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Deposit Habit Poll Report and Conclusion

Discussion in 'Planet Calypso' started by Shew, Oct 5, 2009.

  1. Was able to put here after all.


    Things to keep in mind.
    MA states in their income model to planet partners that they make $.5 to $1.50 per player per hour of play.

    This is not the same as what it costs a player to play per hour.
    It would stand to reason part of the cost to a player would have to support the loot as well.

    It would be interesting to know of Cash to MA:Cash to loot ratio.

    To set things straight initially. People MUST understand the cycel of money. Espescially those that deposit little or none. This has nothing against those that don't deposit, but they need to understand these basics.

    Remember 10 ped to $1

    The game runs on $

    Some deposit.

    Some don't deposit, but are still able to play by sweating or whatever and selling for ped. This is just a transfer of $

    Both groups when they hunt, mine, or craft give $ to MA and loot pool.

    However without those that actually put the $ into the system, there is none to transfer or support game.

    Intial Poll http://www.entropiaforum.com/forums/general-economy-discussion/166137-deposit-habits.html

    Better representation of contributions


    Slide 1, Part 1
    TO keep results as current as possible, will only use "Does Deposit" for computations annoted in Green


    Line 43 displays all depost tiers as a average amount.

    Although some have stated they deposit much more than $100 per month, I kept the top tier average at $100 to keep figures conservative.
    (The higher this average is, the lower the number of depositors)

    Line 58 In order to determine approxiamte depositors using MA figures, an average despost per user is required. Using Green average is

    $67.97 per person per month with current Approximate Average number of Current Depositors 14776

    Part 2

    Total People are obtained using Average montly deposits (Slide 2 Part 1) divided by Average Per Person deposit ($67.97)

    These numbers do fall in lign with EntropiaTracker.com (Noting that NOT ALL GLOBAL OR HOF).

    Total Current approximate players 40,839

    Slide 2 Part 1
    Financial inforation taken from MA Sept 17, 2009 Semi-Annual Report

    All Financials are in SEK so $ conversion provided using average exchange rate from Apri-Oct 2009

    Again goal is to use current data, so highlighted target information in Green.


    Categories of interest in MA Sept Financial Report:

    Net Sales: Purchase of items from TT such as ammo, tool, bombs, and probes?

    Cash Reived From Customers: $ from decay, auction fees, money transfer fees?

    Net Profits: Proceeds minus expenses

    Deposits (PEDS): Money deposited (10ped-$1US)

    Part 2 Using Average deposit per user from Line D58 ($67.97) an approximate number of depositors is obtained by dividing from Per Month $ Deposited

    Approximate Average number of Current Depositors 14776

    To be used in Slide 1 Part 2 to determine approximate number of other users and total active users.

    Something to note on Slide 2 Part 1

    Note Deposit to Profit ratios of 2008 to 2009.

    Deposits and Cash received from customers has decreased,
    meanwhile MindArk Net Sales and Net Profits have increased ??

    This would indicate a negative cash flow for players/customers, which only prompts less deposits.

    Have to note, Sales did increase to show increased profits, so shows people are using more off their ped cards and putting less in.

    Is this in relation to less loot so players must dip more into ped? Could be.

    If MA were to reduce cost to play, imagine as seen in Slide 1 Part 2 ALL Depositors (past and current) contributing, that would be an approximate $2,134,295.00 per month




    Mindark Financials
  2. Natasza

    Natasza Guest


  3. How about you try READING all of the details (including MA financials).

    It's NOT ME mixing money.

    It IS MA's Financial statement that show the decrease and increase, NOT ME.

    Yes people can operate in game without depositing anymore.

    But if you SEE the details I'm addressing, the increase in Profits is SIGNIFICANTLY more, even more than the preveious year, with a significan't drops in Deposits and Cash Received from customers. (something you would see if you look at what I was referencing).
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  4. Natasza

    Natasza Guest

  5. No intent to be rude. Just being matter of fact, sorry you have difficulties.

    I'm just trying to "report" the findings as non-biased as possible

    "I report you decide"

    I understand financials can be difficult to read, espescially with the way MA has done it, not much of a standardized way of doing it.

    This is not a quick read through and understand type of thing.

    It takes time to digest what is there. It's a LOT of information.

    I just ask that you take your time reading it and not jump to assumptions.

    Pretty much everything is there, even more than what I've covered, but I wanted to keep it as simple as possible meanwhile covering key issues I was looking for.

    Slide one
    Is a break down of the Poll data, and compulation of data using MA data input.

    Slide two -review this one to get your answers, just take your time.

    Field Titles across the top.

    Down the left are the key items with the values to the right with explanations.

    Listed to keep it as simple as possible were the:
    Net Sales
    Net Profits
    Money received from Customers
    PED Deposited.

    Where I have noticed discrepancies or areas of interest I note them.

  6. Natasza

    Natasza Guest

  7. This is all very interesting and great work.

    What I do have trouble understanding is this statement
    Would you be so kind as to elaborate on that a bit?
    Do you try to say that if cost to play is reduced MA would get $2,134,295.00 deposits more per month?

  8. The poll I did consisted of those that used to deposit, those that play for free, and those that currently still deposit.

    The sampled percentage of those that used to deposit was 45.73% of the populous. That's a significant slice of the population. I put in this group those old players that no longer deposit, and a few newer players that decided quikly to stop depositing.

    The sampled percentage of those that currently deposit is 36.18% with an approximate monthly deposit total of $1,004,350 per month. I put in this group the new players that deposit, and those older players that have stuck with depositiing.

    Many of the people that have left and/or no longer deposit do so because of their feeling of the constant increase cost to play over the past two or so years.

    So imagine MA undoing several of the issues that led to the cost increases (equiping decay, mob regeneration rates, seeminly decay rate increase- to name a few).

    If MA was able to show that they have reduced the perceived cost to play and those that USED TO deposit are brought back in, that would bring an additional $1,129,945.06 per month.

    The combined deposit total of those that DID, and those that DO, is $2,134,295 per month. MA wants profit, well as in the real world, reducing cost compells people to spend more.

    The deposits would be unmatched in MAs history, and so would their profits. Lends some credability to the statement I've seen of grow the heard for more milk than slaughtering the cows you have to get what little milk is left.
  9. Ah now I can very well understand where you are coming from.

    But I really doubt MA is looking at it that way.
    First because winning trust back is incredibly hard,
    so a simple undo of the changes that have been made won't guarantee people start depositing again.

    Also when MA is done with fully implementing the CE2 they will concentrate on helping the planet partners to get their planets done.
    After this I do bet they will just count on getting their input about wanted changes from the planet partners themselves.

    If we really have a good selection of planets the competition between the planets could be healthy for improving the gameplay.
    Its a possibility... things could go awfully wrong too... we will see.
  10. Agreed restoring faith and trust is the hardest thing to do with customers. The old saying fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice shame on you. And the feeling of some people is they have been fooled too many times.

    The issue I see is deeper that opening more "shops in the mall" or planets in the EU can fix.

    A basic issue readily visible in MA's own statements is a integral part of the problem.

    Here is a post in another thread that kind of addresses this.
    Now this cost to us is shared as profit to MA and the associated planet partner as stated in their statement to planet partners for the income model.

    So I don't see more planets addressing this issue for the players. The only competition I see is the number of "stores in the mall" competing for our money.

    It's not like the Planet Partners "stores in the Mall" can set their prices, MA is in control of the economy to establish the earning potential of $.5-$1.5 in their income model.

  11. Snowwolf

    Snowwolf Snowwolf

    Still sounds like the ol pyramid sceme..:P

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