Planet Cyrene: Cyrene Welcomes MindStar9 to their Writing Team

Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by Lykke TheNun, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. I'm a person of few words so I'll just say
    gratz, Ed made the right choice ;)
  2. Nor Alien

    Nor Alien Wisker Fish

    I can only see excellent things coming from this!! :D:happy:
  3. Congrats MS9. You will do a great job - knowing that a player who has been lobbying for great story telling, and ethical behavior on behalf of the developers is working on a planet is a great comfort.

    I just beg you (and every other player-planet partner employee) to try and keep their own avatar out of it. It ruins the immersion when the creator of the story is advertising themselves in some way (ND is the classic example), also egos are mildly repulsive.
  4. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    The above quote requires some "splaining" ... or at least a translation? :D

    As well as I think I know you, sometimes I also need an interpreter! :p

    And somehow, I don't think the spoonful of sugar will help. :rolleyes:

    Hey ... you do pretty good on Skype though! :D ... and thanks Hon! :)

    Thanks, and yes ... many in this community over the years have witnessed what I'm capable of as it relates to in-game activities, and I'm looking forward to working with Ed to bring some exciting things to the community. We're hoping to inspire some of our more hardcore role-playing Entropians to become fully engaged in a few ways, as well as all the newbies that will inhabit Cyrene, and I can't wait to get started. In the meantime, I'll be working on the writing projects.

    Thank you ... and Cyrene will definitely become a planet. :)

    Thank you my friend, your comments are greatly appreciated. :)

    I've enjoyed working with you a couple of times in the past and hopefully we'll be able to do that in the future again on Cyrene perhaps ... we can keep the window of opportunity open.

    With regard to your last comment ... I won't be playing my original MS9 avatar as mentioned several times now, so that won't be an issue. There will also not be any type of personal avertising either. MS9 will continue to be a part of the MS9/Senator covert operations role-playing storylines, but I will also be role-playing Vida and I believe others as well, so I'll be all over the place, and not just as MS9.

    As I also mentioned ... Ed will be the driving force behind the official Cyrene storyline that has already been written, as well as guiding my writing to stay in compliance with all the role-playing activities in-game and storylines that will occur. I will be working on official storyline projects outside of the role-playing as well, but that too is under Ed's direction and final approval.

    I think as time passes, the community will see some great things coming from Cyrene. Just hang in there with us and watch it unfold. I know that it's taking a while to get the planet prepared and ready for release, but Ed is very hands on and does a lot of testing - he actually cracks me up when we're in a discussion on Skype and he says ... one sec, I have to go check out this new armor, or I have to check this or that, or I'm going to go "play" now before I go home ... he's like a kid at FAO Schwartz gone wild. :D ... it's quite refreshing! :)
  5. wow, grats! Nice to see a company recognize talent where it happens to be.
  6. WTF, no more in-chains for my hunny bunny MS9 :cry:

    Oh well, haha grats darl on the new position, I know you will rock in it !

    Huge HUGS ! And big HIC for celebrating your achievement :D
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  7. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    Hey Gretchen ... thank you very much, your kind words are really appreciated.

    You are so naughty (but special), and I guess we'll just have to keep this chain action on the down-low, eh? :p

    Thanks for the Gratz, and also for the celebration ... I'm looking forward to the adventure.

    And ... HUGE hugs backatcha my friend. :)
  8. Hey hun,

    Just dropping a line to see how all is going on your front.
    You know I am always naughty, Lykke will tell you ... hides from Peter !

    Hope all is going well with the Cyrene team ....
    Hey bought that new computer, well half of it, spent $ 4,500 so far, but it is neat.

    Going to upgrade it again in the new year with the new CPU, ram & motherboard once they are released.

    I can play EU purely from memory now, no HDD involved, runs lightning quick.

    Zoom Zoom Zoom .... bang bang, with my uber CB5 :D

    Spent the rest of the money on some new goodies,

    55" Samsung Series 7 3D TV
    Series 8 3D bluray player
    and a 7.4 Channel sound sound system with 11 speakers ...

    It goes bitta boom, big bitta boom boom when explosions happen.

    It makes my CB5 sound like an MK47 lmao
  9. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    You are such a pcmania :D
  10. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space


    Thank you my dear, and things are slowly progressing, but getting interesting.

