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Entropia News: Deeptoken Airdrop Campaign

Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by EP-Newsbot, Apr 22, 2018.

  1. No update on Twitter (don’t know about FB).

    No email update yet.

    I got the impression from my conversations with DT Support that they are now deliberately distancing themselves from EU and PCF regarding DT news and updates.

    Instead I think communications will be to DT ‘investors’ directly as well as via social media due to its wider reach (theoretically) and I guess potentially unbiased, naive and less hostile audience.
  2. Lol, at first i laughed but then it come in mind that they are already doing it.
    I should cry.
    And they are god at it. Last it seem that they used new skills to nerf TT return (Looter skills )
    First they nerf attributes and skills but you can get back your abilities and efficiency if you pay (buffs, other pills, rings, other magic items, new tools, armor and new guns)..
    ** just for example - when i created my avatar i was as a noob able to run faster than atrox mature..and we hunted with run - shoot - run method without armor.
    Last edited: May 2, 2018
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  3. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    I remember seeing a dude in my early days who submerged himself in a toxic pool in order to get regular damage. He then enabled an auto-clicker and set it to use his MOD-fap on himself. I also saw an unarmoured guy pull a troop of SnableSbots around himself, and do the same thing.

    It sort of explains why by the time I could consider myself a mid-level player, a single uber (RAE, if i remember correctly) was able to wipe out a team of about 20 of us during LG without even breaking a sweat.
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  4. I would say old, as the atrox i could not outrun was provider.
    Today my 126 agility is worth shit, "Mind"Ark (the ark of people who think a lot on how to rip off their customers) clearly destroyed our abilities, and are now asking us to pay high price on "magic"items and toys to have what we had NATURALLY when Project Entropia (Entropia Universe today) was released.

    Btw, old players will remember that mindark starting to decrease our run speed began at VU 6.0 september 2004... in Project Entropia, so behave like dishonnest people is not something new...

    But ruin our avatars is not the only thing. They changed the decay on items like faps (for sure in our back without telling us), the EK2600 was doing 8pec decay before, now is doing 9.... the fap90 was doing 6 before, then after the scamupdate was doing 7.
    I spotted it when they released the take off clothes and pay a fee, MA was pretending it would reduce the lag...
    Yeah BIGGEST joke ever.

    As people were complaining, they took back the fap90 decay to 6, letting the EK2600 to 9... but few months later, again without telling, they took back the fap90 to 7.

    That's always the same story with those guys... people complain on forums and they remove the disgusting feature, but you can BE SURE, they will take it back some time later.
    The perfect example is the mob attacking the fapper first, which was OFFICIALLY told to be removed, and all fappers know this is a fucking lie.
    And after they DARE to accuse people to cheat or do exploits...

    With such low behaviour, hard not to call those people beeing anything else than.... scammers.

    "The swedish tradition of excellence" and "a very high bar for quality"
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  5. I believe Latin for "MindArk" would be "ArcaMentis";

    the problem with it is however that, in classical Latin, "arca" also meant "coffin".
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  6. Last Facebook update fyi :)
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  7. Oguz Canayli bot ftw x'D

    Jesus Christ, the choice of words...even when non english... hahahaha

    Thats the same lies as on reddit...blah NASA...they did not work with NASA, they only lost a contest at NASA.

    They showed a demo to ESA and ESA said no ty, you are too greedy. ;p
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  8. BUT that still is working with NASA.
  9. When I sent in my video to MindArk and recieved the Terminator as prize...I was at no time working together with MindArk.
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  10. xD

    Now I did want to request that we do stop putting down MindArk here and any plans to report them for at least 3-4 months.
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  11. MRN.
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  12. Just a fun update:
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  13. Tass

    Tass Administrator

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  14. DeepToken Update: No Stage 2 now?

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  15. Ok Had to ask:
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  16. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    What? And lose out on a ton of comedy potential? Come one, mate. There's bound to be a ton of press where they proudly bang themselves on the chest for doing one of the most amazing ICOs of all times.

    It was hugely successful (like David Ssimmonds hands), and they're going to have the BEST and CLEANEST tokens ever. Busiest token sale EVER. EVER! Now they will start building the GREATEST exchange. The greatest exchange. There might be other exchanges, but none will be as great as MindArks exchange.
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  17. You never get refunded on...kickstarters...thats what it was. Nothing else.
    Except nothing will be started. ^^
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  18. "Dominik: “The sales are from Investors we have been working on. They reserved the token.”[5] "

    I cant imagine how hard they have been working on them to persuade and ensure them that they absolutely need to reserve tokens as demand can be greater than those 100 millions.

    Question is why they don't use this great abilities and work equaly hard on advertising EU.
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  19. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    If you are correct, I hope Henrik takes notice. I can't help but shake the impression he is being utilised as a useful idiot by Timkrans and Ssimonds. Like SSimonds and Klas, the CEO holds no real power at all, as it's still Timkrans making all the real decisions behind the scenes. But if he succeeds in raising more money for them to leech, then great. If he fails, he's simply either going to be the public guy who takes the fall for it, or he will replaced with another guy in a few years.

    It's quite clear they won't be able to get more money out of the playerbase the way things are now, with Medusa, Monria, Compet, Statues etc. all failing to raise sufficient funds. So now MA is attempting to get money from other suckers who have yet to learn they are great at talking the talk, but can't even crawl the walk.
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  20. (I know)
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