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Discussion in 'MindArk' started by Fan_boy99, May 23, 2019.

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  2. That's one of the saddest things to happen in this universe in a long, long time.
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    I think he found out/didn't agree with something. But NDA = is a contract so :(
  4. Fan_boy99

    Fan_boy99 Ignore Spawn and San they are Sheeples

    lo from MindArk's new Community Relations Manager!
    Hello Entropians!

    I wish there were a better time for me to introduce myself than while many of you are dealing with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. I hope that during these difficult times you are all doing well.

    My name is My Antonsson and I have recently been hired as Community Relations Manager for MindArk. My role will be to provide the community with insights into MindArk as a company, and help to improve communication.

    While Ludvig will continue to handle the day-to-day community feedback and communication on PlanetCalypsoForum, I will be focused on keeping you updated on MindArk as a company, its current and future plans, and profiles of our team members (more exciting news on that front coming soon™!).

    I look forward to getting to know the unique Entropia Universe community, and I hope you have a splendid day!

    My Antonsson

    Community Relations Manager

    Didn't last long. AGAIN HAHAHHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Good1. Add family members to Payrol . To make it 'look like' its a big company. ahhahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. No1 knows (except Mark and few others) MA outsourced ALL development and support YEARS ago (there is a post on here somewhere. Support HQ = Mexico. Might be Mars now).

    Add family members to payroll. Just don't mention in accounts about everything is outsourced LOL. (for legal reasons this is 100% untrue and just a joke).
  5. I bet My Antonsson got shocked by our so called community...get well soon, My ! xD

    The mexico support HQ (Ilunova SA de CV), founded in 2007, active in 2008...got shutdown in 2014.
    CEO was a swede, named "Thorbjörn Bergstörm".

    Ilunova was only generating costs...like everything Mindark touches.
    MA financed Ilunova with 1.400.000 SEK (140.000$) to keep it artifically alive.

    Ilunova then got sold for 1 SEK (yes ONE) to its own CEO, named Thorbjörn Berglund.
    He was with MA before. Berglund ? Didnt I say he was called Bergström ?

    In Mindark documents hes called "Thorbjörn Bergström".
    On linkedin hes called Berglund, but it is the very same person.
    So probably "Thorbjörn Berglund Bergström"...whatever...

    Support is also called "EU Support & Operations AB" since 2009, a fully owned subsidiary by former Customer Service Director, Cornelia Sundström etc. blah blah blah

    In the swedish tradition of disguise, fraud and swindle...
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    Another player turned community manager fail. I see many pages of speculation over on PCF. I really do wonder what it is that causes this time and time again. Truth be told it was one of the things that was at the back of my mind when contemplating applying to go give them feedback on the control system. i.e. "Don't get involved, remember what happened to the others". Wasn't the only reason though but it certainly called in to say "hi".

    Maybe the servers really do run on hamsters... and maybe it isn't pretty...
  7. Wistrel

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    I had a little look at the thread,

    "At the end of the day it was all down to public image and MA didn't need any bad press. So put it short. Dark fucked up IRL (Nothing to do with EU or MA) and MA had to cut ties." - source https://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/...uote-Mindark&p=3712496&viewfull=1#post3712496

    Maybe he robbed a bank. :D


    "The decision was to maintain good PR based on issues he had run into in his personal life that had landed him in hot water. As we see with many organizations today, the threat of having your whole company look bad for allowing someone with a certain label to stay employed was too great of a monetary risk. From what I have infered, the decision was not an easy one, and was most likely finalized by the shareholders after a few meetings were held. I personally believe he had great potential as a Mindark employee from what I knew of him, but unfortunately sometimes personal mistakes and issues can overshadow your career. The last thing I'm going to say about it is that I would've also been inclined to take the action Mindark took due to the nature of the problem and its ties to current hot button global cultural issues." - source https://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/...uote-Mindark&p=3712510&viewfull=1#post3712510

    So... he either became a virus... or an american cop...
  8. Wistrel

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    "Must have been really bad if even MA was concerned.

    I mean they did try to stage a 100 million $ cryptocrap scam just a year ago. They pissed away 2million $ of players money on this atrocity of a mobile game. They screwed players out of thousands in item values with 2.0. They made a total balls of the control & camera revamp forcing 5-10-15 years of muscle memory to be relearned.

    My god what did he do that finally crossed a line? I didn't know MA has those red lines. Did he cause a famine or put a gypsy spell on the Swedish people?" - source https://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/...uote-Mindark&p=3712674&viewfull=1#post3712674
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    Yeh I saw something about a text message on the other forum and didn't read on. But your thread and it's references made for a disturbing read (and I didn't even look at the dropbox thumbnails). I feel sort of bad about the virus jokes now.
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