Deep Ocean King Shark

Discussion in 'Creatures' started by dilly, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. The scan and the video speak for themselves :love:

    3 killed, 3 HOF's. Not often can you say that!
  2. Nice! What kind of damage did they do with your armor setup?
  3. 1.0's every time... Jag/Tiger mix, with 5b's :)

    I also took my armor off at one point and was taking between 13-30 each time.
  4. 3x Gratz :D
  5. Gratz!......
  6. Now that is not bad at all. :-)
  7. Gratz!!!!!!!
    I loved all those MISS ;D

    btw the video is quite small, can you post stats and the HOF values :) ?
  8. congratz :)
  9. where do they be?!??
  10. you can drive/fly south of jungle of dreams ruins tp to find them

    but,,, be sure to bring lots of ammo.. and i mean REALLY lots of ammo.... i pumped 9 ped ammo into one of them and his hp bar looked untouched.. then add decay to that...
    my 300 ped ammo would not have been enough to kill one of them solo
  11. Gratz! :)
  12. Calin

    Calin Due for an Ultra-Uber Loot.

    I gotta say... I hate mobs like that.
  13. yeah a bit too pricey for me... jenna star mercury would probably have loved those.. and probably would have gotten a million ped ATH from them with her luck :)
    some guy has been killing them all day, and some loots were as low as 90ish peds.. must be like 500 ped lost for killing a single creature o_O

  14. HIS Luck :)
  15. I travel to the S of Jungle of Dream Ruins but still cannot find it. Any other spot?
  16. red


    I can't say that I'm fond of that type of creature.

    so, after you spend a hour killing it, how much is it's typical return as a cost to kill percentage?
  17. Are these still about? I'm planning on coming back to NI to hunt them, but I need to know they are actually there first! :D
  18. i think they are just like the other "boss" mobs on NI (sacred boar, drake king, chimera king and so on) once they have all been killed they are gone untill a new VU comes along. But not all VUs bring them back, so my advice would be to wait untill you see a hof/global on chimera king, sacred boar, drake king or ocean king, i doubt they can be found before that.
    Make sure you bring alot of ammo.. as i said before, i have seen globals that were as low as 90ish peds on ocean kings... these mobs are big time gambling, you could quickly end up broke.. or rich ^^
  19. They cost 510 ped roughly in ammo to kill each, and my HL11 was decaying 30 ped each kill! The smallest we got last time was 360 ped, still a HOF, but a loss :D I love mobs like this, maybe because I love gambling!
  20. thanks for the info, i was wondering how much they cost to kill :)

    a weeeeeee bit out of my price range :) lol and i thought sacred boars were expensive.. o_O
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