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ROCKtropia: Crib Raids

Discussion in 'ROCKtropia' started by narfi, Jun 1, 2012.

  1. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Zal from French Killers spent a good part of a day after this weeks VU searching Rocktropia for any new content before finding the entrance to two new 'Crib Raids.

    Evidently Crib Raids are the Rocktropian version of Beacon missions and a fun unexpected addition to the Rocktropia Experience.

    After he told me about them I tried them out as well as searched for more, but ended up only finding one more which doesn't appear to be functional yet. (the non-functional one is located underground at the entrance to the subway)

    The first one I did ended up being the longer one which gave me a fun first impression of them.


    This Crib Raid seems to cost about 75ped to kill everything, has a 60 minute timer, and is free to enter.
    You start out by placing explosives on the door and standing back while it blows up. As soon as its open, the gangsters start pouring out at you and you have to fight your way down hallways and rooms as you get deeper and deeper into the maze.

    About half way through you make it to a desk where you need to download data from a computer there before you proceed further.

    Soon after the spot where you download the data from you find a hole in the ground. Empty elevator shaft, Laundry Shoot, or maybe a well. I am not sure what it is but you are supposed to jump into it. (much like you jump into the pit in the Hunt The Thing mission)

    You land in a green (radioactive appearing) sewer with zombies everywhere trying to eat your braaaaiiiiinnnnss.

    After working your way through the sewer you find your way to a stairwell that leads up to more hallways protected by gangsters and vixens until you finally find your way to a room with a safe in it.

    As you kill the last gangster a 30 second countdown begins during which time you are supposed to open the safe and loot it.

    The second Crib Raid I did was actually much easier and only cost about 1 ped to kill everything in it and was only a few rooms long before finding the safe.


    The first door you are supposed to plant explosives on to get inside.

    Some of the Gangsters I killed.

    And finely the Safe.

    These are screenshots from the Raid that only has 1 ped of kill costs, but you can see that the loot is as 'Dynamic' as it is everywhere else in the Universe.

    I haven't had time to re-play them but talking to people who have it would seem that about 50% of kill costs back is pretty common unless you get a lucky one that is higher.

    A stealth(L) armor piece is reported to have dropped from the bigger one and I haven't heard of anything exciting from the small one yet, but for a ped I doubt we really will.

    Both missions are doable with Opalo size weapons in Pixie (adj) armor.
    I would recommend a team of 4 Opalos for the longer mission and the shorter one will only let 2 people in at a time. (not sure if there is a limit for the longer one or not.)

    For a solo player in the longer Raid you might try a Support weapon. I lag a bit and the gangsters can get a bit pushy, I think a grenade launcher might have made it easier to kill during those times I got really swarmed.

    One interesting thing that I did not experience is that about half the times you finish the shorter Raid high level L337 cops spawn and kill you right after you open the safe.

    One person I talked to believe they are impossible to kill and are just there to 'help' you out of the instance after you are done, but another guy I talked to has his doubts and thinks that a couple of players with mid-lvl guns might have a chance at killing one.

    I wonder what a L337 Cop would have for loot? Hopefully someone puts together a team to try it out and lets us know.

    If you find yourself on Rocktropia in the coming weeks, I would recommend trying one or both of these Crib Raids out.

    This is also a great occasion for those interested in learning more about the wiki here and helping to document this information for the community: http://www.entropiaplanets.com/wiki/ROCKtropia_Instances
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  2. For the first time im actually thinking of doing some traditional (not gd) mob hunting :) This kind of "adventure" feel could defo draw me in...blowing up doors, choosing routes. Atm sounds a little like a Indiana Jones type adventure, i like the sound of this....PS i cant see images...any idea why ?


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  3. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Ok, I think I have the pictures fixed, sorry about that.
    Could someone confirm that you can see them now?


  4. Yep, they're there now - and I also couldn't see them before.

    Looks fun.
  5. I see them, and yeah looks interesting!
  6. Where do you get the explosives?
  7. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Right Click -> Operate

    Its just an action, you dont need any physical explosives with you.
  8. Did that, seemed like it was going to do something and then nothing. Was trying to do the one you have screenshots for. (Safehouse)

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