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    Running some test events twice a day all week long.

    These events are designed for players of all levels (except for first week OJs and high end Grinders)
    Atrox and Atrax medium levels up to Alpha maturity
    Any low-mid level armor will work, shogun, gremlin, Viceroy, Jarhead, etc...

    Entry fees are 5-10ped (20 on Friday) and prizes range accordingly
    (if you prefer higher stakes gaming please see my other thread http://www.entropiaplanets.com/threads/high-stakes-saturday.11514/)

    Events are held on OLA39 South West of Aukmul TP

    Event times are 20:00 and 02:00 each day MindArk times,
    If not comfortable with the conversions
    20:00 MA time =
    Noon Alaska
    1pm Pacific
    2pm Mountain
    3pm Central
    4pm Eastern

    02:00 MA time =
    6pm Alaska
    7pm Pacific
    8pm Mountain
    9pm Central
    10pm Eastern

    If you have suggestions or recommendations for other events please PM me in game.

    Good luck to everyone, I hope you have a lot of fun,

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  3. narfi

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    2014.04.15-20.00 Event.jpg
    event 04.16.jpg

    Results from the first day :)

    next event starts in about 2.5hrs

    See you there :)
  4. narfi

    narfi Lost

    event 04.16-20.00.jpg
    event 04.17-02.00.jpg

    next event starts in about 2.5 hours ;)
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