partners are prohibited from disparaging Mindark.
  16. pulled to play nice with the other kids
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  17. bumping since you removed the spam, but it is still showing as the last message entered here.
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