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Crystal Crusade: Round: 2

Discussion in 'Entropia Events' started by misao, Mar 1, 2010.

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    Crystal Crusade is a 48 hour hunting event starting Saturday March 6th 00:00MA time on Crystal Palace.
    Large prizes are up for grabs through this fun and challenging event.
    Use "Loot Credits" (LC) to increasing your odds of winning the main and side quest prizes.

    Teams being allowed gives a chance for avatars of
    any skill level to compete


    Main Prize pool: 500PED

    1st) 60%
    2nd) 30%
    3rd) 10%

    Side Quest Prize pool: 262.5PED

    Event Information
    Event Sign-ups


    Round 1 Winners

    1st Place
    Nealaria Raven Twinstar
    300 PED

    2nd Place
    Team: "M2S:Cab & RW" - Vintners Cab Sauv & Roger RW Wilco
    150 PED

    3rd Place
    Harry Hally Alliandes
    50 PED​

  2. 19hours till event start. Only 5ped entry for great prizes ;)

    Team of 5 or more with h400's would rip up Aurli ;) Join

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