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    silly bump for a possible update? maybe use the improved-communication-force, our "young" skywalkers! :D

    the last days i thought alot about comparing PE/EU/PED/$ to Bitcoin/Altcoin/Cryptocurrencies/MMO-Playtime, and they seem to have some funny similarities.

    they are somewhat "new", they already had their ATH times, they sometimes (or rather often?) "decay", or lose value, or degenerate, or kill your mind, or are discontinued.

    PoW/PoS or generally investing in crypto could very easily be compared to proof-of-skill and proof-of-gear and proof-of-investment in PE/EU. of course, everything is uncertain and nothing lasts forever, does it?


    yes, nothing seem to have any intrinsic value but the thrill, and please define "real cash", especially after today all shop ATMs stopped working in austria and switzerland because of a techical issue. plastic isn't cash, i told the cashier at the supermarket, or is it? but bank money, deposit curr€n$y, or all power and energy and hardware that was senselessly burned into nirvana by stupid nerd crypto miners, really is?

    bitcoin at ATH times is like modmerc and modfap at ATH times ... entropia at its best times, most of us here still cry tears or are very emotional about it ... but what will really last longer in the end? will any of those last over time at all?

    and what the heck is it all about in the very end?

    innovation? intellectual property? tech stuff and the inner workings of all things? sourcecode of whatever kind, proprietary and/or open? is it "only" excitement? or greed, investment, moneymaking opportunity, self esteem? a lifetime saving and pension fund? zero to unlimited value exchange? fun and play? a fuckin gamble? all utopist's common dream?

    PE/EU is rather PoW than PoS, isn't it? and while BTC is also (still) rather PoW instead of PoS, what would ya rather "play", and what will yield more gains over time? And why would ya do this or that? And would ya personally rather mine(hunt), or buy/invest, or gamble?!? :laugh:

    the more serious questions...

    why in hell doesn't mindark seem to be able to establish any other virtual currency than PED, or any other MMO/RCE than PE/EU, or any new deposit method (in a serious time) after they divorced with Paypal?

    Why no token(s) we could buy, sell, and freely trade, for all that fiat stuffs? Sure, we're the gangsters, and the money launderers, trying to not income-tax all our sweats and profits, and scam them with our failing deposits...


    will our upcoming POVR vote next march bring any change or a better president, or improved communication? a new hope ffs?

    and should i have rather created a new threat instead of stupidly bumping this?


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    Mindark, make us happy NOW!
  2. LooOOooOOoOOoooOOOooL @desperate try :P

    MindArk is fully focusing on developing Green Fund Finance Cryptobittech...oh noes, just like DeepToken...hes dead Jim. :D
  3. yeh whatever ... at least freedom of choice huh? :whistling:

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    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

  7. Inside of Entropia ? :whistling:
  8. nah, of course not in "this" universe. freedom to login/logout, simple as that ... let's talk about trust and belief? :whistling::whistling::whistling:


  9. party time!


  10. Reason for ban ? x'D
  11. negrepped 711 "i'd say fuck you" in capital letters

    You have been banned for the following reason:
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  12. damn, thats defenitely some hours without the other forum :O

  13. one week, but i think it was worth it :biggrin:
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