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    The start of the New Year has kicked off with the introduction of shops in the New Deer mall. One of these shops is run by Honey Kitten Little and her ingame, as well as IRL partner, Zam White Killjoy. This dynamic duo runs their shop in New Deer on the Second floor. It is the only shop on that floor that is currently open for business, but there could be no mistaking this shop for any another with its elegant violet Delta Force insignia hanging proudly above its entrance. I was allowed an exclusive interview with this lovely couple to hear about their shops history, their personal struggles and to celebrate the re opening of their variety shop after some setbacks.

    They began to tell me about how the shop was originally bought back in June 2006 from Darth Skippie Boobie. A portion of the money that went into buying the shop was accumulated through her diligent sales of items acquired from the society at TT and sold through a booth, as Honey Kitten Little herself, is Delta Forces current society treasurer. To front the extra funds required to attain their long sought after shop they traded away some of their own personal items, peds and apparently a beloved Mentor Addition Fireplace that sparked Zam to say "I saw some real tears at that time," but has assured me that it was well worth the investment. The shop has been firmly under their ownership since. The shop has gone under multiple changes from their initial purchase. It has changed 3 times in the past year from an underground tunnel shop, to a mall shop to its latest incarnation as a shop in Deer Mall.

    Honey and Zam also spoke about their period of waiting for their shop and the problems they have encountered when waiting for access to the shop to be returned to them. It was implied that when the shop was out of commission the society suffered a drop in communal activities the shop would otherwise bring in with its profits. Honey stated "When I took over as Delta Force treasurer we had 100 ped, a box and a chair to count it from. I always wanted to build up funds enough to be able to hold more events for Deltas Force." Zam also followed up her comment by saying "As it is, we have paid for 5 beacon runs and a few new player scavenger hunts and miner hunts." Honey and Zam proceeded to tell me about how the shop is primarily being run as a nonprofit entity for the Delta Force society. She goes on to say "we set up shop to help the society mainly." They strive to do good by their society and with the relaunch and the new shop location they have expressed that this is a good move and a positive event overall.

    With the latest modifications of the shop, the item points they had originally paid for was cut down to 100 from 150 and their rent was raised from 15peds a month to 100 peds a month. They showed great concern over the matter stating that the rent would "bankrupt" them forcing them to have to close down if it was not changed. When asked if they had confidence in MA's ability to correct problems, such as the item point reduction and their rent increase , he said "I am sure they will fix the item points thing as Marco himself stepped up to the plate for us on it." They also expressed that their hopes that the increase of their rent was a minor miscommunication on MA's part. Recently there was confirmation of sorts for them that they would receive their original rent and their original item points in the next VU update.

    However, as a warning to those who may be looking into buying property Honey and Zam did provide a useful bit of information to use as a warning to be heeded. Honey and Zam openly said that, at the time of the purchase, Zam was not as active in EU as he is now. "We put the shop deed on Zam and bought a gold card for his account. This way we can use the inventory list on MA's website to track the shop. However this means we transferred the deed with 0 peds," said Honey sadly. What this essentially meant for the two was that the transaction of the deed to Zam, for their ease of stock monitoring, meant on MA's computer logs the last transaction for that deed was attained at zero ped making the value of that deed null. This is indeed a problem other shop owners with partners are now rudely being made aware of since the recent changes.

    The shops orginal layout was much like the shops that can be found at Treasure Island. The walls are not very high, standard carpet flooring, red patches to help make any hangable items stand out and the standard box shape. Now the walls are much taller, like can be seen in many mall shops, yet the walls in these shops are covered by what could easily be mistaken for a modern art with its patches of curiously placed colours one ontop of the other. It now has a nice rich red wood hard floors and the shop is generally brighter than before and the atmosphere is cooler with the blues and greens used to colour the shops pillars. We had asked them if they liked their new shop and its layout. Honey gleefully expressed her approval of the new look saying "I love the Green, *Squeel.*"There is more room for mobility and is one of the larger shops in Deer Mall with its L shap layout. Honey and Zam are also pleased with the ease at which people can now find their shop and are looking forward to their rent free year awarded to them by MA' as compensation for the interruption of business. Their stock, they tell me, varies and due to its current limitation of only 100 items, changes regularly with useful tools, armor and fashionable clothing made by Honey, herself. They welcome one and all to their shop and are happy to be back in business! We hope that people might be interested in having a look at their shop, and who knows, find something at a decent price. I admire their tenacity and positive attitude of the future of EU.

  2. Lykke TheNun

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    What a nice first-time-article :bowdown:

    Very wellwritten Twist! And very interesting and actuel atm!

    Looking forward to read more from you :thumbup:
  3. XD

    over all I would have to say that mindark has done right by me this time an in the past too. After all they do want happy customers I am sure which is why I am a bit baffled by some of the other persons shop situations.

    Have a wonderful day everyone!

    * huggles *

  4. TotalTwist

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    Thank you lykke :) You are very kind

    I can only assume that too, but lets stay on the positive side. Lets hope it all gets sorted soon for the other shopkeepers, But for now lets celebrate your re-opening and hope you many sales so your soc can provide active events for people to be entertained. Because, after all, this is supposed to be a game :beerchug:
  5. That was a really good feature article. . :)
  6. Roni

    Roni bartender

    Nice work TotalTwist. Really enjoyed reading:)
  7. Time to say hello to my neighbour as well as the other too, congratulation on having the shop back to you :):wave:
  8. Moonfish

    Moonfish Ice Cream for crow

    Nice article, thanks Total Twist,

    also Good Luck to Kitten with the shop.
  9. A nice artikel.
    It is good to see that Kitten and Zam have reopend ther shop.
    Wishing them good sales for the future
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