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Entropia News: Deeptoken Airdrop Campaign

Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by EP-Newsbot, Apr 22, 2018.

  1. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Entropia is dynamic... but Mindark are not. They do the same thing over and over again, different tune, same song sheet.
  2. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Holds breath... dies.
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  3. This is what freaks me out the most since in the past it was all in EU own little bubble and all was good; but now with them trying this going outside the bubble could really hurt them in the short run.

    The only way out now is for MA to blame the new CEO for this. If they are smart they will back away firing him and making something up to make us all feel good again.
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  4. Dab


    Speaking of Dylan:

    Last Arkadia update notes were Dec 22 2017.

    Looks like Arkadia stopped making a profit and has been abandoned the same way Next Island was.

    Dylan most likely doesn't work for Arkadia now. Here's a tweet from Jan 29th.

    So proud of my team at @GameTesterCoOf & @gametestercoin - They are going to discuss Crypto in #gaming at bef.latoken.com - I wish them the best of luck at the expo. You guys are going to rock!!! #cryptocurrency

    5:34 AM - 29 Jan 2018


    His last post here was almost 3 months ago, but plenty of activity on his twitter account.

    https://twitter.com/planetarkadia -- abandoned.

    https://www.facebook.com/planetarkadia/ -- abandoned.

    Comments for gametester aren't looking good either.

    Looks like they are just milking a little more out of Arkadia until it gets shut down, not spending anything on it.


    Not a single peep on the Arkadia forum about this post I made there Sunday.
    You'd think they'd at least have pride enough to ban me.
    Next Island, Cyrene, Toulan, Arkadia, Rocktropia - all failures, Monria not far behind. MA's masterplan to suck funds out of their partners and then bankrupt them is all coming together nicely. Everyone left will be back on Calypso eventually.

    Pretty clever actually.

    Oh and they worked with NASA!
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  5. And it all comes together once again :

    Monria is by far the worst.
    A guy payed 94.000$ for a small 3D environment, that you have absolutey no control of, without paying for to MindArk.
    The cthulhu theme was never changed, the big plans never happened and only some textfiles "MS9 style" appeared.

    Profit ? *lol*
    Everything just to try to keep a tiny community alive, far away from the rest of Entropia. No matter the cost.

    Epic Fail.


    Next Island...*lulz*...when David Post announced a reboot of the planet in 2016...far away from Entropia, with an mobile version on top of it...the Entropia Society Big Industries jumped in, posting old screenshots as "new updates". Acting as somekind of co-worker of David Post. What a farce. Typical for everyone tied to Entropia (contracts).

    The mobile version is already dead and the re-boot never happened. But what else did you expect ?

    Epic Fail.

    Toulan...no comment. Bad choice of investors. Happens.

    Epic fail.


    Cyrene...big promises...rich sheiks...but planet got minimized, no mechwarriors allowed by MindArk...nothing left of excitement, but a "dynamic map" feature.

    Wouldnt call it Epic Fail, as Kris is a good guy, giving his best...while getting raped by MindArk.


    Rocktropia...Rockbucks...DeepToken...MindArk...ComPet....epic scam attempts, nothing else.

    And now they dare to announce 3 new planets and the MindBank again...if the deeptoken thing will be a huge success, that is.

    And again some investors will show up, that have never heard of Entropia before...SEEing all the unicorns and rainbows...because, why check the background of a company, if you SEE all unicorns and rainbows. Ztupid umans.
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  6. So you might say that the ‘universe’ aspect of Entropia now only exists as a concept.

    A case of (mis)representation versus reality.
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  7. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    I don't really get why anyone would be fired. As far as we know, they may have profited or at least broke even from this (not counting this 12 mil until we see some proof in the ledger it is real). So lets assume they made $93k - they can hire a programmer or 2 for a year. Win.

    All that has actually happened so far is that they didn't sell as many tokens as they hoped. Big deal as long as they didn't make a loss. Remember nothing has actually been implemented yet and isn't even scheduled to be implemented till likely August according to the road map.

    Since they didn't make that much they could easily just drop the whole thing and say "sorry folks, not enough interest". I don't think there are any guarantees of anything to the people who bought tokens right? This is what high risk investments are all about after all

  8. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Who is Dylan? They are making a moon and selling deeds (ok so yeh this is being externally funded so wouldn't count as a normal update). I'm still getting the same income from my Ark deeds that I always got as far as I can tell. No sign that it is winding down in that respect.
  9. http://arkadiaforum.com/members/dylan-arkadia.9941/



    • - Gamer Community Management
    • - Games Marketing
    • - Industry Liaison
    Dylan has worked in the gaming industry for over 12 years and is highly regarded for his expertise in game development and community management.[​IMG]
  10. Wistrel if they had dropped the DT project due to insufficient interest then that would have been better: they would have started to act like an honest, reputable company.

    Instead, well you know what happened, they piled on more shady almost unbelievable shenanigans.

    With MindArk it’s a self-inflicted ‘death by a thousand cuts’.
  11. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    They made less than that. Remember they gave 5k tokens to the Airdrop, and up to 25% in bonus. I think the first published number after the campaign ended )+2 days) was that they raised something like 68k USD.

    No guarantees, no. The FAQ clearly stated that a token sale is to be considered a charitable donation towards an idea. However, MindArk isn't exactly known for humility, and will spin whatever they can in order to make themselves appear more positively. SEE pulls out of the deal? "MindArk sells part of their planet to players". Implementing something other games have had for years, and is hardly news worthy? "Entropia Universe introduces missions!".