    Congratulations on the new computer so far ... I would say you've got quite the setup there.

    I think you and Moonie must be on the same cosmic wavelength, because he recently invested in a big-ass Samsung TV with the 3D Blue Ray and sound system ... I think he has less speakers though.

    I'll update the thread if and when I have anything further to add about Cyrene. :)
  11. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

  12. Danoclese

    Danoclese I sense a "Disturbance" in the Force

    First off...a late "Congratulations" on your new position! This is nothing but a HUGE plus to the Cyrene saga...EPIC to say the least. There is no doubt that what a new planet conception needs is an engaging storyline--Calypso's is fractured, Arkadia's is there but seems similar to Calypso, Rocktropia scored with "The Thing" but that's about it...and Next Island just pissed me off cuz I couldn't use most of my equipment and it just took too long to kill mobs. :)
    The fact that Cyrene's storyline is being brought to the forefront and the main focus seems to be the RPG aspect as opposed to the RCE "Vegas-style" game-play of the other planets bodes well for, what I believe will be, its inevitable huge popularity as an alternative to the other PP's.

    I have no doubt that the addition of your creative input into the Cyrene storyline will greatly enhance the attractiveness of Planet Cyrene when it finally comes online (any timeline on that?)---how could it not?

    I look forward to visiting the planet when it opens up and I hope to hook up with you there and explore what promises to be an exciting new adventure!

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  13. Congratulation MindStar. Don't forget to add me to your fictional character list. :D
  14. Woot back into Entropia,
    I went and tried out Afterworld again, but nah ... it is going nowhere :(

    So now, to make EU a lifestyle again and hurry up with Cyrene :D

    I want to see it in all its beauty ! and Booty ! :D *Whistles at MS9 statue /smirk
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  15. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    lol Viper - you're like a yo-yo ... love it :D Wb!
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  16. LOL always a little yo-yo, you know that ;) A little bit twisted at the best of times hehe :D

    Thanks hun for the welcome back, lovin EU on the new puter, it rocks :)
  17. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    I see we have more playfulness going on in this thread. :biggrin_1: It's all good, and glad you're enjoying your new PC Viper - after looking at the assembly plans, that thing should make coffee too. :)

    And Nova ... never know what will show up in my role-playing scenarios for Cyrene. :biggrin1:

    And Dan ... read your PM Hon ... I'm coming back here to do a proper response to your post. :hug:
  18. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    My Dear Dano ... what a wonderful surprise to find your post - thank you for your kind words, it's appreciated. It's always nice to run into long-time special friends, and even though our paths may not meet frequently, when they do, it's just like yesterday.

    I agree that a planet should have an engaging storyline, and why I'm quite excited about the invite to join the Cyrene writing team, because I can tell you that the "official" Cyrene storyline seems to go on forever. That's really not much of an exaggeration, because Ed has had the storyline written for some time, and what has been shared with me so far to give background and current scenarios to assist with my writing is quite fascinating.

    What I really like about the Cyrene storyline is that it has so much mystery, not to mention the twists and turns and cloak and dagger action that keeps you engaged. Just when you think you've got something figured out, you really don't, and you're taken on yet another journey that branches off into multiple directions and involves multiple characters.

    The Cyrene storyline will continue to be revealed in many ways, and the community will learn more about the planet prior to launch. After launch (date or time-frame isn't ready to be announced yet - sorry), the storyline will continue as well through missions, events, role-playing scenarios, and other activities. I'm also quite excited that I will be in-game on Cyrene and managing storyline flow to make sure it follows the official storyline, as well as managing events and other activities, so I hope to see some familiar faces at one time or another after the planet launches.

    I also have to agree with you regarding the role-playing aspect, and I'm really glad that Ed loves role-playing so much and will be incorporating it as much as possible. We're having fun in pre-production with the "official" stuff, and I'm hoping to have another MS9/Senator Calvin Neff adventure ready to publish here soon on the front page that will reveal even more about the planet.

    Thanks again for your support Dan, and I look forward to eventually catching up with you on Cyrene. :hug:
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  19. Sounds great MS9. Thanks for the update :)
  20. KiriHime

    KiriHime Natural Born Killers

    What about meeee?
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