Dome Model and Physics Testing

Discussion in 'PostModerna' started by Flapman, Dec 23, 2009.

  1. We are now at the point of testing the Fort Ash Dome Model and Physics.

    It went great up until the point of testing the physics model. The Avatar got stuck in the doorway. :) (read more)

  2. Forgive me I am being stupid, but what is the point in testing this stuff when you are using a completely different system to the one in which your final product is intended to operate?
  3. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    There are some nice free engines on the market, where you can play around with your ideas. The 'test' version of the game (a light version that shows the main ideas) is a good start to make something faster, maybe easier - no doubt cheaper - and you can show what you have in mind to pull in capital ... before using an expensive platform.

    I don't know how it works with mindark - but since they now use Cryengine, my guess is the planets will be pulled in to work on the same. Would be waste to buy such an expensive engine, when you know you might get it in the end? :) Or how DOES it work, Flapman? Because I have no idea, only assumptions about how I believe it might be ...
  4. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    good to see you are testing already Flapman. Hope you get that little door thing worked out soon.
  5. aridash

    aridash large throbbing member

    i see what Oleg is driving at - what the point of testing models and certainly Physics in a game engine that is completely different to the target deployment. you will have to redo testing or testing is obsolete (doors work in EU). its a good idea to map out some rough models and layout though.

    i really hope to see this project take off as a seperate development. Postmoderna have already overcome the first major obstacle, getting started with actual models created and world server running.
  6. Hiya Oleg,

    Actually not stupid at all.

    First off, I want to point out that this is an Indie project and we are not bank-rolled by deep pockets. We are using the demo as a way to illustrate our concepts (some not even capable of being done in Entropia at present such as Quests, Instances, etc). We also present it as a way for the community and fans of the project to experience it as it is developed.

    Also, if things don't work out with Mindark, we will have a working model continue work on and take to the next level.

    Incidentally, the Orge Graphics engine is used by Multiverse and is capable of some pretty impressive graphics if you use the right filters and shaders.

    Here is an example of fauna created using SpeedTree for Ogre.



    This is an app we are trying to get funding for to generate the trees and plants for Postmoderna. Of course if comes with a pretty price tag. :)

    If I can find the screen shots from a "steam punk" concept I saw I will post it for reference. The image I saw recently illustrates layers using the shaders, normal and emit maps with additional layers that simulate the steam. It was a neat example.

  7. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    Those pictures are really really neat! Those trees are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
  8. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    That's some impressive screenshots. Out of curiosity, what pricetag would that mod hold?
  9. You have the right idea Lykke. Essentially getting to a Partner Planet agreement is the first step and that takes a lot of money. You need to show funding for about 2 years and present that proof and your concept to Mindark. If they agree and bind a contract with you and your organization, you gain access to the C2 Sandbox Tools and EDK with all the support.

    Next, you build your models (in 3dsMax as preferred by Mindark--although I have shown that impressive models and renders can be accomplished with Blender which is open source and free). The models, terrain and all objects are imported into Entropia for your world and housed and hosted on your own hardware. From what I have seen, the only thing you get "free" is the access to the EDK. Everything else is on the dime of the Partner Planet.

    If that has changed, maybe Mindark can correct me.


  10. Hiya Razor,

    Thanks and actually, I may already have a solution posted on the Blender Artists Forum. I am going to test some more this weekend.


  11. Hiya Aridash,

    You and Oleg are not off in the slightest there and the approach we are taking on this project will accomplish several things at once (eg, the demo and concepts and the foundation for continuing the project should things with Mindark not work out, etc).

    I have to admit though, the more we learn from this project and the more concepts we explore, the more attractive a standalone game becomes. I do love Entropia though. :)

    Now with regard to the models converting over to EU, that is just a process. Once we have them they are just imported into the C2 Box. However, a lot of people (myself included) have not worked on a large-scale game and have not experienced how much goes into making models and graphics work the way you want them to. I have some friends working on a non-related project and although they have a lot of experience, they too learn something new each and every day. :)

  12. Hiya,

    Yeh, I actually posted some info about that on our Fundraising blog page

    The initial annual license is $1495 and $9995 due at launch. :)

  13. Just feel you need a realy commited and motivated team clocking a minimum of 8Hours a day behind their workstations. Artists drawing, heaps of ideas, concepts, you name it.
  14. Hey there Shin,

    Perhaps, but I'd rather keep this fun and not so much as work. :)


  15. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    That SpeedTree tool seems like a nice and usefull tool to me and $1500,-- as an initial cost is not even that bad. The question of course is if trees are that important right now for this fase of the project or if the money can be spend better on some other thing. But that of course is your department :)
  16. In the world we live in? LOL Fun for the clients and accounts yeah! You buddy, the develloper and creator, work, work , work. Launch deadline and all that, very serious stuff. Nothing wrong seeing that as fun, sure it can be. But I am sure you understand Flaps my man! Say investing over 100 000 k USD on such a project including hardware, etc. etc. Very serious, nobody throws a bag o money into the wind. Not that you do, just that you shouldnt. I wouldnt.

    I sure like what youre showin me here and those trees are bloody awesome, beats CE2.

    Collonists who can farm land and grow various flower types is an awesome idea for example. Flowers could be quite a interplanetary commodity. The two existing flowers that avas can carry in their hand for example. Floristry as a new skill. Flower shops LOL Expanding this so peops can decorate appartments, carry diff types of bouquets.

    I may be sounding very gay here, but trust me M8, I am quite straight LOL.

    Whats the Ped-generating ideas you have?
  17. aridash

    aridash large throbbing member

    interesting comment. "your" hardware? i thought it was hosted on the same server farm as everything else. or do MA charge you for servers allocated to your planet?
  18. Perhaps. However, it is that or I build them individually in Blender, Zbrush and 3dsMax. :)

    The trees are a big part of the Terrain. Postmoderna is not barren and I want to illustrate as much as I can.

    Nonetheless, Speedtree is not a necessity and is more a want. I look at it as an efficiency tool. If I have to make each individual plant and tree I will. :)

  19. Hiya Shin again,

    I agree but I want to get the Base Camp Demo done. Then I will go after investors. They needs see that we have a good concept and that we have what it takes.

    The PED-generating ideas? More of that will be made available over time but, a lot is already on our project development forums in the idea concepts. The community can get an acct on there anytime to follow what we have done so far. Too much to go over in one sitting. :)

  20. From what I was initial told, you bring to it your own and they integrate your servers into their farm. I know Mindark was working on an arrangement to allow you to lease or rent from HP. I don't know if that ever happened. Alas, all that may have changed.

    Don't quote me on that though. I have been so focused on this demo, getting sponsors and finding team members, a lot may have changed that I am unaware of. Mindark may have changed arrangements with the current partners. Perhaps ND Studios or See can comment better on that.

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