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Digital abduction shark fest #3

Discussion in 'ROCKtropia Event Committee' started by narfi, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. narfi

    narfi Lost


    DO NOT USE TELEPORT TO EVENT FEATURE. THIS WILL BRING YOU TO REDZONE PVP - Please go to these cords for event ( 133339, 93117 )

    Where: Digital Abduction Outpost (Marker is at 133820, 93278)
    When: Saturday April 19th 18:00-20:00 MA time
    Rules: Highest Loot Wins

    1st Prize = 100ped
    2nd Prize = 50ped
    3rd Prize = 50ped

    Entry fee = Free!!

    Good Luck and see you there :)

    Sponsored by:

    Digital Abduction

    This Event is brought to you by Digital Abduction and the Rocktropia Event Committee

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