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Planet Arkadia: Death vs. Ark???

Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by narfi, Jun 10, 2016.

  1. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    It's processed under "PMT 4035-18" by "Patent- och marknadsdomstolen" (Patent and Market Court), maybe check it out, can't find any info but with a little bit of Swedish language skills there's certainly a better chance :)
  2. San


    Oh is it? Misunderstood it then, thought it was about the one in Singapore.

    Edit: here -
    "Upphovsrättsintrång" is copyright infringement.
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  3. Now Im confused ?!

    So there is "Deathifier vs. Planet Arkadia" in Singapore...because of 8 Ball Landarea sum-tin-wrong...

    ...and there is PMT 4035-18...about Mindark vs...whom ? And what copyright ? :'D
  4. San


    The Swedish site only says "privatperson vs. MindArk PE AB", i.e. an unspecified private individual. Details about the case can't be found online.

    But another article on the same site came up in the search, with timing and elements plausibly connected with this case. It mentions "a private person from Australia" who sued MindArk. This article is about a Swedish defendant's right to demand the plaintiff post securities to cover the legal cost in case they don't win their case (loser has to pay for both sides) and they reside in a country without any connection to or in an agreement with Sweden which would enable collection of the money by force if needed. There are certain conditions when this demand needs to be filed and the deadline was missed here. In not so many words, if this Australian loses in court but doesn't pay up, they'll get to run after their money.

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  5. So, if the "private Australian" manages to "win"...wouldnt it be the 2nd time an Entropian went to court and won ?

    1st time was the bot users...that won...but I forgot why and when...didnt they get at least their accountbs back ?



    I remember there even existed some fancy photos of HunterZ in a business suit and stuff...sadly this is all on some old harddisk, that has died long ago... :'(
  6. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Interesting. So is Deathifier sueing MA as well, or are MA somehow indirectly caught in the Arkadia lawsuit (as in: David and David made some kind of arrangement that David D ends up being unable to honour due to MA instead focusing on other shit (like, say, a mobile game, or an ICO)?

    And what's up with the rumours of MA reclaiming Treasure Island? I did a quick check recently, and it seems Deathifier still owns at least parts of it. But if the rumours are true, and MA reclaimed TI, that'd set a nasty precedent of an effectively uncontrolled/unelected "government" (for lack of a better word) repossessing private property. I don't care if the LAs weren't maintained anymore. I don't care if Jan and/or David Simmonds feels personally violated by the prospect of a lawsuit (Fuck Jan, and fuck Simmonds). I don't even care if those LAs contain some unique DNA. A LA being owned should never ever ever be repossessed, regardless.

    Once that line is passed, if'd effectively mean the end of the RCE, as essentially all "investments" are rendered worthless, because MA can/could at any given time invent new rules that'd provide a reason to repossess.

    To the best of my memory, weren't their assets auctioned off? I assume the outcome of the lawsuit was that despite being caught with botting, Heironyme, Hunterz, et al argued they were entitled to the market value of the items on their avatars, and as such there was an auction for their stuff. Hieronyme at least owned an Ancient IMK2, and a MOD Fap at some point. At the time of that lawsuit, both'd been worth a total of about 20k USD or so. They probably also owned high level armour, and other goodies.
  7. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Oh man. Even MA's lawyers are caught in the incompetence loop.


    Dumbasses. Birds of a feather, and all.

    This seems promising for Deathifier's suit. I mean, if MA's lawyers are even too lazy/incompetent to submit documentation in time, this ought to be a fucking cakewalk.
  8. The auction of all these HunterZ items...did never happen...or, did it ?
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