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Entropia News: Deeptoken Announcement

Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by EP-Newsbot, Dec 11, 2018.

  1. No black friday for deeptokens ? customers refunded at 40% ? seem a mindark habit...
  2. To be fair, that's about 40...50% more than most ICO "investors" get these days.
  3. 40% ?

    Did they announce this figure?

    I got a bit less than I originally bought (0.2 something...can’t recall exact second decimal) and received 0.19 back so just assumed difference was due to usual Crypto transfer fees.
  4. This was a joke...
    Just to remember that people invested HUGE amount of money in Compet even all of us told Mindark to give up with this project and FOCUS on ENTROPIA UNIVERSE (no, best is to add more cheat systems in the game and penalties, add content is not a priority).
    People lost 60% of the money they gave to mindark because they were TRUSTING mindark, that mindark put at the Entropia auction i still wonder why since there is no relation with the game = hopefully 40% back... (thank you Arkadia to make this moon, you saved MA).

    So for once they refund people at 100%...
  5. Akbar yes I agree with you that it’s really difficult if not impossible to forgive MindArk for their past sins.

    That’s what makes it all the more gob-smackingly surprising when they do the right thing.

    Of course their apparent move to the light-side could be a strategic ploy, some sort of cynical sting rather than a ‘Paul on the road to Damascus’ moment.

    So suggest continued caution with their future ped raising ventures (as if I need to tell you guys).

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