Planet Cyrene News: Cyrene June 26th Mini Patch Notes

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  1. New Additions - Planet Cyrene
    - New Quests
    - James Henry - Daily Hunting Skills Quests
    - Scrap the Drone
    - Stomp the Wolf
    - Poison the Hive
    - Ground the Skies
    - Pluck the Wing
    - Will Andrews - Daily Mining Skills Quests
    - Mine Up Zorn Star Ore!
    - Mine Up Yellow Crystals!
    - Mine Up Kaisenite Stone!
    - Mine up Blue Crystal!
    - Mine Up Iridium Ore!
    - Ron Sophiscus - Daily Crafting Skills Quests
    - Craft an Ozpyn Filter!
    - Craft an Enkidd Dire S1 (L)!
    - Craft a Pattern Shirt Series 1 (L,C)!
    - Craft an Ozpyn Cold Protector (L)!
    - Craft an Imperium Key Cube!

    Changes - Planet Cyrene
    - 0x101 Supply Depot now appears only once on the teleporter drop down list.
    - Paradigm Shoes Series 1 & 2 (Female) as well as Paradigm Pants Series 1 & 2 (Female) are now unlimited.
    - The Vampiric Slicer (L) now has the correct model and string.
    - Fixed additional blueprint strings.
    - Zeladoth and Crystal Pede creatures have sounds back.
    - Fixed the missing string for the L26 Imperium Grunt and incorrect string on the Sea Wraith Devastator.
    - The following blueprint recipies now take Basic Targeting Units instead of Basic Target Assetment Unit
    - A.R.C. Spec Ops Shin Guards (L) Blueprint (L)
    - A.R.C. Spec Ops Hand Guards (L) Blueprint (L)
    - A.R.C. Spec Ops Thigh Guards (L) Blueprint (L)
    - A.R.C. Spec Ops Foot Guards (L) Blueprint (L)
    - A.R.C. Spec Ops Arm Guards (L) Blueprint (L)
    - A.R.C. Spec Ops Chest Guard (L) Blueprint (L)
    - A.R.C. Spec Ops Head Guard (L) Blueprint (L)
    - Imperium Pilot Scorpion 27 (L) Blueprint (L)
    - The Waterfall in Janus now has fewer particles. (L)
    - Added a Revival Terminal near the Colliseum.
    - All Ozpyn BP S1X# Series should now correctly be BLP Pistols.
    - The Wiles spawn near Janus has been removed due to exploits.
    - The Domestic Paneleon is back to complete the Test of Strength mission.
    - The PvP Area around Tamangon Volcano should be smaller.
    - Lazidol has undergone miner changes to make reduce the chance of going unreachable.
    - Sprouted Dire Weeds do not count towards the Dire Weed Challenge Mission.
    - Many creatures have now have a lower requirement to show a HoF.

    Known Issues
    - The Spear destroyed model becomes invisible, this issue is being looked into.
    - In the HUB there is an issue where the stat over ride does not work correctly, this is currently being looked into.
    - All Cyrene vehicles (P.I.G.V., Spear, Lancer, Dragonfly) have default sounds, this will be addressed in a future patch.
    - Ravenous Swamp Lurkers disappear sometimes, this issue is still being looked into.
    - Some Quality Ratings information in blueprint book: A.R.C. is incorrect, and this issue is still being looked into.
    - Ozpyn Filters are incorrectly spelled as Ozpyn Fiters, this will be fixed in the next VU.
    - Epic Quests stage 3 and up have been temporarily disabled.
    - The Ozpyn BP S1X2 has an incorrect Ammo Burn (it should be 40 not 400) this will be corrected in the next VU.
    - Paradigm Pants Series 1 and 2, Paradigm Shoes Series 1 and 2 blueprints are Limited and should be unlimited, this will be corrected in the next VU.
    - Tamangon Volcano has a lava graphical error, this will be corrected in the next VU.

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