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Discussion in 'Entropia Legal' started by EP-Newsbot, Nov 26, 2009.

  1. What he said:naughty:
  2. What he said

    Which is basically what i said before, so i'll just answer this:

    With a :dunno:

  3. Predden

    Predden -= SHS =-

    One thing you need to remember is that we are in 99,9% of the cases talking about internet geeks with no RL life beside entropia! its usually a 40+ kilo 185cm tall guy with the physics of a broom handle or a 180+ kilo 170 round thingie that is just as wide as he is tall. This game consist mostly of the guys that got picked last in gym class (that is if they even attended) what are the odds do you think that one of these Poindexters would grow a pair and dare to confront another rl human ??? Its one thing to be cocky behind a keyboard, but when shit hits the fan they are most likely to soil their pants and start running to momy. So living 30km away from the fucker who is responsible for this shit isnt much help if its a ubergeek we are talking about.

    I had one of these nerdish dudes threaten a friends sister once, when we confronted the bastard outside his appartment he actually fainted. Yes fainted, as in falling unconsciously down on the ground like a soft noodle. I couldnt even imagine that this was even possible other than in some crappy comedy but it happened.

    Its most likely just a case of :
    Mycke snack och lite verkstad.:handjob:
  4. Ye, you have some geeks with gonats and cash to hire a washout at skid-row to do the honors.:poke:

    But whats the update on the case? Just found website Updated with this:

    By request of Spin Rep Pitt, the fundraiser has been stopped and all donators will get a full refund including shop fees.:nunchucks:

    I suspect and hope Spin Got his gear back.:clap:

    :headscratch: Perhaps I shall have you pass the peds on to Justin Thyme, for the experiment, or Lykkes noobyfund.:headbang: :grouphug: :whip:
  5. Predden

    Predden -= SHS =-

    BTW isnt this Rilort dude from Sweden?
    if so, what city is he from?
  6. Sheessh! Relax M8, just yanking the chain there:naughty:

    Your Q was directed to Tom right?
    Then nvrmnd;)
    Who Knows where Rilort is from, I actually never knew him.
  7. Predden

    Predden -= SHS =-

    LOL no i didnt mean that some one should go there and wack the guy on the head with a bat or some thing, that will only end up with a fucked up shirt, bloodstains is hellish to get rid of:wise: but wouldnt this be something we as players could fix without lawyers?

    Lets say that Rilort would be from Gotenborg Sweden, there is a shitload of players with no strings to ether CK or any of the other involved persons that could just have a chat with this person to se what the hell went wrong, and possible act as some sort of neutral part, if we could find a neutral player for each person involved we could at least try to get Spin Reps and the other guys stuff back, the guilty persons has already fucked up their rep ingame, noone will ever trust them again so they are done and should have their IP# banned from playing and all their shit thrown back in to the loot pool. :yay:
  8. I just realized:

    I have also received an PM here from xXSqUaLLXx that I should have my money back.

    I refuse getting them back, I donated 160ped for the sake of this community - and to the community it should go. I don't want those peds back.. Instead I suggest Spin Rep Pitt or xXSqUaLLXx take the peds and buys pixie armors for it and spread it around the battlefields for n00bs to find, or by a lot Opalos and spread those around...

    Please do not ask me to take back the peds....
  9. Ye, I felt you. I fear some parties are cowardly. Even no responses from acused party, disapointing in the least. have you seen the website yet? Case seemed to be closed and I already had a PM from Spin asking Q bout Ped refund. Hardly a peep from no one, silence exept for a few crickets in the bushes.:headscratch::frown::confused:

    TY for giving us the mushroom treatment, keeping us in the dark and feeding us shit!:sad::wave:

    Yaaay! xXSqUaLLXx Registered! One of my epic palls:) We gonna see some HOF spammin hit the forum soon.

    Welcome ! Joe!:yay: U R DA Man!:woohoo::headbang::jump:
  10. I will take it
  11. :), looks like a cool forum, iam way to lazy to post usually apart of ef but it looks like it can become THE forum too.
    i find it sad the way it went, but what to expect when u dont explain "the whole vision of why to ask to communauty help on it" for multiple reasons.but it doesnt mean its being dropped anyway, entropialaw is a smart guy and he know what he does at least and will for sure be of good help to bring this case to some end and iam pretty sure it'll be positive for rep and his friends the way entropialaw decide to handle it, aswell as to the communauty in the end.
    ps: i gave back all donations, only need to fix the problem with shinobi and the ukash deposit i made from it.
  12. If Justin dont pick it up. Make a mining run in memory of me Joe:)
    If you ATH we can talk bout it;)
  13. :D, hopefully he'll get it, would feel bad even if i manage to pay u ten times the ammount or something ultimately :P
  14. Ye, but this kinda Karma could be the real deal of luck you may just apreciate;) Brows this forum, you will be pleasantly surprized. In fact there also a mining section, go in kick back and relax, make yourself at home. Freedom of expression is actually appreiciated here.
  15. Justin Thyme

    Justin Thyme Someone With Opinions

    where is the the shop im in pa mall right now
  16. HA! Da Man himself! Its alive:woohoo:!:lolup::rofl:
  17. iam pa mall floor2 right now, at auction
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