    A total failure to raise even less than 0.01% of the amount of money they projected in Derptokens? "Mysterious last minute 12 million dollar investor".

    MA doesn't care about the truth. Truth doesn't lure in new (planet) partners. Why do you think they are sticking with 3 million registered accounts, rather than 20,000 MAU? MAU is what normal companies use to advertise nowadays, but admitting you only have 20.000 of them doesn't exactly instil trust in a salespitch.

    Why do you think their press releases all quote numbers from several years ago? If the newer numbers were better, you could bet your ass MA would use up-to-date numbers. Apparently that's not the case, so 2009 and 2014 numbers are quoted in press releases in order to come across as successful. Same with the number of micro-transactions. "30 million daily microtransactions" sounds a lot more sexy than "24 million shots are fired, 5 million bombs and probes are fired, and 5.000 P2P transactions are conducted in EU on a daily basis". If you'd be so inclined, as a potential PP, you could easily find out the real revenue made by MA.

    Using their 2016 audited numbers, it's easy to see that Calypso generates 2 million USD per year. It's fucking peanuts, and if that's the numbers they'd present to potential investors, they'd be laughed out of the office by those investors.

    It's the same reason why they keep stressing they worked with both NASA and ESA. Technically speaking, yes, they worked "with" them. Another way to look at it is that 10 years ago, MA did a presentation in a bid to NASA, and failed to obtain the project. Yes, MindArk participated in a study for ESA in 2010. Or, they simply reused their existing project for NASA and presented it to ESA. It didn't lead to anything else. Oh, and that same project most likely ended up being sold in the shape of a "moon" in EU.

    MindArk admitting failure would mean they simply could close shop, because the internet never forgets, and anyone Googling for it would immediately know. But because they are small-scale, and somehow their potential partners don't dig deep enough, the can keep on pretending the emperor is wearing the bestest clothes ever.
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  12. Yes, coming from me this sucks..but the issue here is that they ARE claiming that all those tokens were sold. The issue here again is that it is not just MA working in game but in another market which if they are seen playing with numbers could close them down which well wouldn't be all that good for us.

    If this was just another CLD sale, then well, it would just be fun to watch and joke about.

    I'm starting to get private PMs from who ever is running DeepToken on Facebook and his last statement to me was:

    But I guess he is right since we simply have no proof :(
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  13. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    . Up to 35% in bonus as listed, and possibly even more by "contact DeepToken support" for high volume purchases. -> http://www.entropiaplanets.com/wiki/DeepToken#DeepToken_bonus_program

    It was "SOLD 92001 TOKENS - RAISED 65870 USD" -> http://www.entropiaplanets.com/wiki/DeepToken#DeepToken_Timeline

    I absolutely assume that 1 weapon fired, with 3 attachments, with 10 enhancers, with ammo is counted as 15 microtransactions, I wouldn't even wonder if 12 ammo consumed in one shot was counted as 12 microtransactions. Just like taking a hit distributed over 3 armor pieces each with 10 enhancers would mean 33 microtransactions.

    Almost 4 Million USD, it just lists the 50% Calypso share of which 50% go MindArk and 50% to deeds. Still peanuts one could say, on the other hand fantastic games are made with 4 Million USD per year.

    One thing I wonder about: what about with taxes on token sales?
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  14. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Fair enough. I forgot MA directly takes 50% already.
  15. Twitter:
    History of #MindArk and Entropia Universe Guinness World Record Book Virtual land sale In 2004, Australian gamer David Storey made headlines around the world when he purchased a virtual island in the online game Entropia Universe for $26,000.
  16. Latest DT Twitter post:


    “On completion of the #DeepToken token sale and establishment of the #IPX, #MindArk intends to hold future raises that will enable it to open a new fully-regulated real-world bank in Sweden and create an Accelerator Funding Program (link: https://deeptoken.io) deeptoken.io #DTA #cryptocurrency

    Dunno what an Accelerator Funding Program is and how it differs from ‘future raises’?

    Oh wait...it’s on the DT website:

    MindArk will launch an accelerator program to fund developers and offer professional guidance to their teams, maximizing the value they create for themselves and a variety of development platforms.
    Developers will be encouraged to monetize new assets they create through the IPX, creating opportunities for them and nurturing the platform’s growth. “

    They go on to give an example of a new partnership - Bluewhale Games.
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  17. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    This is pretty much literally quoted from their white paper. So essentially, there's no news, lol.

    Did anyone actually ever hear of Bluewhale Games? I haven't. Nor does the IP they hold ring a bell.
  18. San


    It probably means you need to be the equivalent of a blue whale to be able to live off your body fat until you see any real money coming out of this.

    I mean, it's all ideas which sound interesting, if technology is all that interests you and you never knew any constraints because your income comes from somewhere else. I wouldn't know a proven businessman who might take this up. It is very high risk.
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  19. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    No news. Nothing to see here. Just bumping this so MindArk won't start thinking we've forgotten...
  20. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    And then of course right after I see this:


    The people stating there's no relationship between Derptoken and loot might be overlooking that 12 million USD needs to be found in a hurry :p

    (For the record, I'm not stating as a fact that MA is siphoning off money in order to raise 12 million USD to fullfill their claim of a late investor, because lord forbid I get David Ssimmonds calling me irresponsible again :p).
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