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Entropia Support News: Disturbance notice regarding Skrill Deposits and Webshop purchases

Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by EP-Newsbot, Apr 25, 2020.

  1. We are currently investigating an issue with our Payment provider Skrill, due to this we have temporarily disabled this Payment options for Deposits and Webshop purchases. All other Payment methods are uneffected and available at ...

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  2. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    That didn't take long.
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  3. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    They don't test. Evidence proves this over and over and over again.
  4. With so little info it's safe to assume a serious issue popped up.
  5. Well prepared. Case closed.
  6. 1 month later. Officials silent as usual.

    In the swedish tradition of excellent, embarassing fails !
  7. When there are still SKRILL disturbances, but someone who never posts shows up, demanding to close the thread,
    because the community is dumb as bread...than and only than you know you are in Entropia.


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