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Entropia News: Deeptoken Airdrop Campaign

Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by EP-Newsbot, Apr 22, 2018.

  1. Who knows what the truth is?

    Is it even ‘out there’?

    In an earlier post I pasted a reply from DT Support where I asked them straight if the money was taken from EU or MindArk and they said ‘no’ and the cash came from an external source with no connection to MindArk.

    If DT Support aren’t being honest with their customers well...[insert some dire consequences here].
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  2. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Derptokens! - love it :D
  3. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    This does feel a bit tin foil hat theory.... has anyone actually checked the decay of the weapons that people are suddenly thinking are conking out faster than they used to? It's all on record in the various wikis so shouldn't be hard to check.

    For the record I don't personally think they would dare do this. Besides, if people are throwing round numbers like 2 or 4 mil a year (assume this is profit?) it would take them years to siphon an extra 12 mil.

    Has anyone checked the derptoken ledger yet for the 12 million dollar transaction? I mean, I know it wasn't there at the end of the sale, but maybe it showed up by now?
  4. No need to hide with supposed decay, they introduced looter skills witch directly affect TT return creating extra profit for MA till players skill up.
    Its small percentage but exist and confirmed by MA that looter skills affect TT return.
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  5. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Interesting but regardless, this doesn't magic up an instant 12mil. It would still take decades. Also if next year's finances suddenly revealed a high return from in game activities I think heads would turn. And not in a good way.

    BTW I tried to look at that etherscan thing but found I was immediately out of my depth and had no idea what anything meant or how one would spot a 12mil USD transaction. Anyone more skilled in this?
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  6. Uncheck the "Add" Button in the login page was supposed to lower loot chance.
    Finally they removed it later.
    Meaning all this was just a big lie.

    So for the looter skills / professions.... understand who can.

    Btw, MA is always doing things with a hidden reason... "same".
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  7. OOooOOoO, the "ad" button x'D

    Massive Ads was contracted by MindArk in March of 2006.
    (To bring tons of realworld advertisements ingame.)
    2 months later, may of 2006, arch-enemy Microsoft bought Massive Ads,
    just to shut it down in 2010.

    (So, Massive Ads is no longer existing since 2010)

    But till August of 2012 MindArk was still hyping their
    "reallife advertisements via massive ads"
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  8. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Website now reads as follows... why does this feel like a "So long, and thanks for all the fish"? There is something about the tone here that sounds like it could be the last update for a very very long time. The "6 month long sale" sounds like typical MA can down road kicking "oh yeh we'll do development work AFTER we've done the sale sure".

    Compet anyone?


    Dear DeepToken DTA holder,

    MindArk has been actively developing and operating its flagship product, Entropia Universe, and continues to pave the way for virtual environments that function with true economies. Through this process of innovation, we are continually pushing the envelope of what we envision virtual worlds can become.

    DeepToken DTA is now closed. Our decision to not offer a pre-sale for DeepToken DTA meant that the discussions and negotiations with larger investors were ongoing during the initial sale, with some investments coming in just before and after the end of the initial sale. This level of interest was promising for the DeepToken project; MindArk is now preparing for the next sale DTB, and incorporating all that it has learned will certainly help to make DeepToken a big success. The closing administration work and the distribution of the Airdrop promotion tokens are underway and will be finalized shortly.

    We believe that the development of DeepToken is an important step toward elevating commerce via digital currencies and assets that will push the industry forward for businesses and individuals wishing to leverage the virtual space. Through partnerships and community support we will achieve the vision that we share with many of you.

    As you may have read in our whitepaper, the first-round sale of DeepToken DTA was never intended to be the only round. During this first round, we have been grateful and impressed by the vast amount of input from our supporters, investors, and industry partners. There are always areas for improvement, and we appreciate those of you who have invested in our vision of DeepToken in its earliest stages.

    As we prepare for DeepToken DTB, we wanted to inform you that due to your early adoption of our vision, we will be granting all investors an amount of complementary DeepToken (DTB) calculated on the amount you invested in our inaugural offering. All forms of DeepToken will be used in our vision, and all will carry weight in our platforms, especially for those of you who have been supportive enough to support our first sale.

    After a brief period of adjustment and optimization of our systems, we will launch a six-month presale of DeepToken DTB, with additional bonuses, airdrops, bounties and incentives. This adaptation will not change the vision and goals set forth on our website and in our whitepaper. It will allow us adequate time to promote and strengthen our offering to the benefit of all stakeholders.

    Thank you, and please be sure to reach out to our growing community with questions, and other
    communities you believe might be a good contribution to MindArk’s vision for DeepToken.

    Further information on DeepToken DTB will be posted on this website.
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  9. FUMA
  10. DT A, B.......XYZ

    Not really.

    If the DT B somehow doesn’t lure another $12 million investor...yes it could happen...then the alphabet ends at ‘B’ (I reckon).
  11. But what is the worth of um, DTA? :)

    Also what is interesting about all this as well is if there WAS a 12 million tokens bought then MA would be in the news right now over this as one big scam since well I would be guessing that that one 12 million investor would be a bit pissed off right now.
  12. San


    Maybe because your "investment" was a "charitable donation" in the first place and what you got for it was a, er, commemorative token for lack of a better term. They even said so openly. I didn't want to believe it myself and blasted some people on PCF for the preposterous notion, but it was me who had failed to take note of it. Made a bad mistake there.

  13. MA releases a lot of scammy-shit since years. Then people start to discuss, how shitty it really is...starting to fight each other on the forum.

    Meanwhile MA releases the next big lie...to keep you distracted. And it actually works pretty well.

    While nothing ever changes, MA keeps releasing scammy-shit and lies and the community reached the zenith of anger and disbelieve...while MA always leans back and smiles.

    You support nothing, but a big scam here, since years...getting decent graphics and a slot-machine as "reward".

    The details of a lovely sci-fi MMO are long gone.

    It takes some people longer then others, to realize, what is really going on here.

    Enjyo your stay. :p
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  14. Lol yes.

    I think they’re giving ‘A’ investors ‘B’ DT also to an equivalent amount...as a slight appeasement I assume (you have to guess all this stuff with MindArk).

    But if it were my 12 mill $ I’d be a little anxious regarding the additional token launch(es)...to put it mildly <like WTF!!!!!!>
  15. Hmmm...didn’t MindArk say that DT ‘A’ had a dollar equivalent in Peds?

    If so and the ‘A’ buyers are getting free ‘B’ DT in the same quantity as their DT ‘A’ purchase...then do DT ‘B’ also have a similar Ped value?

    If so that $12 million guy has just doubled his investment.

    But...this is crazy so my assumptions must be wrong.
  16. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    I suspect this is the last we will hear for a long long time. It will go the way of the space courier missions
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  17. SooOooOOooO, christmas is right ahead...for the 1st time ever, we didnt recieve any halloween gifts...

    In terms of the swedish tradition...who bets there will be PR gags sooOooooOn ? :'D
    Like...a deepthroatoken-gag. ;D
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2018
  18. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Derptokens for Christmas lol.

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