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    We've been having a bit of an office discussion about the crystals found while hunting. There are a couple crystal type that I seem to ALWAYS find in loot... like the papoo save them up for me specially! What crystals do the mobs pile up and save for you?
  2. If you like I can post my crystal collection again? >^.^<
  3. Here are the unrefined crystals I currently have in storage, sorted by number of crystals.

    Cerussite Crystal 389
    Lepidocrosite Crystal 359
    Eudialyte Crystal 245
    Zincite Crystal 245
    Agate Crystal 193
    Bustamite Crystal 155
    Atacamite Crystal 154
    Ulexite Crystal 141
    Okenite Crystal 140
    Novaculite Crystal 133
    Azurite Crystal 123
    Bronzite Crystal 118
    Epidote Crystal 113
    Fluorite Crystal 112
    Beryl Crystal 103
    Phenacite Crystal 89
    Chrysoberyl Crystal 81
    Howlite Crystal 80
    Chlorite Crystal 68
    Hyalite Crystal 67
    Rhodonite Crystal 60
    Azeztulite Crystal 58
    Kunzite Crystal 57
    Youngite Crystal 52
    Anhydrite Crystal 51
    Muscovite Crystal 44
    Aragonite Crystal 43
    Bornite Crystal 42
    Angelite Crystal 38
    Hematite Crystal 38
    Aegirine Crystal 37
    Peridot Crystal 35
    Amber Crystal 29
    Zoisite Crystal 29
    Obsidian Crystal 27
    Vanadinite Crystal 27
    Danburite Crystal 25
    Labradorite Crystal 21
    Amethyst Crystal 19
    Apophyllite Crystal 16
    Barite Crystal 16
    Halite Crystal 16
    Agrellite Crystal 13
    Ammolite Crystal 13
    Hemimorphite Crystal 11
    Adventurine Crystal 9
    Thulite Crystal 8
    Adamite Crystal 5
    Moldavite Crystal 5
    Wulfenite Crystal 5
    Atlantasite Crystal 4
    Cat's Eye Crystal 4
    Purpurite Crystal 3
    Apatite Crystal 2
    Malachite Crystal 2
    Selenite Crystal 2
    Tanzanite Crystal 2
  4. Oh Tanzanite Rarer than Gold IRL hmm someone been talking to a geologist or jeweler?
  5. Well not all are crystals some are gems stones. DOH where is my Opal's or Turquoise? Amber is Def not a crystal.
  6. Amber found on Next Island is definitely a crystal :) Obviously, it has nothing in common with Amber found on Earth even if it looks similar.

    It was called Amber by analogy by first wave explorers but its real name is Hupo.

    There is no need to have a papoo over this topic :)
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  7. I'll Take Homer for 200 Alex. ;)
  8. Meg

    Meg Next Island : Game Content Designer

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  9. Yeah when big monkeys rattle cages they tend to wrap chains around it. Funny thing is.. Big monkeys usually know others and have friends.
    Come to papoo pappah.. Beating on the cocoanut tree. Wonder if they understand smoke signals?
  10. Meg, I think that real question should be - what you can do with those crystals? I have bunch of them, maybe 40-50 different crystals or even more.
    I can only dump 95 % of those crystals in trade terminal. Most of the crystal I`ve placed on auction ended up expiring and I`ve lost PED`s on auction fees.

    I`m about to sell most of the stuff to trade terminal and leave planet since economy is bad. And actually many people are doing or will do same thing.
    I like NI, design, missions - but this is a RCE game and main part of it is economy.
    This small economy that NI have is mostly thanks to archons,hero and philo swords.

    Where are the L faps that can be used in Ancient Greece? Weapons ( except L swords and NIP`s ) ? Vehicles?
    Thats not only what NI is missing - but it would highly boost economy up here.
  11. Yeah limited token release of Bp's to appease the Natives to Stretch bottom line of company/s concerned not a good way to make smoke signals.
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