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Entropia News: DeepToken-Website-Launched

Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by EP-Newsbot, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. Exactly Wistrel. :)

    Still, the saddest part is, even the people that are fully aware, of this beeing just another Mindark scam...they keep throwing their money at Mindark.

    Either desperately hoping for "a pretty penny" this time ... and some do it, because they dont care, that they are loosing some $ and even dare to call it entertainment then. (Or investment, as the pros call it) ;)
    Some of them are completely lost, totally addicted (to gambling)fucking up their reallifes and still call it entertainment (investment)
    And even if some of these already started to complain on the forums, by announcing withdrawals or stop depositing...they keep doing it.

    They realized it is a casino...and the big pot must be close...its close all the time...

    Mindark drifted so far away from their original concept by now...kudos to them, for still beeing able to suck the last dollars out of those oldtimers...by playing with their fear and addiction.

    I really wonder what Michael Jackson would have said on TV, when it would have come to "talk about his planet"...

    Who here really believes they will even manage to gather 10.000.000 US Dollars to start their bank then ? Get a life...
  2. The fun part is that in the crypto world, decent projects usually get funded like 30 million $ in minutes, very often, then the ico is over.

    MindArk got 60K$ at the moment and you can't even see this reflected on the blockchain itself, they probably already inflated the number by 50k$ themselves, guess they did not choose the right people to scam efficiently :D.

    So 100Million $ for MA, cool story, I'd be surprised they even get 100k$ by the end of the campaign : 11 Days since they "started it" :D

    This is worse than a donation here.

    ps: Where are the statues, the promises made generally, also where are the delayed withdraws I see popping up a lot last months ?
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  3. Well, they didnt announce or advertise it anywhere...so there arent much people left to get scammed, except for Entropias usual cashcows.
    But even the cashcows stepped back a bit by now. Just read PCF. @_@

    And yes, its either Neovixen711 who "borrowed" those 50.000 or another dirty internal presidential "deal" happened.
    He payed em with Telolport Tokens for sure !
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  4. Ah yea, they might just reload the ico, and change the way they did it, until they also get that easy money.
    MindArk doesn't know what shame is, just reload, get real advisors that know how to make it happen and voila cause clearly even with that, they are surrounded by total retards who are clueless and will still get 10% of the 60k$ so that they can buy themselves new sneakers or something, rather than blow and lambos.
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  5. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    with 100k you could hire 2 programmers for a year :) (or 4 breakfasts ;) )
  6. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

  7. On their website under ‘Transactions’ it’s showing that I bought some more DT this evening...except that I didn’t.

    Approximately +25% of my initial and only investment.

    I’d be tempted to cash out for an easy profit if that were possible.

    Edit: the mystery bonus I received this evening is exactly 25% of original.

    Is it possible that buyers are being given extra, ‘free’ DT to boost the sales???
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  8. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

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  9. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    What the... this and the other thing earlier... very strange.

    I'd cash out now with your 25% bonus if I were you. Why not offer a 5% discount on the lot to another investor. You'd make an instant 20% - way better than waiting to loose the lot.
  10. Heh thanks Wistrel but I doubt I’d find another sucker to buy my DT.

    Also we’re not talking about huge sums here: I just bought a few DT with a tiny bit of Ethereum I had left.

    Anyway, maybe they will carry on giving them away as they have so many?
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  11. Didn’t scroll along on my mobile but just noticed the extra 25% is labelled “DT Bonus” and “Status: Pending”.

    Can’t find an email explaining this. Might be announced on a website somewhere?

    Anyhow, +25% of nothing is still nothing so not going to get carried away. :)
  12. Just contacted support and Cloud pointed me to this:

    MindArk decided not to offer pre-sale discounts from the beginning, as it wanted the DeepToken sale to be open and transparent, with no “behind the scenes” or murky discount deals. Instead, MindArk will offer early adopters and volume buyers of DeepToken bonuses.

    Due to lots of requests for information on bonuses and volume purchases from potential investors, here is an outline of the DeepToken bonus systems.

    • 20 DTA to 100 DTA10% BONUS
    • 101 DTA to 1000 DTA15% BONUS
    • 1001 DTA to 10000 DTA20% BONUS
    • 10001 to 100000 DTA25% BONUS
    • 20 (or more) days
      before sale end 10% BONUS
    • 10-19 days before sale end 5% BONUS
    • 0-9 days before sale end 2.5% BONUS
    Note: Volume and Time based bonuses will each be calculated individually from the initial investment amount.

    All bonus tokens will be placed in your "Reserved" account until the sale has ended, they will then be transferred to your user account

    If you purchased DeepTokens before these bonuses were implemented, you will receive an email shortly with instructions on how to claim your bonus.

    All DeepToken purchases that meet the above criteria will qualify for the applicable bonus(es), which will be visible on the user account page.
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  13. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    My god. This trainwreck just keeps getting worse...
  14. And I thought this cant get any more embarassing...yet they managed to take it to the next level.
    Fuck...a real never ending story. :'D

    Anyway, what a nice bonus of...future IPX hell broke loose...something.
  16. Well I suppose you could defend this comment by saying ‘Hey, look, you can clearly see that Neverdie (for example) didn’t get favourable terms’.

    But could it be that the discounts were a desperate ‘add on’ to try to stimulate sales?

    No need to answer that.
  17. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Twitter joins the ban on Crypto Currency Ads:

  18. Hit F5 a couple of times on deeptoken.io

    and you will SEE that the amount sold changes from 85k sold to 64k
  19. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Try a hard refresh (hold CTRL then press F5). I noticed the same yesterday, but the hard refresh updated it to 85. I just did, and it shows 85 for me, still. It's exactly this kind of lack to detail, combined with transactions not showing up on the ledger that makes me think this is sketchy as fuck.
  20. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Oh that is genius. "To avoid murkiness we won't offer discount prices on nothing. Instead, if people buy our nothing at the normal full price, we give them a bonus 25% more nothing as an alternative".

    Quick! To the Batmobile!
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