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Entropia News: Dev Notes #19 - Item Dropping Changes

Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by EP-Newsbot, Oct 5, 2018.

  1. Dev Notes #19 - Item Dropping Changes

    The recent VU 15.18.0 release notes included the following:

    It is now only possible to drop items in your own estates

    This change sparked a lot of discussion in community channels, along with much speculation (some of it wild yet entertaining) as to the reasons for the change.

    The main purpose of removing the ability of dropping items on the ground in "public" places was to improve performance. Having a large number of low-value items scattered across busy servers was negatively impacting performance for everyone on the server. On some busy servers the effect of "item art" and random litter was very detrimental to performance.

    Another concern was security, since we receive quite a few support cases each month where participants (especially new ones) inadvertently drop items on the ground (despite the warning dialog).

    We are of course open to creating exceptions for special cases where placing items in the universe is desirable and unlikely to be abused, and we welcome your feedback.

  2. Please name at least 3 wild, yet entertaining, of all those speculations...I guess my 3 points, security, scam and server performance are exactly what you said.


    Beyond epic, you realized those 3 points...after 18 years...this is beyond hillarious...close to unbelievable...messing with "Pick up" and "Attempt tame"...lal...everytime I think Mindark cant outmatch themselfs (again)...I get taught the opposite...or even worse.

    Server performance ? Noobs dropping items, regardless the warning ? trololol...you suck so much. Epic !

    There were WAY MORE item droppings and "oil castles" in 2005...and you even appreciated it on the client loader...you cheered when Oberon glitched and made epic Monria Events with many evil bugs....13 years later you claim it messes with the servers...and its the noobs dropping items, regardless a warning message...did your faces turn red yet ?! x'D

    Must be the 3 million users you...never had...

    Awwww those comments on the other forum:
    -Nice explanation
    -Nice, server performance will improve now
    -Nice, nice...I never dropped items before, but nice idea

    You can clearly SEE some new family members there :)
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2018
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  3. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    McCormick you nailed it! I'd like to add that the sentiment behind:

    Reads like:

    "daaawww we had a jolly good laugh at you all speculating about our reasoning because we NEVER TELL ANYONE JACK about what we are up to or how anything works. Still, we don't plan to change that so here, let us blame it on performance and remove the feature rather than fix our code and... oh I don't know, here let's throw in a final platitude that we'll consider making exceptions to the rule sometimes. Cause you'll believe that wont you? right? good, cause we are about to forget we ever said that till the end of time. Ta thanks bye"

    I don't often say it, but FUMA... FU
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