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Discussion in 'Hall of Fame' started by cuilwenevey, Apr 3, 2010.

  1. For a month now I have been wondering when will I ever see that Swordman (hit) bar move from 19.5 [​IMG] so i would go and use my sword for hunting - i was getting tired :)
    For the past few day I was so close to reaching that lvl 20 but it would not move- what was going on; then two days ago the bar was full, Woot now all i need was it to just turn over, but no two days just sitting there.

    Then hunting with my Daughter Mistress Arwen on some Argos with only our TT swords - It happened (after we Globaled) the Unlock came.. boy was I so very very happy.

    ok the 105Ped global was nice but WOW I got my unlock and now I can party.

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    Melee is a lot of fun. I got it last year during the 3x skill event with a borrowed Adjusted Embra C1, I cant imagine how long it took using the tt sword during normal skill gain times. If I remember right I calculated it would take about 6kped cycled to get from lvl14 to lvl20 based on what I spent and dividing by 3(since i skilled during the 3x period)

    Congrats again! a nice accomplishment!

  3. Just awesome, and what made even more so, bein right there by your side in chat when it happened. You both went for Argos together, using your TT swords and you also globaled on the first or second one dropping Hermes parts. It was great and unforgetable. later on you hit a couple of globies on troxies at ithaca with a larger group, also using only TT gear lol.:thumbup:

    Knowing Arwen and her love of mining, it would just be perfect if she scores a UL mining amp. I for one know she will never sell it and always use it for mining. Afterall, it is me who gives her tips on mining and mining strategies.
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