MSM Crossbow Weapons Discovered on Arkadia

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    With lots of content coming from Arkadia Studios, one colonist, Emi “Odyssey” Sir, was able to get his hands on two new items introduced to the Universe. The best part about this is, they are both plasma. Yes! New, unlimited plasma rifles we can skill on! Eron SoulShredder and SoulGrinder. Pure Arkadian. They look beautiful, stealthy, and sleek.



    The player Emi says, that he was very surprised, and it was totally unexpected. He was unable to take any screenshots to capture the moment. However, we managed to get a shot in the desert camp where he was able to loot it. Emi also mentioned that the Oratan wave spawns were tough, and he didn’t have a lot of time but wanted to do something special. He was instantly taken in by the hide-and-seek tension of the combat. Armor decayed rather quickly, but being a magnificent armor and weapons crafter, he was able to use a fresh set of Cetus, and added 6A plates from Calypso. The combination worked quite nicely to repel the Oratan.

    He died a few times before he looted the weapons, and since he had his loot window disabled, he was unable to make out any words, so he thought it was some sort of armor. He heard talk about the Crossbow, but didn’t have any hope that he would find one. However, he did, and it felt awesome. Especially since it is a very very lucky HoF.

    They are very nice items with unlimited Skill Increase Bonus stats, and make for perfect weapons when hunting. It has 20 attacks per minute, and it is quite slow, but the SoulGrinder has very high attack rates with a total of 123 HP, 96 Burn, 12 Shrapnel, and 15 Acid, with a range of 170m! Whereas the SoulShredder has 60 HP, 48 Burn, 6 Acid, and 6 Shrapnel, with a range of 130m! They are fully customizable with Scope and Lasers. Wow!


    Q: What do you think of the rifles now that you’ve tested them out?

    A: I think the Plasma Crossbows are super cool looking and very very useful. PvP or regular hunting, the speed and range makes for some softening and economic hunting. Lots of shots until you reach the minimum condition. Perfect!

    Q: Have you sold them yet? If so, how much if you don’t mind me asking?

    A: I have received a LOT of interest from different players, especially for the Eron SoulGrinder. That one has 170m range and level 51 to use, so mid-range players want it. I’ve decided to put it on Calypso auction with a start bid of TT+2999 and set it for 4 days with no buyout, so it ends exactly at 16:00 on Saturday, Calypso time. The reason that I couldn’t set a buyout price, is because the weapon is simply very out of the ordinary.

    Q: Are they an eco-friendly type of weapon?

    A: I’ve measured the eco at 2.84 damage / pec, so it seems pretty economic to me, especially if you try and hunt mobs at a distance. I would imagine the Eron SoulGrinder is the perfect weapon for hunting the medium-sized Oratan, as they have 500 HP. A few well placed shots from 170m and you’re good with low armor decay.

    Q: Lastly, how did it feel to loot the first long-awaited CROSSBOW of Entropia Universe?

    A: It felt awesome! I could not understand what weapon it was until I opened up the description! I was very confused for a moment there haha.

    Thanks to Sir Emi for sharing this information with us, and good luck to those bidding on the new Crossbow, now that the cat is out of the bag.

    You can join the discussion on these discovered weapons at the Arkadia Forum here.

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