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Do we have a new President of VR?

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by San, Aug 12, 2020.

  1. San


    Just now upon landing on Calypso at PA Mall, I had to witness the following dialogue (names anonymized, preserved in chat log):

    2020-08-12 21:28:16 [Local] [Player 1] Thanks for coming guys your support is appreicated
    2020-08-12 21:28:16 [Local] [Player 2] Ive accidentally come here a couple times
    2020-08-12 21:28:16 [Local] [Player 2] [Calypso, 61475, 75297, 124, Waypoint]
    2020-08-12 21:28:16 [Local] [Player 3] Thanks for this [Player 1], you helped me a lot now :D
    2020-08-12 21:28:16 [Local] [Player 1] make sure your support and loyalty is with me as I grow as your 2020 VR President
    2020-08-12 21:28:16 [Local] [Player 4] yeah, thank you [Player 1] :D
    2020-08-12 21:28:17 [Local] [Player 1] I will continue to help everyone
    2020-08-12 21:28:36 [Local] [Player 1] Need few peds, Im your friend, jsut ask
    2020-08-12 21:28:37 [Local] [Player 5] thanks for the generosity
    2020-08-12 21:28:45 [Local] [Player 1] need anything else, Ill do my best to build a community
    2020-08-12 21:28:58 [Local] [Player 5] what is that outfit>
    2020-08-12 21:29:08 [Local] [Player 1] Cyborg with SIlverstich
    2020-08-12 21:29:13 [Local] [Player 1] and Zen wings
    2020-08-12 21:29:14 [Local] [Player 2] ty [Player 1]:)
    2020-08-12 21:29:21 [Local] [Player 4] Thank you, we really appreciate it!
    2020-08-12 21:29:22 [Local] [Player 5] my god is that good
    2020-08-12 21:29:58 [Local] [Player 5] thanks mate
    2020-08-12 21:30:12 [Local] [Player 1] no sweat, lil hopefully will take you far
    2020-08-12 21:30:17 [Local] [Player 1] maybe HOF or global :)
    2020-08-12 21:30:34 [Local] [Player 1] Just pay it forward and give someone a good deal, and spread the message
    2020-08-12 21:30:43 [Local] [Player 1] The Entropia Communityi s Alive,Well and growing together
    2020-08-12 21:30:56 [Local] [Player 1] I will offer jobs very soon
    2020-08-12 21:31:03 [Local] [Player 1] at $11-$16 USD hourly rates
    2020-08-12 21:31:09 [Local] [Player 1] for up to 40 hours a week online
    2020-08-12 21:31:09 [Local] [Player 5] jooobs?
    2020-08-12 21:31:15 [Local] [Player 1] REAL WORLD
    2020-08-12 21:31:26 [Local] [Player 1] Im creating a NEW Breed of Professional GAMER!
    2020-08-12 21:31:44 [Local] [Player 1] you humans are simple to re arrange the DNA for
    2020-08-12 21:32:01 [Local] [Player 5] hahaha
    2020-08-12 21:32:08 [Local] [Player 2] lol
    2020-08-12 21:32:14 [Local] [Player 1] so Im gonna invest in you and the community if they join the project
    2020-08-12 21:32:36 [Local] [Player 1] I will be creating work while you play entropia
    2020-08-12 21:32:54 [Local] [Player 3] Interesting idea
    2020-08-12 21:33:01 [Local] [Player 5] that sounds awesome
    2020-08-12 21:33:14 [Local] [Player 1] Ma thought so too, probably why they asked me to bring it here :)
    2020-08-12 21:33:23 [Local] [Player 1] when the pandemic started
    2020-08-12 21:33:34 [Local] [Player 1] and qurantine was the new normal

    At that point my toenails were curling too much and I had to teleport off to a remote place. I am not drawing any conclusions.
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  2. Just the usual fishy bullshit going on inside of this scammy mess. :)
  3. San


    Is this something you would report? Or let free speech be free speech and lemmings be lemmings?
  4. People feeling so clever and superior, by scamming this little community again and again and again...claiming to be professional business guys in reallife...let the lemmings continue, it has always been this way...and hey, sometimes even the lemmings claim to be the clever business guys in here.

    I have done my work and I decided to leave this sick psychological experiment behind.
    This community offered a nice show while it lasted though...but there is only greed, debts and guilt left...this has absolutely nothing to do with a mature sci-fi mmo anymore...
  5. GeorgeSkywalker

    GeorgeSkywalker Explorer

    I think it should be reported but not sure. perhaps better to make thread about it on pcf anonymised like above wouldn't be breaking any forum rules. Its an official forum so the powers that be should be then aware of this.
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  6. San


    Well, I find it irrational to assume officials keep themselves blind by not occasionally peeking in here as well, "where the disgruntled gather" :D

    I've decided that this publication should suffice. Let's see if we hear of this "president" again.
  7. narfi

    narfi Lost

    is it a known player?
  8. San


    Not known to me, although this may not mean much.

    There is a profile on PCF created in 2015 which partially matches the avatar name, but since the full name isn't given to the forum I can't say for sure it's the same person. But the kind of interest expressed does ring a bell. This profile has a mere handful of posts introducing a website they created, which drew some skeptical comments, and then no more activity after just a few days. I'll keep an eye on it.
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  9. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Sounds like someone's going to do another entropia partners of ped2click. Whatever it is it will be some sort of passive activity you can do while playing entropia. What else could it be (except for nothing)? I can't imagine what good anyone could do while playing a game that was useful enough to earn money... except maybe if there was some scientific research study that involved people playing games that was paying its subjects?

    I spose it could be that...
  10. narfi

    narfi Lost

    I remember last year I played Eve for a couple of months, there was an activity in it you could do to earn game credits that involved analyzing real life light or (or radio?) patterns being emitted from real star systems to identify patterns etc...

    With some creativity, there can be real life application through gaming, but the reality is very rare I think.
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  11. San


    For a while I participated in an exoplanet hunting project at Zooniverse. But there is no payment for this kind of thing, at least anywhere I know. Ad click farms pay far too little to get anywhere near the hourly rates offered by this guy. I really have no idea what he is up to. Will make a note if I come across anything. Could also give names in PM if anyone is interested.
  12. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    I must be tired. I read that as "amazing real life fight", and was about to ask whether MA and the UFC signed a partnership deal.
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